The thing is actually to be somewhere right as they revealed it, but i had to pump out a video just to go over my first impressions, but now that we’ve had a couple of hours to kind of uh, let it sink in uh. Let us really get a feel for what we’re gon na actually get into for this 30. Second nhl team: i kind of wanted to make a more in depth analysis on the information that we’ve actually found out today, because trust me, we have actually got a lot to talk about, and i didn’t actually cover that much in my in my video this morning. So i just kind of wanted to make another update video uh, just discussing everything that we do know so far. And i made a video kind of like this in the past uh, which basically discussed the rumored names for the seattle, nhl team and jerseys. And now that we finally have that it’s time to finally discuss everything that we do know about the seattle kraken, if you guys are excited for this video, please make sure to like comment subscribe. It would help me out tremendously – and let me know in the comment section down below what do you think of the seattle kraken, the team name – logo, jersey, all that stuff i wan na know all your opinions, it’s gon na be very interesting to see what the Public has to say about this new nhl team, but uh yeah without further ado, let’s get right into the video now let’s first go over the seattle, kraken logo and personally for me, i actually really like it honestly.

I think it’s really dope and i was scrolling through instagram and twitter today – to see just generally other people’s opinions on the actual logo itself and um. I think it’s fair to say that the nhl really nailed it, because i could not find like any negative comments about this logo. I think it’s intimidating. I like the texture of the blue. I, like the hint of the tentacles in the us there, as you can see, i like the red eye to make it look really intimidating and like a hockey logo, and it just overall looks really original and just something that we’ve never actually seen before. I think it has like a really nice touch to it and um little backstory for the s actually it’s, not necessarily because it’s seattle well, it is but the reason that they actually made an s for the main logo. Uh logo logo is more of a tribute to uh the seattle metropolitans, who were the seattle nhl team back in the early 1900s. So i think that was a really nice touch. I think it was cool that they included that and i think it was really appropriate. Uh just recognizing the past in the nhl and bringing it over to the future overall solid logo. I give it a nine out of ten give me your thoughts on it in the comment section below. If you like it or not, i haven’t seen many people to dislike it, but if you don’t, if you do dislike it, don’t be shy to share your opinions.

I want to hear why you do but yeah overall, i think it looks dope, so yeah let’s move on to the jersey. As for the jersey itself, it looks good. I mean there’s, not much. I can really say about it because i mean the logo is quite similar in terms of the color scheme and everything, but i could go a bit more in depth. Obviously i really like the navy blue. I think it looks really nice and fresh and something that i don’t think we’ve ever really seen before out of an nhl jersey other than like the jets, but honestly the colors really complement each other really well, especially on the sleeves i love the light. Whitish blue, followed by the slightly darker, but still light blue and then the red stripe. It just looks really nice. It just reminds me, like the new york rangers in one of their retro jerseys, because of how nice, the blue and the red just complement each other. Just looks really nice and the more that i look at the more that i like it honestly, especially with that red eye in the middle and then i look outside and i see the red stripes it just looks really nice overall. Obviously the number looks really cool too, with the light uh. Almost a white blue in the middle, followed by the outer edges, which are darker blue, but no, it just looks really dope i’m, really happy that they stuck with more a plain, simple route.

Rather than going all you know advanced, and you know into detail. It’S really plain that gets the job done, really solid jersey, uh, let me know, would you buy this? I mean i would personally buy it. I think it’s, pretty cool but we’ll, see um. I mean i’m, not gon na be a saddle. Kraken fan i’m. Obviously, i’m. Gon na hate the seattle kraken because i’m, a canucks fan, i mean the whole thing – is that we’re gon na be number one rivals, but i have to respect it. I mean it’s, a really nice jersey. I mean. Let me know in the comment section below: do you like this jersey? Would you buy it or will you actually be cheering for the seattle kraken overall cause? I definitely want to hear where my fans are coming from, obviously but uh yeah. Let me know your opinions on the actual jersey itself, because i think it looks really dope. Last but not least, let’s talk about the actual seattle kraken name now. The seattle kraken is one of those names that me personally. I did not actually think that they would choose uh. I thought it would be way too far fetched for an nhl team to be called the kraken. I just think it’s crazy that they’re called the kraken. You know. Obviously, people are gon na meme that name they’re gon na call um this stadium, like the crack house or whatever, as like a joke and stuff.

I think that’s pretty funny, but i thought that was a really funny touch actually uh we’ll see, i think it looks really cool. Their mascot is going to probably be like a squid or an octopus or some sort of you know. Sea creature, like that it’s going to be kind of cool but uh, we will definitely see i actually kind of like the seattle kraken at first, when they first revealed that seattle kraken was a rumored name along with names like the emeralds sockeyes, totems i’ll admit. I would have rather seen a team like the sockeyes or the emeralds or the evergreens, even you know, or the sonics you know. I did not think that the kraken would be something that really appealed to me, but now that it’s actually been revealed i’m actually kind of slowly changing my mind and i actually really like uh. The idea of the seattle kraken i’m sure that a lot of people uh don’t like it because it sounds childish. But personally for me, i think it just really gets the job done and it’s something different original it’s different than the vegas golden knights, uh. Obviously, but yeah i like how their uh their whole thing is about, like the deep blue sea and stuff like that that’s their kind of theme, i think it’s really cool. I just the more that i i kind of just look at the whole seattle uh situation. In the first place, the more that i like it, uh with the jersey, logo and uh, just team name in general.

So obviously let me know what you guys think about the seattle kraken name itself. I think it’s dope, but um. Obviously, they’re gon na be people who are gon na hate it not everyone’s gon na, like it, i think it’s cool. I didn’t like it at first, when they first revealed that it was rumored, but now i kind of like it so that’s, just how my opinion. Just kind of change – and i think that’s kind of kind of ended off for this video that’s. Basically everything that we’ve gotten so far uh i did make another video. Obviously i don’t know if i mentioned it or not. Uh i made another video similar to this. Discussing what we knew about the seattle nhl team, a couple months back – and i talked about some stuff that we didn’t actually go over, including at the stadium and um like the ahl team. So if you haven’t seen it, i definitely recommend you do. It will be on the recommended video at the end of this one but uh yeah. Let me know what you guys all think about this new update that we’ve gone for seattle. I feel like i’ve covered this team since the beginning so i’m going to continue this trend for uh future updates on the team uh as much as i’m gon na hate, the seattle crack and i think it’s cool that i’ve been following them from the beginning. So i’ll continue to do that, but uh yeah.

Let me know your opinions on everything that we’ve covered today.