This got a lot of news to talk about some nfl and some not nfl related, but before we get into it with my panel, who will be joining me momentarily if you like what you see. Please hit that like button. That is again oh wait and there it is it. Reconnects is successful. Okay, all right! Well, the usual uh internet glitches right now it shows that we’re live can uh. Can somebody out there in the viewing audience, tell me that this is happening? I see a signal all right, we’re, just gon na push through we’re gon na just push through it looks good all right, we’ll see how it goes bumpy ride. Let me bring the panel uh on board right now and see what happens here so uh. The route table is a little bit less round because we’re missing a couple of people here today, but we do have noah walter of the bolt to my left right here. Noah welcome back it’s good to see you again, man appreciate it. You appreciate it it’s great to be here and, of course, we got uh. The winner of last week’s trivia contest uh a familiar face. This is the first time ever having a recurring guest on the show as a double winner of a norm. Camp trivia contest welcome back colin aka golden seahawk.

Welcome back to the show colin thanks i’m so excited to be here again. Yeah man, you’re uh, obviously earned your spot here, winning twice that’s the first time uh to to win it, go back and come back in again so uh that’s, pretty cool.

We will be joined by calvin he’s, just running a little bit behind, surprise, surprise, uh and unfortunately, uh seahawks martin will not be joining us tonight. He had uh, probably he’s, probably traveling around the world. He’S always doing something that kid, so we will catch him next time, but let’s get into this. As i see everybody in the chat, uh uh talking it up, norberto i’m still trying to get a hold of you man, because i know i got a special guest spot waiting for you, bro uh, the sports nerd. I know he’s got trivia. He wants to share with me and we’re going to do that eventually, nick lebeau cameron, hughes and a whole bunch of y’all still uh, jumping to sky high aviation. It was a pleasure having you on the show last time as well: superdog 1038 fp tony lee uh. Thanks for being here so before we jump into it, i just got to say a little something i literally just got home like just not too long ago. So i was up in mount rainier camping with my uh, with my girls, it’s kind of our annual uh father daughter, camping trip that we do up there.

So a couple of my friends with also who are whose daughters are friends of mine we go up there for a few days, camping, hiking, doing all that kind of stuff eating a bunch of junk food. You know stuff that the mamas don’t want us to eat.

Uh all that great stuff lots of s’mores by the campfire, so i mean i haven’t even showered yet i haven’t showered in like three days or four days man, so i stink it’s a good thing. You can’t smell on tv, but uh, so i’ve been cut off literally it’s, like you once you get to a certain point on that uh drive up you just literally internet’s gone and there is nothing. I have no internet, not twitter instagram. I had no idea which is kind of cool, because everybody has to basically put their phones away and it’s just like hangout time right, enjoy nature and enjoy each other it’s uh, it’s, really cool. But, of course, on the way back once the internet connect kicks in it’s just like alert time all kinds of stuff going on, so all of a sudden it’s, like hey yeah. First of all, the first things i see is that hey seattle’s got a new they. Finally, named their nhl hockey team, the seattle kraken, which i know that name’s been floating around for a while, so i know this isn’t nfl related, but this is a pretty big deal uh, since this has been in the in the works for a while.

I want to go into my panel. First would kind of just get you guys reactions to uh. This is big. I mean we only had. This is really like. I mean we have a sort of a thr.

Well, we have a four team, pro sports town right now, we’ve got the seahawks we’ve got the mariners. We’Ve got the sounders and we’ve got the seattle storm, the women’s basketball team, that’s kind of it right and now we’ve got five. Now we’ve got an nhl team which we haven’t had in forever, so that’s a pretty big deal, um i’m. Personally, not a huge hockey fan myself, but maybe you guys are so let’s just find out from our from our panel uh noah let’s uh jump with you. Actually, no take it back. Let’S go to colin he’s our guest. We got to go to the guest first, so colin what’s your thoughts on this uh here in regards to this uh, the the uh yeah, the option to the right uh to the seattle crack and nhl team. What do you think about all this colin you’re? A man of Music, a few words there. He goes all right, you’re on call you just like glitched out for me, but anyway i’m not a huge hockey fan, but i do like football, and i do like basketball and if seattle’s bringing in a hockey team to that arena, then i think there’s a decent Chance that they could bring in a basketball team soon so i’m very excited that they’re getting a hockey team, and i think this could mean even more good news in the future for seattle.

Well, i’m with you man. If this is the price of admission to get a basketball team here, uh that’s kind of, i think what we all want for for all of us uh for all those guys for all of you who are who are hockey, fans and i’ve been dying to get Hockey here in seattle, more power to you – i hope you guys uh, you know just eat this all up, but for all of us who have just missed the days of the sonics and uh just longed to have that back of having an nba team back.

This may be what we need to do: it’s been in the works for a while, so noah, how about you what’s your thoughts on the uh, the kraken hockey guy but i’m going to be now. I absolutely love the idea of the kraken i’ve watched all the hype, videos that they have and so like for those of you. Everyone knows what the cracking is right, like it’s like a squid like creature, but the meaning behind it. So, first of all, seattle had the first team ever that was a usa based team to win the stanley cup way back when uh and so now, we’re showing homage to them with the logo as well. We have four different shades of blue and i absolutely love blue. So this is great for me. There’S, deep sea blue ice blue bound. Oh man, keep going with it.

The red eye is the color of the red is red alert, which means you need to be scared. Whenever you see it, i saw some of the uniforms already. I love the idea of the cracking being in the puget sound and i feel like of all places in the world, to be it’s a little bit warmer than where it was supposed to be from which is norway and in uh, germany. I believe, and if it was just off of those coasts, i i would understand it’d be a lot colder over there than up here in seattle, so i think the kraken could be in our water and i think that it is an absolutely great thing.

Uh, like colin said this could be the key stepping stone for seattle to get an nba team back, and i think the world is going to see how much of a sports hub seattle really is. Also, what’s really big about this team name: it’s, the first male sports team uh in seattle professionally. To not end in an s we have the rain and the storm which are two female franchises, but it’s. The first male team, so it’s it’s a stepping stone for seattle, that’s, a future trivia question in the making right there i’m gon na jot that down that’s that’s important stuff right there that’s a good point, though. Usually anytime, you have a team there’s, an s to it, it’s always that collective uh, uh uh, plural word, but you’re right.

The female team’s here, storm um, yeah, you’re, right, it’s, uh and brian it’s. Just it’s always been that singular word. So cracking yeah breaks, breaks the mold but yeah, i think it’s cool. I saw that hype. Video and i was like this – is off the hook. Man. This is pretty cool, so uh i i’ll definitely go check out a game like i said earlier, i am not a huge hockey fan. I don’t know really much about i kind of know how you i know i kind of know how the game works. It’S more interesting than soccer, at least in my opinion, because things are moving much more faster, but i’m, definitely going to learn and i’m going to.

I look forward to the day i get into that into that arena and shoot. My first live reaction to the kraken hockey team, so that’s good that’s going to be fun um. The other thing you know before i left. I knew that there was a lot of questions about what’s happening between the nfl and the nflpa, and the disagreement about the health situation in terms of testing and all that. So again i came back. I have not had a chance to research anything because i’ve been out of the loop, so i’m kind of leaning on you guys to help fill in the gaps. For me, uh from what what little bit i have seen is that it’s, still uh it’s still undecided and it’s a possibility that they might even cancel training camp.

I i i, i guess i’ve got to ask you guys uh what’s. The deal with that colin come fill us in a little bit with what you think and what’s going on with the the look of the state of the season. Right now from what i think i know, they’ve already canceled, the entire preseason and training camp is coming up in just a week or two. So i don’t really think that it’s going to be able to start on time, especially with all the facts that we don’t know yet about the procedures that they’re going to take. So personally, i think it’s gon na be delayed, but i don’t think it’ll be fully canceled.

Okay, all right well we’ll keep our fingers crossed on that. In the super chat, i got ta say the x ray 3d 12 man for the super chat, c town. I can’t wait what up norb yeah it’s, pretty exciting and anytime you get the only thing more exciting than the devastation of losing a pro team is getting a pro team, because that is not an easy task, as we’ve known for years, because it’s been it’s like 12 years since we lost the sonics in 2008, so uh it’s a pretty big deal to have this announcement come now. The big question is: when will we get to be in the arena to see these games that’s? The big question right now, but noah uh, going into uh your outlook on things yeah, they canceled all of preseason, but still too many things to be uh figured out.

Training camp is supposed to be right around the corner, still no definitive date. What’S your thoughts on what’s happening here with the season uh. Oh and that’s, a nice look again. Sorry yeah we’re having great internet uh challenges here, let’s let’s! Try that again, i think you’re good uh, noah let’s start over with your take on uh the nfl season. So far and what’s going to happen, man are we going to have an nfl season yeah? No! I i believe in the fact, though, we are going to have an nfl season because it means making money for very rich people and rich people get rich by making money.

So it follows their bottom line. It follows their philosophy. I do think there are going to be major adjustments, but you look at what the nba has done over the past couple of days with the preseason. They have the screen in the back and they have the fans like they’re pumping in crowd noise. They keep uh people socially, distanced media personnel and statisticians on the sidelines socially distance, so they’re making it happen in the nba and they’ve done a great job of being mobile and flexible to make it work. Now you look at baseball. Today is opening day uh. One thing i notice i’m watching the dodgers game as we speak i’m, not paying attention. Obviously, but it’s on in the background and you’ll notice that in the stands there are actually cardboard cutouts of a whole bunch of random people and i’m.

Like i was talking about buddy i was like who are all these random people, and he told me that essentially, fans can send in pictures of themselves to get cardboard cutouts on the sideline and if it gets hit by a foul ball, they get the ball. And so it’s a great interactive way very flexible by the mlb. I look at the nfl and you look at franchise. I believe philadelphia was the team that said they’re not having any fans this year, but atlanta came out and said they plan on having fans this year. So you know optimism in the nfl there are certain teams it’s going to be a team by team basis.

If we’re going to have fans in the stands, if not, i look to doing like a cardboard cutout to at least make it look good. So you know there’s flexibility options for the nfl with training camp. I definitely think it’s going to be delayed. I’Ve also heard rumors that there is a chance that they’re going to have fewer teams on those rosters as they go through the stages of cutting players. This is going to be fewer for each step and obviously there’s going to have to be constant, covet testing. But i do think it is possible for us to have a season and i think, it’s, going to take a team effort. As long as we all work together, the nflpa wants to play the nfl wants to play.

So as long as we keep working together to make this happen, i think there’s going to be a season yeah. Just the question of what kind of season will it be? How busted, apart and scraped up, will it be by the time they actually start it and then, by the time, did they get to the end of it? I would say going back to the cardboard cutout thing, that is the coolest thing. Actually, one of the most brilliant ingenious ideas that they came up with. I think the mariners have the same thing. Maybe it’s league wide, but i think for like 30 bucks you can pay to to basically have your face on one of those cardboard cutout things and i don’t know how much they paid for those ones are behind the screen, because obviously those guys get significant air Time and if you’re somewhere else in a in another spot, well you’re not going to get seen as much so i’m assuming they paid more to get that backstop spot.

But that was really smart. I mean actually i’ve seen some clips of it. It looks pretty good i’m just psychologically, you feel like there’s somebody there, because you know when you watch the show all they do is sitting there anyway, maybe someone’s chomping on their hot dog or talking on the phone or something, but you don’t really watch them carefully. So it fills in what would have been an otherwise empty spot, but you know these are all band aids.

These are all little things to kind of solve the temporary problem, which is at some point. How do you actually get people in the building spending the money? Uh back to normal and we’re a long ways from that uh calvin domingo is back. I told you he was going to be joining us and there he is calvin. Welcome back to the show man it’s good to have you here, pleasure uh. But here i am all right. I i internet’s been fun today, nice and garbly and lots of hiccups and stuff. I can barely hear half of what you just said. So hopefully, uh we’ll be cleaned up as we go along, but we’ll stick together around here and the chat’s pretty funny, because a lot of people, the name of the fans they want to call them the crackheads. And i think that i’m sure the team is hoping that is not the way it’s going to go, but that’s pretty darn funny.

What not your idea noah the crackheads i i won’t take credit for it, but i’ll definitely yeah the internet strikes once again. Oh, did you not hear me yeah cut off man? Sorry man it’s been one of those days. Oh i said i said i can’t take credit for it. I didn’t come up with it, but i will definitely embrace and endorse it. I love it. I think it’s. I almost want to like open videos like what’s up my crackheads like this.

Is your imagination. Okay, now it’s back, i think we’re back let’s see if it’s back again. This is gon na make sure this will make trivia really fun. Okay, i i think i think we’re back okay, well, we’ll, just uh we’ll keep rolling with this um hey, see: how’s martin in the house; uh, hey, hey, so calvin! Now that you’re with us man, i just want to get a couple of quick uh thoughts from you, assuming we can hear your voice uh what you! What do you do you like, the the kraken, the new the new name for the team for the nhl man? What do you think i mean i was surprised uh? I guess i kind of like it it’s it’s new it’s, something different it’s original. I don’t know of any other franchises. You know that have that name um, but i mean i’m, not really a hockey guy. When i, when i heard the news, i kind of thought about basketball and how that brings us one step closer to, hopefully bringing nba basketball back to seattle, um yeah, that was kind of just my reaction to the news, yeah um, and we then start talking about The situation with pre season completely canceled now in the nfl training camp up in the air what’s your thoughts on how how are things going to go with this season? Will there still be a season if so what’s it going to look like? Oh most.

Definitely i think, as noah mentioned earlier, everything’s gon na be delayed uh. They already talked about how there’s, potentially gon na be no preseason. I think that’s very realistic, and i think it should happen um, but i think that football is definitely still happening just because there’s too much money to be made as selfish or as greedy.