Um i have it set up. I have the press conference it’s going to go, live in a couple minutes here on my tv and i thought i’d do a little bit of uh uh, good old youtube speculation beforehand, uh there’s a lot of interesting names that people are talking about with this upcoming Seattle team and um i don’t like every name that’s about out there. I honestly so so the name that’s really popular right now, right before the announcement that people are talking about, that they either hate it or love it. The really divisive name that everybody thinks it’s. Actually gon na be is the kraken, the seattle kraken and i don’t like it really that much either see. Not only would you have to explain that i mean i i once once though so let’s go back so yesterday they announced that this press conference was going to be happening today and they um said it with this. With this video of fishermen out, you know on the puget sound with their fishing nets out and everything and they scoop up a um goal, light um, a traditional nhl goal, light out of the water and they’re like oh what’s this and then um across the way. They see a uh fairy, um blast that’s foghorn done. Presumably you know that’ll be the goal horn for the seattle, whatever they’re going to be and uh, i i don’t know the goal horn.

We could talk about it all separately too because, like how many teams in this league already have uh goal: horns that sound like um, ship fog horns or what have you like, that’s the islanders that’s, the carolina hurricanes.

I believe too that’s several teams already, but i mean, if we’re being honest, how many gold horns in this league sound exactly the same. Well, either way there’s this debut video and then they changed all their branding on the twitter um to just be shots of the ocean. Just water just open water um. So when they did, that i’m, like you know what it’s probably gon na, be something nautical it’s not gon na, be the seattle metropolitans, the team that won the stanley cup back in like 1911 or whatever way back in the day, um, probably not going to be Them, although it’d be cool to have a team in the nhl called this called the mats like in baseball uh that’d, be honestly, i thought that’d be pretty cool, but i could understand why they wouldn’t do that because it doesn’t it’s, not a monitor modern sounding name. Um and now the broadcast has gone, live um i’m, not getting the sound yet but i’m sure it’ll come in here there we go gon na, keep it quiet for a minute. Now, um they um. So kraken is the one. People are talking about right now. I don’t like kraken, i think it’s um, i think it’s a bad name.

Frankly, um and uh i’ll be very very blunt. I don’t like it the one i like it. It goes real, well it’s, seattle sockeyes is my prediction: we’ll see what it is and now there’s a guy at a podium talking, it’s uh todd, licwecky who’s, the ceo of the nhl seattle group um.

I can’t even hear him yet until i can hear him i’m. Just gon na talk, um, so um other ones, i’ve heard of seattle, swordfish seattle, squid, seattle needles, which is probably too edgy for the nhl, but um, even if it’s, referring to the space needle in uh, seattle um. Those are some other ones, it’s, probably going to be the kraken or the sor or the sockeyes i’m, hoping for the sock guys. My personal preference here and here’s my reaction i’m just gon na kind of respond to what i’m seeing for some reason, i’m. Not getting any sound, he’s um standing in the area where they’re building the new arena or using the roof from the old arena and he’s in front of a bunch of construction workers gon na debut it. I think he has a big um thing. That’S gon na be revealed behind him here: um that’s, todd likwecki, who is the um um like the lead investor in the seattle hl group, um so again, i’m hoping for sockeyes we’ll, see um, probably betting odds are on kraken. I hope not because i don’t like kraken um, i switched again.

I switched to all the kind of nautical names once uh. They posted that video and they changed their social media. So i’m i’d be shocked if it, if it isn’t sockeyes i’ll, be shocked if it isn’t cracking it’s. Probably me cracking now, but uh i’m hoping for sock, guys, we’ll, see we’ll, see swordfish, should be cool too it’s, not gon na be swordfish, but it’d be cool.

With swordfish, because then they could, i mean they wouldn’t put swords on there, you put a swordfish. I got a gas on there. If that was the would be the logo in the name. And what have you still talking still don’t have any sound here there. It is i don’t know if you heard that on the video i had it really loud and just thundered, so just gon na react, as i hear it: Music, the most challenging now times bringing skill and passion so legal for me to show you this i’m going To show you this, because together we’re building the most beautiful arena in the world, the climate pledge arena the world’s first sustainable arena and a symbol of hope for better days to come for our city and community. So thank you today. We share some pretty big news. I realize i probably need to divide copyright strikes i’m, not going to show any more of it, but you might be able to hear it. So i don’t know we’ll see he’s going to talk for a while we’ll see how long he talks for everyone knows why you’re here, just tell us, give us a logo too, because there’s a chance.

I just do a typeface and it’s just a name, and i really would prefer if it was a uh if it was a if it was a name and a logo which would be really cool that’s. What vegas did and vegas had a awesome, awesome logo and a you know pretty decent name.

I don’t i don’t hate golden knights, it’s, just gon na be night soon and whatever you know, i have uh no personal connection to the city of seattle. I don’t have any you know personal uh preference really other than sockeyes, just because it sounds good on that amazing day march. Yeah he’s, talking about whether seattle could be a good hockey town based on their ticket drive and all this stuff. And i guess i really don’t understand why seattle couldn’t, i guess basketball teams – haven’t worked there. A baseball team is working there now, but i was there one in the past, a baseball team that didn’t work. I don’t file baseball. I don’t know about that, but i don’t i don’t, see why the hockey team couldn’t work there. If this they love the soccer team there. I know that they love the football team there, but i mean it’s the nfl. So if you buy an nfl franchise, you’re printing money, you know you’re not that dude’s gon na make money in all, but four scenarios: nfl teams make money. So i don’t know why hockey wouldn’t work, i mean it’s cold.

They have ice there right again. I’Ve never been to seattle, so i don’t even know if they have ice. My father in law is from san francisco and they it gets a little cold in san francisco, sometimes but it’s, like still california. So it’s, like i don’t, know if they have ice other than up in the mountains right, it must snow in seattle, a must just say my wife, and i we watched a bunch of frasier, so you’d think that i would uh have seen just from them.

If it snows out every day for the past two years, we’ve thought about this moment and we knew if we did listen, we couldn’t go wrong saying they listened for this branding, they did focus groups and everything if they come out with some awful name. It’S gon na be really funny and everybody’s gon na be like. Did you really listen and if you care at all about soccer you’ll, know that yesterday, the upcoming mls team in um, charlotte north carolina, announced their team name and branding and stuff it was charlotte fc, which is a boring name and it’s even more boring logo. They had so many cool things they could have done, but um, not a great owner in that situation, either all kinds of stuff, so it’s cool that we’re going from that that to then to this today and any minute now, i was gon na say what the Name is he says it connects us to our maritime heritage and history of the sea, unique to the nhl.

He said the color scheme is going to be unique to the nhl let’s. Get it home, see i’m, not gon na know. Until i edit this video or put it up on youtube, if you could hear what he’s saying but um he’s introducing someone from uh a local hockey team, a local women’s hockey team, i think she’s gon na say what it is and it just faded to black Ooh we have a video, probably can’t, show this video but it’s looks cool sweeping i’m going to describe the video to you, sweeping panorama of seattle, um images of the mountains and then the the sound and more boats, big ships, big stormy waters, more skyline, seattle, skyline.

Now, we’re getting hockey images, a goal, players and ships. Oh, we got a shot of the seattle metropolitans here. The old black and white photos from way back in the day, stormy waters again: uh, oh lightning, it’s, a stormy city. This is a good video. I should look up this video it’s it’s, a good, debut video. I hope it at the end. Here they have okay it’s an ass. We got an ass, oh, we got a tentacle. We got a watery stuff on it. Oh, oh, we got a red eye. Uh seattle, kraken that’s, the kraken yeah. A lot of people saw that coming eh, that is a badass logo, though they could have fucked up uh. They could have screwed up uh kraken pretty badly, but uh just putting it as a red eye.

In that ass logo is brilliant. They should have stuck a k in there somewhere, but that would look to soccer seattle kraken. So i i don’t need to go on and on with what they say in this press conference, but seattle cracking, we got a logo, um it’s, it’s, blue and light blue. So far with a little bit of red with the eye so it’s blue, blue and red, which is that a unique color scheme in nhl, perhaps there’s stuff, i haven’t seen yet but uh seattle kraken, it is, i got ta, say i’m a little disappointed, but it’s A badass a little little uh little logo it’s a great speech he’s given right now, but that’s that’s it for me uh that’s.

My live reaction! Well, you’re gon na watch it on youtube, so it’s not gon na be live for you, but um that’s. My reaction to uh seattle, kraken’s um logo and brand announcement – i was hoping for sock guys, but i’ll gladly accept kraken uh. I was planning on doing a bigger video. I recorded a longer video earlier this week for the youtube channel uh i didn’t uh have time. I haven’t really gotten to editing anything yet so um for now just going to be unedited. Videos like this this week got crazy for me with a bunch of things so um. For now this bring me the video for this week. Um, maybe i’ll do another video like this, where it’s just kind of um, you know unedited um for next week too, it depends on whenever i can get around to start editing things and putting out more nicely edited videos, because if you haven’t noticed, i um a Lot and i got ta cut some stuff out, you know get those youtube jump cuts going, uh, so uh.

Thank you for watching and uh check out the blog, and uh check out this youtube channel and uh. You can follow me on twitter, at pasta, that’s.