840. 8777. By the way, the program is brought to you by bidsy, bidsy.com is for people who don’t know who to contact when they need something done so, instead of reaching out to multiple businesses just busy it bidsy connects businesses with customers, it’s free to post projects and free For businesses to give it a try head to bidsy.com to get started today, i think in this last portion we will talk about team names and logos and so forth, for instance, the nll tweeting one minute ago from their account at nll. What do you guys think our fort worth team should be called fort worth blank? I have multiple times answered this question the fort worth brahmas, because i think it should be symbolic of the region. I was going to say bulls, so yeah, abram yeah, those are the ones with the huge hump on their back uh. I guess longhorns has taken with the with the college: texas, longhorns yeah, it’s, it’s kind of a big thing. Yeah um jair writes in from the 537 hi mr rod, peterson and crew first thing that immediately came to mind with the seattle nhl team name. Was the bill murray character from the movie kingpin ernie big earned mccracken. I thought of something similar that’s pretty by the way this is from jer. He says, thanks for all you do at the rod, peterson show uh fans, love talking about team names and stuff.

We all buy the gear shoot look around this place right, it’s, full of that yeah.

This place is like a jersey city. If you walk in from the street now, so people are going to be talking about this seattle kraken for a long time, not to mention the edmonton blankety blanks and all of the right that’s going to be a really interesting one, because i haven’t heard anything yet That really fires me up about the the edmonton football franchise there, like did that you know the edmonton energy i’m, like nothing’s fire. That sounds like a sea rate soccer league team. A lot of people are saying the eagles and i’m like well there’s, already one pro football team called the eagles sure, but there used to be two teams named the rough riders in the cfl at least eagles. I could get by at least they’re in a different league, but i what i like about eagles the kraken, which is not much, and you know that they’re calling the arena where they play the crack house. That immediately is bad. But i like the fact that there’s, no s at the end of it like when the vancouver warriors renamed themselves from what that’s the nll team in vancouver used to be the stealth i’m like the warriors. I don’t have anything against the warriors. But can you not come up with something better than that yeah? You know there’s. Other teams like i like the wave i like the heat, so you like the non.

I like the tv jazz there’s, not many of them.

It’S cool there’s, not many it’s! Only a handful it’s like a big trivia, thunder lightning. You know in hockey it’s the avalanche, the lightning in the wild that’s it. But you know you got the red sox and the yeah, but i guess that still has the same but again that’s just me and that’s why? You know clark suggested that we do a poll because he knew that this was going to be announced at 10 a.m. Mountain and he’s, like let’s, do a poll on the team name like wow let’s, stick to the blue jays, because it’s opening day and on friday we’ll do the poll. Do you like the name? I think it’s still going to be hot by tomorrow, oh yeah, but darren. You brought a good point about the anaheim ducks. We all thought it was the dumbest thing ever when they were named in 1993. The anaheim mighty ducks later shortened to ducks but we’ve, been to southern california. Many times been to many ducks games, and at this point i couldn’t imagine them being called anything else at all and by the way, if you ever walk into their souvenir store at the uh honda center it’s, like you’re walking into a cabela’s, oh yeah, i’m. Not joking everything’s orange camo ducks on it. Yeah it’s, like a cabela’s well so i’m saying that kraken will probably grow on me. I’M. Not embarrassed that i don’t know what a kraken is.

I do you know what an ogopogo is.

Well, do you? Yes, i do it’s the mythical sea creature on the bottom of lake okanagan he’s, the he’s, the loch ness, he’s canada’s, loch ness exactly so i knew that. Am i not supposed to know what a crack? It is it’s from a movie. You said well, no, it is a mythological character, but there is. There is a kraken in pirates of the caribbean uh, the second, the second film. Are you guys laughing? Are you laughing no i’m disney they’re laughing at monty’s comment? Aren’T, you monty says in saskatoon says call them the cowboys monty get over it. We do like the cowboys but yeah that’s, our team uh, by the way on the prairie mobile text line from jim wagner morning, all enjoying the show the seattle crack house oops in our current world of hyper political correctness. Can you tell me that no one saw that coming funny have a good day guys that’s from jim brady says the blue jays will finish second in the american league east. I think if they play they have the last two games. Third place is very possible. I love the seattle kraken and goes on to say players won’t want to agree to terms, and the government sadly, will not want to support them. He’S talking about the cfl and we’re going to talk about that extensively. Coming up in hour, two we’ll be joined by dominic picard cfl, great lee genie, the president of the rattlers, because the c e b l natty opens on saturday with a doubleheader in saint catharines, thanks to nick ciccavitz.

Thanks to the duke and we’ll, see you tomorrow. At 10 a.