Today, the nhl seattle team officially announced what the team name was called. She didn’t know that i caught that. I predicted this, but i did pretty correctly. The team name is called the seattle kraken today. She just got off work and i’m about to show her. The first look at the logos look away real fast. So these are the logos. It’S got they paid homage to um the original seattle team. With this one, this one’s brand new and then their word mark logo. Okay, honey, you’re, ready to see it. I just messed my hair up. Let’S go! Oh! I like those, you look like slytherin. Don’T worry about those, these are the actual logos. Those are dope and they’ve also released their jersey, which i am not a big fan of them. I’M, not a big fan of i like the logo, but i don’t like the jersey i don’t, like the colors, i mean see if, if you think of seattle, if you think of like the seahawks, you would think the obviously the deep blue and then the neon Green, oh yeah. I could see that on that and then the seattle sounders, the mls team, which is soccer, also has green in their logo. If they got rid of the white, i did the neon green light. I do like the i do, like the the different shades of blue when it comes to like because of the ocean is that white or that blue? That is actually a light blue, because there is no white on no white on this logo or this jersey.

If they got rid of that and threw them beyond green there and there that’d be dope, i would have much rather and i’m gon na go back to the logos here. I’M. Actually, gon na show this one. I would have much rather see an actual kraken cracking crocking, whatever it’s cracking when it comes to seattle, stop crawling either way. I would have much rather see them do an actual kraken holding a hockey stick with the hockey helmet and then for like a help for like a helmet or a cat logo. The kraken head with the tentacle going across with cea on it or s e a excuse me. I keep that up, but yeah here’s what the the homage that they paid to when it comes to this one. This was just this was just a concept, but this is the homage that they paid to when it comes to this logo. It did not want to load that logo. They paid tribute to the old seattle team when they had the s, because it said seattle inside that s, that is dope and also seattle also also used to have a basketball team guess what their main color was. What green seattle you missed? The hit yeah it’s like the mariners, whoop strikeout, but the logo is still pretty dope. Like i like that, i ain’t gon na lie. I, like the tentacle, going up the s if you didn’t realize see that it did and do you know what the red thing is his eye, yep it’s, the eye of the kraken talking quit correcting me and you love me.

You know it so yeah this this. This is what i would rather have seen for a logo that’s joe. I would have rather seen that in with the current color scheme, but with a green. Yes, that would have been awesome seattle. I don’t you’re never going to watch this because trust me i’m. A little guy from iowa you’re probably never going to see this, but take notes that would have been a dope logo that would have been that would have been really cool to see hands down and, like i said, the kraken head with the tentacle going across s E a on it for about for a cap – oh this one down here would have been dope too this one, no, the crocodile, oh, that one yeah that would have been a good one, because that actually pays a little bit more homage to the actual city of Seattle, this one, i would have rather seen too that’s cool. I would have rather seen that, but no, but i was right about the team. I do like kraken don’t get me wrong because before ever yet before every game, they can legit say like when they’re announcing the team release. Yeah cracking Applause. Just think about that. That would be awesome like that, would be really really cool. Just be able to see that now i’m gon na have to create an expansion draft for the seattle team of who, i think, is going to go to the kraken.

I will do that video in the closer future when it comes closer to the actual expansion draft. So that probably won’t happen until maybe may or june of next year, but yeah, and we also have a video coming up for for this one uh. We still have to rank the nfl logos, oh yeah, which we will do that soon.