We got the seattle kraken right here: i’m gon na go over. This logo designs these jerseys. This is awesome and then talk a little bit about the nhl restart that’s coming august 1st, to show love for my hockey people but uh. If you could like this, video share it and subscribe to the channel to get these daily update videos, i really appreciate it all right: let’s read from yahoo sports seattle, kraken announces nhl expansion, expansion, team jersey, design, released, okay, let’s, look at this, the seattle kraken. This is clean. We got this really tough here, tough s. I think this is a better look at it: tough ass. We got the red eye and like got the octopus arm going around here and then the space needle logo up here with the anchor oh man. This is awesome. So after cover 19 prompted a delay or two. We now know the seattle. Nhl expansion team will be known as the kraken now like i said, these three logos are awesome. Oh this jersey is so cool. I might have to just copy one because hockey jerseys are awesome to wear, even though it’s fairly cold. But, oh my goodness look at that, though, that is beautiful! With this icy blue and the dark navy and those sharp red accents man um, so the kraken will plan to debut in the 2021 2022 nhl season.

Logically enough, the kraken will play in the pacific division. Meanwhile, the arizona coyotes will realign to the central division, um they’re, playing in the old key arena where the sonnet supersonics used to play.

Those you who remember who the supersonics are um salary, crab expected to be flat or close to flat. The croc kraken figured a mop up at the 2021 nhl expansion draft. The nhl will use the same expansion draft rules as the vegas gold knights did. Naturally, this expansion club will face a significant challenge in trying to parallel the smash success of the vegas golden knights. It would probably be wiser to temper expectations to somewhere between the instant success of the golden knights and the lengthy struggles of past nhl expansion teams. But then, but again, financial realities open up plenty of possible opportunities for this upcoming team. Their analytics friendly perception only makes such hypothetical situations more fun to manage. Hockey fans must feel a sweet release after learning team name is the kraken, so vegas was announced only 153 days later they got the team dave it’s been 597 days since seattle’s been given a team and they got their team name but release the cracking shirts already Available they’re full in on it, i love it. Golden knights was great for vegas too nhl. Does such a good job they’re so underrated on how innovative how cutting edge they are with all star games to naming it’s really something special, but let’s see we got a better look at these dark logos again.

I love these logos right here, the primary and secondary it looks like some man. Whoever did this is just a fantastic job.

I love it. Somebody did a great job on this um talking about so finally be 30. Second team so they’ll finally be 16 teams in each division conference, so it’s been a little awkward for the nhl since the vegas knights joined um. Seattle has not had a professional hockey team since the totems of the western hockey league left in 1975.. However, probe pocky in the city dates back to 1915, with the seattle metropolitans playing the pacific coast hockey association in 1917, the metropolitans with the first american team to win the stanley cup there you go fun fact. I didn’t know that seattle, first stanley cup winners, uh talks about their colors it’s, been a long anticipated announcement, but here we get a better look on these jerseys, oh boy. These are something special. These white jerseys are super nice too. Oh, i don’t know man i’m. Definitely it almost makes me want to change my team. I can’t change my team from colorado, but uh man. It almost gets me interested just to have one um they’re in the west, so uh not so you know a little same division, not great, but they’re. Pretty um but let’s look but let’s talk about the restart hockey comes back august 1st. I know it’s not getting as much coverage as the nba and mlb, but i got to show some love for my boys on the ice.

Uh i’m, a big hockey guy but um yeah game start um august 1st.

We have a round robin with the top three seeds in the eastern conference. The flyers are the top four teams: flyers, bruins capitals and lightning playing, and then you have the regular knockout rounds or best of five series got pittsburgh montreal carolina and the rangers the islanders and the panthers, the maple leafs and the blue jackets, and then the west. We have st louis dallas, colorado and vegas like i talked about and then edmonton, chicago, nashville and arizona, vancouver and minnesota and calgary and winnipeg. I love the new format. They’Re playing top three teams basically got to buy and they’re playing for seating while they extended it to 12 teams, instead of eight teams normally to play in this first knockout round hockey again on the forefront, cutting edge stuff, very innovative, very exciting. I love it.