I was at work today and i was thinking about the hockey name and what’s the name going to be. I already knew what it was going to be um, but now it’s official seattle has a name for the 32nd hockey team um, and i come to you guys to unleash the name, because i already knew what it was gon na be it’s not kept secret. So i pronounce you guys the seattle kraken. Was it no secret? We knew what it was. We knew the name wasn’t, no secret. You know um, but i’m excited now now we know the name. It’S official unleash the kraken, the beast um and they already have a website and everything. But the thing is they won’t start play until 20, 21, 22, so a year away so and the design that they already unleashed or released the jerseys and it is nice, their jerseys are awesome. Um see if i pull it up, come on that’s the design, pretty cool design. You have the s um and then the tech note it’s. You know it’s just it’s, a design that i didn’t like at first but it’s, starting to grow on me now and the jerseys have like an anchor, but on top it has a space needle just like that it’s. Actually, a pretty cool name, kraken and design is awesome, love it um. Now we get into now that we have the name official. Now we get into the expansion draft, and once i again i say i’ll do another video on that in the near future.

The expansion draft um i’ll explain to all that, but yeah it’s, um it’s official. Now we have the kraken in the hockey world now i just think they could have came up with more of a scarier name. I mean i love the kraken pretty cool name, but i just think they could have came up a you know, scarier name but yeah, um and ron. Francis is going to be the first gm. I believe i think it’s gm for ron, frank, yeah, um yeah. So with that being due, i know i’m, not the first one to crack the news. I see uh the names already given bad names crack the name anyway. I’Ll see you guys.