So much for joining us really excited to get your take on this. What did you think of the name, the logo? The look uh thanks, celina um, the first time i saw the name. You know i thought i don’t want to use the term minor league because that’s not quite too fair, it’s, just a name that’s a little unusual and unique for the major league level. I think what the team did here was. They really listened to their fans uh. They they studied social media, they looked at twitter facebook and they saw that this name. Kraken was really really striking it with their fans and they took that into major consideration. My first thought hearing it after you know that minor league thought was that uh. This unique name is something that seattle can own uh. Nobody else is gon na call themselves the kraken, when you hear the name, crack and you’re going to think of seattle hockey right away and a logo that i think is just designed so well with the hidden elements of the tentacle hidden rate in the s and The calligraphy style s, everything it just sort of hit every single mark right, and that leads me to my next question. We need this to be related to the sea. What did you think the inspiration was here? Well, the fact that seattle’s up in the pacific northwest – and they have such the the culture, the mariner culture, the maritime culture uh.

They even told they even said that the striping on the jersey was based on the the paint on the ferries that are in seattle. So they really tapped into the city’s roots and the history and and and the architecture and just everything about the pacific northwest and what it’s like living in seattle. I know they really took their time with this and consulted with fans in that city did. Did you personally, like the logo yeah, i did like it um i, you know, you never know what you’re going to get with a a new expansion team here in 2020, but uh, i i felt they really hit it out of the park to borrow a phrase From another sport uh, but you know hiding in the tentacle in there keeping a little bit of mystique and mystery with the fact that you know kraken is supposed to be mysterious creature and that little eye that they they hid into the crook of the s. I think they really did a good job and then there’s also the secondary mark they’re wearing on their shoulder, which is a combination of an anchor in the seattle space needle just well done. I want to get your thoughts on the uniform, uh chris three types of blue with a splash of red. What do you think of that? Well, when you’re naming yourself after something in the in the sea in the ocean, you need to use blue and when you’re, also trying to be unique and stand out.

Blue is a tough way to do it. You know 16 of the 31 nhl teams use blue in some way. So how do you stand out using a color that half the league uses and that is to use three different shades of blue and it really sort of gives you the sense that you’re descending deeper into that mysterious sea with the light blue at the top? And then it gets darker and darker the lower it gets again. It really plays up this. This theme that the kraken is a mysterious, deep water, uh creature, and you really don’t know a lot about it, and it also plays up the local ties to seattle right. We heard about this over the noon hour what’s. The reaction been like so far, almost universal praise, which is very, very rare for a new name. Now, when i was uh researching this book, we we talked about. We looked at a lot of the origins for names and what you could see with almost every single team name that’s been released. Is that fans typically hate it the first time they hear it and they sort of grow to love it over the years as they, you know, form a bond with these teams, with the kraken it’s completely different.