2020 at 8, 35 p.m. Um! If you haven’t heard today um if you’re a hockey fan basically um seattle just revealed their name and logo and jerseys and i’m gon na explain my opinions on them. Um i’m on the logo. Right now, as you can see um what what’s my opinion on the logo – it’s, not bad it’s, actually decent, i don’t love it, but and obviously you got the s for seattle, that’s, cool, um, there’s, the eye for the kraken and the tentacles because uh kraken’s, like Like basically like a octopus or whatever, but yeah it’s, not bad, i give this uh eight out of ten it’s, not bad. I just think they could use it like it’s, mostly looks works better for like an alternate logo or whatever i feel like. The primary logo should be like an actual kraken or whatever, like here i’ll go on google all right. I couldn’t find a good picture like an octopus or whatever, but yeah, because it’s, basically an octopus, a crack in or whatever but yeah i’m, not saying this should be the logo. It should be look more like a a cracking octopus or whatever. This is a bad picture. I know why did i show this, but i found another better picture like so. Obviously the one i just showed you this is the primary logo alternate and uh. The other alternates like secondary and word mark um here’s, the um secondary logo.

It looks cool there’s, a that’s, obviously uh an anchor, and if you look closely that’s that represents the the seattle needle like the tower or whatever you know what i mean can’t, think of it right now what it’s actually called, but the seattle cracking, obviously not bad Let’S go to the jerseys all right: um yeah, here’s, the home jersey, um what’s. My opinion on it looks nice. I like the color scheme. It reminds me of like the late 90s early 2000s vancouver canucks jerseys like similar to like the blue. Obviously the baby blue’s like a little darker and the red or whatever that here i’ll, look that up all right: um i’m on an intro uniform database um. I should’ve shown the um away logo it’s on here right now, but yeah just reminds me like the dark. Blue, the sort of like darker, baby, blue and the red just reminds me of it a little bit and here’s the uniforms like same thing: um here’s, the road jersey, not bad. I like it not bad at all and um. I believe they’re gon na play at the climate pledge arena. Oh i don’t like that name. Their first nhl season will be on for the 2021 22 season um. They won’t be playing this upcoming season, but i’m still looking forward to seattle, though, but yeah and i knew um seattle’s nhl team was going to be like a ocean creature or whatever, like a sea creature or whatever, because there’s obviously rumors, like all this.

The sockeyes um, whatever seattle needles but yeah, but the kraken’s not bad, not fan of the name, but the jerseys not bad. I like it, and i do like the logo actually, but i do feel like they should actually use a real, quick, looking like octopus or crack and whatever, because that’s. Basically, what a kraken is is an octopus but yeah um it’s, not bad, so it’s, the 32nd nhl team, which now expanding because the 31st was vegas. The vegas golden knights hate that team, but yeah um, no sorry, i’m, sorry, i’m, not saying anything but yeah. Um. Sorry sorry i’m, having trouble talking like like i feel like i want to top. I don’t know what the hell i want to say but yeah, but for seattle um, i really hope they don’t go like on uh i’m, not trying to be negative or whatever. I do kind of hope, like i’m, not trying to like sound like offensive or biased or whatever, but really biased, but i just hope they don’t go like on a big, like expansion run like what vegas just did like like their best year is their inaugural season. I hope we never see that again. I’M. Sorry, i i’m sorry, seattle fans, but i don’t know, but i am excited looking forward to see the jets play them, though, like in seattle and winnipeg, hopefully someday. If i get the time i’ll take a trip to seattle and um go see a game there.

Obviously they need a new arena, because when i look i’m gon na go look at that arena right now, all right, here’s that climate pledge arena this is this is old because it used to be called key arena or whatever uh. It looks ugly on the outside to be honest, but the inside actually looks kind of cool, looks like a good and it will be a good nhl size arena just like i’m, not a fan of like the jumbotrons or whatever, what the hell. These are supposed to be those look ugly. In my opinion, they get like a newer, fresh uh scoreboard, but arena looks nice even though it’s basketball, but you know they should bring the supersonics back to seattle too. I agree, but not bad. If you’re my dog, barking, i’m, sorry but yeah last thing that gary batman needs to do. The last thing gary batman needs to do is bring that team back right there, the quebec nordiques, you know, like quebec city they’ve, been waiting a long time to get their team back, which i’m glad they’re going to seattle, but i was really pissed when they um On the the nhl chose, las vegas over quebec city, up still kind of pisses me off today. I get why because vegas have more money or whatever but come on like when you look at teams like florida, arizona and carolina somewhat um, they came in like fill up their arenas and the only time they do is when they’re in the playoffs.

You know especially florida like they’re, still struggling to draw fans today, it’s ridiculous. It makes the nhl look bad and some of the coyotes too, you know like in hurricanes all those three teams should have left a long time ago. I’M. Sorry, coyotes, panthers and hurricanes fans were watching this, but i don’t know what was i gon na say: okay, i’m gon na go on a little rant here, but um. I really wish the colby nordics never left um for colorado in the first place. Again, i get why they had to leave but come on 1996 and tesla. One should have been nordic stanley cups sam with uh hartford whalers. They should, if they stay this, it should have been a heart for the whaler stanley cup. You know should be numbers in orders cup, but yeah some of the coyotes. They should never left winnipeg again i get why these teams had to leave but come on same with the minnesota north stars. They should never left for dallas either that’s good because they got the wild back, which they got their team back. All the minnesota wild, which is good but north stars are better though, but yeah stay strong.