Welcome back to the channel today, i’m breaking down the new seattle franchises team named logo jerseys, all of it. They are announcing it all today, we’ve known about this team for two years now, uh. Not much has honestly been said, it’s been really kept, secret, it’s actually pretty awesome, because usually everything gets leaked or spoiled not this. This has been under the ropes and i mean i want to record my live reaction because of that i think that my my reaction is going to be pretty raw, so i’m, really hoping the team name is kraken. I could deal with stock guys that’s kind of cool uh, something c related, but i mean without further ado, let’s begin the video all right so jaina. Whoever this is. She is announcing the live name, uh they’re, doing a video. It seems like yep they’re, doing a video all right, here’s, the video. I thought that she was gon na, announce it, but we’ve got a video downtown. Seattle i’m excited looks like they’re going to the sea there’s the mountains. I would like something: mountains related okay, big splash, god guys i am so excited. I have not been this excited in a long time. I love team branding. This is awesome. Oh there’s, the old seattle logo that would have been a cool design. Okay, come on. I think we’re getting cracking i’m feeling cracking, looks like they’re going tampa bay on us with the lightning okay.

Oh my god, they’re going kraken. There is the logo that is a nice looking logo holy crap. They listen to the fans. I cannot believe. Oh, my god. They gave us the kraken what’s kraken holy crap. They did it, they listen to the fans wow. That is a logo. I’M. Actually i don’t know about the logo. In my opinion, i mean this is a raw reaction, but i cannot believe they actually listened to the fans. We Music, all right, what’s, going on everybody. I’M back, so they didn’t really reveal everything like i thought they were going to. I thought it was just going to be an easy video, so i went to their website and their website’s actually super cool. It shows the kraken logo right there um. You know the logo’s interesting. I wasn’t expecting that i don’t hate it not in love with it. Either but i mean who knows that’s one of those things where it’s gon na grow on me, like i didn’t love the vegas logo at first, but the more i’ve seen it. I i love the vegas logo. I don’t have any issue with it now, so this will probably grow on me, but i can’t believe they did this um. You know usually teams don’t, listen to the fans, but we’ve got a great instance here, and i think that a lot of people will be happy by this and it doesn’t look too cheesy it. Definitely. You know when you get a new team, it’s gon na look weird uh.

I don’t really think there’s any right way to do this. One um, it’s, it’s gon na take some time to get used to it. Definitely doesn’t look like an nhl team to me, but it’ll probably grow on me, but um for what the website says. I mean it’s, pretty sweet. I like i, i like the design. Look at that name, seattle kraken. It looks good like the logo uh, the team name like the lettering. That looks really good. I thought they did a great job with that um and you go. You know again, like the logo. It’S not the greatest thing i’ve ever seen before, but it’s, not terrible, especially since they made it kraken um keep scrolling. Here. I like the the anchor with the space needle that’s, actually super cool. That is a great design. Couldn’T be better like, oh my god, even looking at it with the light blue that looks so good like that, actually makes it look a lot better. I kind of wish they went with the light blue as their primary. Instead of like the dark blue, i think the logo looks really good on light. Blue everything looks great. Like the seattle, kraken name looks like uh. It looks like the seahawks name, basically like the the coloring. They kept it consistent with what seattle does. There’S the jersey. Oh, my goodness, wow. I was not expecting that i kind of wish they went with like a yellow or a green, but it looks like they’re keeping it consistent with uh going with like a blue shade.

I don’t hate it. I like it. I don’t hate it. Yeah guys, like the colors, a deep sea blue and ice blue honestly, it looks pretty good. I think they did a pretty damn good job with this. I cannot. I can’t wait to see the away jersey and maybe an alternate alternate would probably be the anchor i don’t hate it. It seems kind of cheesy a little bit, but i think that will grow on people, especially once we see the team start playing and once they kind of start drafting it, but that is so cool. Oh yeah, dude. Look at this it’s got the tentacle the eye of the beast. I, like my favorite thing about some of the hockey logos like the minnesota wild is how, like they intertwine like things with it, with what the logo makes look at what it looks like that makes any sense, like the capitals do, that, with their alternate, has the Capital building this does uh similar things and i, i think, that’s good branding. I can’t complain. What do you guys think down below? Let me know i’m, a fan of the kraken i’m so happy they went with this. I was a little nervous, but got what you want.