Based on these comments that i read last night on yesterday’s video people were leaning more towards the sockeye, the steelheads and more native fish kind of names, so the sockeye, obviously for the sockeye salmon and the heads for steelhead trout, another fish that’s located in the area. I’Ll tell you what i don’t think that any team is going to be frightened or anything along those lines for if they were named, the steelheads or the sockeye, though they did grow on me. I will be brutally honest with you. The two names grew on me as i read these comments, so the name sockeye of the two kind of stuck out more to me. So i put up a poll on twitter and i said sockeye or kraken and 43 people voted and 69.8 percent of you, i’m gon na put the graphic up here, voted for kraken and another 30.2 percent voted for sockeye so i’m, assuming that that’s the seattle fan Base there, but at the end of the day, 69 nice point, eight percent of you were correct in guessing the kraken today in this video we’re, going to be looking at their new logo, we’re going to be outlining new things on their website. That was leaked out. As well about a history and explanation of everything, the colors, the jerseys, everything we’re going to get into it right now and we start off with the logo.

So i’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about this thing i for one think it’s good.

I think it was a bit of a miss before reading the information that we’re about to find out through this website. I thought it was a bit of a miss. I thought there could have been way more added to it. It looks more like a shoulder patch to me, but once you see the actual shoulder patch you’re gon na absolutely fall in love with it, like i did so here is the logo we scroll down. This is the video that they showed to kind of, explain and introduce the seattle kraken as the 30 second nhl franchise. Now they go on to say some way. Some say we know more about the cosmos than we do our own waters, maybe that’s. What draws us to the sea, the vast expense, the in i almost really screwed that that one up the impermeable deep, the uncharted, has long inspired generations of fulfiller, whatever the hell. That word is i’m bad at words today um, so they just go on to talk about the the ports in the city and how they eventually want it to be etched in the name on lord stanley and they breathe life into a new legend. They talk about honoring, the s, which is the big main logo. Is that s? We will wear the s in honor of our champion predecessors and we will have a name that incarnates the might of the sea, so this goes on now to talk about the 30.

Second club, given life by 32 000 fans, not too sure what the 32 000 represents. If that represents the amount of season tickets that were maybe sold no, actually, that would not make sense because there’s no way that’s going to be the capacity um. I don’t know what that means. Maybe that’s i don’t know what the 32 000 fans means symbolic of the 32. So as we scroll down, we see, this is the graphic that comes up next seattle and then cracking underneath i for one off the hop i’m. A huge fan of the color combination of the blues it’ll get into it as we go further along onto this webpage, but these, like you, guys, know i’m, a baby blue fan. I talk about it. I talked about it on neil’s last jersey, on or mlb jersey, video over on post to post productions, um big fan of the baby blue. So we scroll down here and we they talk about their city and how the maritime city with a proud history of adventures, is deserving of a club as untamed as the sea herself uh. The kraken represents the fiercest beast in all the world too large and too uh indomitable to be contained by man or finned mammal. It instills one message in all opponents, whether it in our waters or theirs, abandon all hope so they’re talking they go on to talk about the king octopus uh found in uh puget sound.

Is that how you pronounce it or puget sound uh in seattle, i’m gon na butcher, the name i’m? So sorry, and then you get this graphic here – dear nhl release the kraken. This is what i was talking about yesterday when a lot of people didn’t really think that it was going to be cracking. There was a lot of steelhead people. There was a lot of sockeye people. There were some different takes in the comments section, so i urge you to go. Watch that video as well. But oh there we go. We met deposit day with 32 000 passionate fans and scores of prospective team names, one in particularly or in particular, quickly emerged as the front runner two years later, and that name still carries the conversation. 215 000 fan votes, 50, plus fan forums and speaking engagements over 12 months of social media. Listening have supported the phenomenon. Seattle is the kraken love it. So now we get down into the anatomy of the logo, so we’re going to get here and we’re going to scroll oops. I did not mean to click there. So now it’s going to take away some elements of the logo and outline that the shape of our history, our history is one of the great as deep as whatever the sound is that they’re talking about there. The seattle metropolitans were the first american club to hoist the stanley cup, which is something that i maybe didn’t, know or maybe forgot about uh they’re, an internal eternal part of our histories, our club’s history, and we pay tribute to them by wearing the s.

So if you guys can recall the seattle, metropolitan’s logo was an s and i believe it said metropolitans in and along the s kind of where this tentacle looking thing comes up as well. We will aspire to bring cup back to seattle, seattle in their honor. We scroll down to find out hidden in the shadows. This is where we get a bit of the kraken. Look. We get that tentacle. Looking thing a single tentacle stealthy rises from below symbolizing the deep dark waters. How many are there, how deep will they go? The real peril lies in what you don’t see. Now a lot of people were expecting there to be a big kraken. We were thinking that this was gon na the logo. Ideas were almost endless for a big octopus um, so i don’t know i feel like this is subtle enough. I think that maybe they could have went a little bit into more detail of the actual tentacle, but i think it’s just the right amount. If you ask me, then they going to talk about the eye of the beast if you’ve seen it you’re already too late, the eye of the kraken has been affixed on its prey for some time. It’Ll strike be swift and devastating it’s opposition overwhelmed and unwary. It will it will all be over soon, so the eye of the beast they’re talking about the eye of the kraken when it sees its prey. It knows that it’s coming after it, so a nice little touch.

I think the red, the the very small amount of red that there is in the logo, really breaks it up and adds a different element in a different layer and a different texture, which is something i really like. Looking in depth at the s and the two shades of blue carved from the sea, seattle is a city built by the sea, our forebearer’s hands, cracked in the cold, salty air, as they reeled in their lines and their ships. The clean bevel of a freshly carved vessel is a reminder of where we came from a noble city built on the water by bold and hearted adventure. So another there’s, a lot of symbolism in this logo. Um it’s simply not just an s with a tentacle coming up just for the sake of it being seattle and the kraken, so i’ve dove deep into looking at this thing. So far, so good love the colors love the design, love the layout. So here we’re going to get into the primary secondary and word marks of the seattle kraken. So this is their primary logo right here, one that we just looked at and number two. The secondary logo is absolutely phenomenal and gorgeous. I love everything about it. So, as we can see it’s a ship anchor with the seattle, i believe it’s called the space needle correct me if i’m wrong americans i’m, just an ignorant canadian over here, apparently um the space needle in seattle, uh being the top part of that anchor it’s it’s Mean looking it’s, it pops the the different shades of blue that we’re getting out of this, and when we get into the jersey – and we see the dark blue – oh my goodness, it’s gon na be good and then the kraken logo.

You get kind of a nautical feel when you look at the way that they’ve word marked kraken uh seattle, obviously in a pretty generic uh kind of looking font up there. The one thing that i think a lot of us were expecting is something i was expecting was a green uh logo and colors and similar to supersonics similar to the seahawks stuff like that. But they keeping a common theme of green and blue and i’m glad that this city has done just that with their nhl logo. And this is what it’ll look like on oops. As i scroll a little too far on the light contrast. So we can see that it goes to that darker blue, the s is outlined, it looks, i think it looks meaner like this here than it does like this, and a lot of people are saying it looks like one of those s’s that you draw when you’re In middle school and a lot of people are kind of right, because it kind of does but it’s still mean looking. I think a lot of teams uh can benefit from having just the single letter, obviously with the flames here, we know that they’ve gotten away with just a seat with flames coming out the back for quite some time now. So there’s no difference here with seattle. Moving on now, the sweater, the jersey, your future sweater, we are hard at work working alongside our partners at adidas, developing the sweater.

So look at this thing: it is so gorgeous and so broken up. It’S it’s perfect! If you ask me the red piping along the bottom and underneath the elbow sleeve along the collar, everything just is so aesthetically pleasing, there’s the right amount of red it’s, not overpowering the darkness in the blue and the two tones of light blue here on the elbow As well is gorgeous, i think that adidas they make a great product and they’re going to do a great job with the seattle crack and jerseys as well. I think honestly, the red might be the most impressive part to me just because for the simple fact that it breaks everything up nicely and it’s, just so subtle. But it adds such a punch to those to the colors we’d. Look at deep sea blue, which is probably this dark blue – that we see on the main part of the jersey. Here we see ice blue, which is partly this darker shade of light, blue, boundless, blue or maybe that’s, maybe i’m wrong. There um and then shadow blue. This this ice, blue or whatever it’s called, might be this this part here and then we get boundless and shadow blue, which are more uh darker blues that are incorporated within this jersey as well, and then we get red alert. So we can see that it’s. Basically, the two main colors of the dark and the very light ice blue and then these two other blues are kind of incorporated as well and then red alert, because i think looking at this graphic, i look at this as the red alert packs.

Just as much of a punch as the two dark blues or the two blues that we see at the top but it’s just not as much on the jersey, i’m, a big big fan, they go on to talk about game day. They talk about the uh. They talk about the home of seattle, talking about welcome home seattle hockey fans, that is with pride, that will we will wear the s inside this building from opening day to the end of time. This is going to be cool, goes down deeper here to talk about the seattle kraken store, which i checked out, and i think i might have to buy a release. The kraken shirt just to feature in videos and stuff like that, and then you can sign up for the newsletter as well:, kraken and uh. Basically, that is an outline of in a reaction because i’m, just as excited for everybody else, as you are uh to the new seattle franchise, the crack in the 32nd national hockey league team. So guys, let me know down in the comment section. What do you think about the logo? What do you think about the name? What do you think about the colors? What do you think about the jersey, because i, for one, am a big fan of all of these things? I thought it was a miss, but after reading into the history and how rich it truly is, this is gon na be a lot of fun.

So thanks guys for stopping by, let me know, know down in the comments what you think about all of this stuff.