It is the announcement you saw it live here on king five a couple hours ago. We finally have a team name: team colors and a team logo i’m, steve buenan and the seattle kraken flag is flying high over the space needle right now. This is when they were raising it. Just after the announcement about 9 15. This morning we had years of speculation and finally, we now know the answer: it came just outside the new climate pledge arena, the old keo arena. Again, you saw it this morning. Chris daniels has been in that spot since, before sunrise still working the stamina, the endurance chris great to have you live on the noon, show and a great response from what i’ve seen on twitter and facebook both locally and nationally from all the people that i know In and out of hockey, people are pretty on board with with kraken yeah they they, like the multiple shades of blue. There have been a lot of talk about what the colors would be of the new seattle kraken, and there is a shade of red as well steve. I know you just showed the flag from another angle, but you can see it’s flying high here over the now seattle kraken preview center. After that big announcement today, we just finished talking with ceo todd laiwiki, who told us that really they had decided on a name in the first quarter of this year and we’re, going through the final trademarking rights before the covid crisis hit, and they kind of had To slow things down before finalizing a deal last week and you saw it live on our air, the official announcement of the sea monsters of seattle.

You can call them that as well. The seattle kraken lie wiki and company made that announcement in front of the construction workers who are continuing to work on climate pledge arena. They said they had been working on this for months when the team was first announced back in 2018. As you may remember, there were 10 thousand deposits in the first 10 minutes now, 40 thousand people on the waiting list. Lywiki says he believes there is a clear passion for hockey in seattle. We hope today is proof positive proof, positive, that we continue to honor that passion, a passion to build the next great franchise, a passion to bring the stanley cup back to seattle. A couple of fun notes for you this afternoon. What we’ve found out here in the early morning hours is you’ll notice that red eye on the serpent, the s, the kraken that actually came out of a meeting earlier this year, when david bonderman, the lead majority owner, was with the group from adidas. That put it all together and looked at the s and said i believe there needs to be an i, and so they put in that red eye in the s also, we just finished talking with lywiki part of the trademark issue and the reason why this had Been slowed down is they had to work outside deals with other companies? Well, guess what there’s a crack in rum and guess what that’s? Now the official rum of the seattle, nhl franchise and lywiki told me he hopes to pour that crack and rum in a future stanley cup steve.

That would be fantastic and we know that the last nhl expansion team – the las vegas golden knights, got to the stanley cup finals in their first year, although that’s, usually the exception. The rule is that expansion teams aren’t as good and – and i know that you know as well – that the team also picked these three shades of blue and the the logo kind of inspired by the seattle metropolitans. The original seattle nhl team that won the stanley cup 100 years ago when we were also doing a pandemic in in our country. What do you know about the history of the the team and how it connects to to the past yeah that s as you you just mentioned the seattle metropolitans? In fact, there is a plaque in downtown seattle where they won the stanley cup back in 1917. The the stanley cup the following year they were taking on the montreal canadiens. It was wiped out by the spanish flu of 1918. So, yes, seattle is on the stanley cup and yes, that is a historical designation of the s to make it look like the one that was with the metropolitans way back when – and you mentioned it with the color scheme as well. It’S interesting that this group went with a very, very dark navy: blue, no black, no red. There have been a lot of talk about those being the two colors very early on it’s, multiple shades of blue and then that red eye.

A lot of that goes into the fact that water is such a key part of our area, it’s, a story that you’ve been following for years up to a decade or more chris, more than anybody else in any form of media, and we finally have our team Name the seattle kraken here in this crazy summer of 2020, chris daniels reporting live from seattle. Thank you chris steve. I just wanted to say real quick thanks for being my agent. I was going to end with the emmy award winning reporter, but i thought that was pouring it on a little too thick well now, we’ve gotten that in as well chris daniels with the kraken uh colored face mask as well by the way. So the reactions we talked about on twitter, what chris is seeing what i’m seeing so much positivity? Of course you know some people had other names they liked, but uh. Just a few that we’re going to pull from you ty let’s go can’t, wait to go to hockey, games release the kraken thomas from vancouver, says: seattle could not have nailed this any more than they did coolest name and jersey in the last 30 years of nhl Expansion, i had a buddy in philadelphia, said the same exact thing. Basically jubilee says: sick jerseys so pumped to rock one of these in the near future. Hashtag release the kraken, or what about getting these uniforms? You’Ve seen them already the team merchandise as soon as the uh name was announced, an online team store was announced as well, but people are having trouble.

We know getting on to it uh at times, because so much traffic is flowing to the website.