My comments on the logo and the name and all of that in this video. If you like, what we’re doing your cool light hockey, we want to see the latest news around the NHL make sure to give this video thumbs up and subscribe down below. Let’S take a look at the 32nd NHL franchise and the team name. Now I could sit here and tease the name and whatever I’m sure I put it on the thumbnail of the video and I’m sure you’ve seen it on Twitter on YouTube and everything else already at this point, you’re, probably looking for an opinion, so the 30 second Franchise going to Seattle, the name is the Seattle Kraken. Now my thoughts on the team name, the logo, the video itself. Well, at least the presentation went better than Vegas right, I mean at least I mean it still ended up getting leaked, but we had a. You know it was a little bit better revealed in terms of the logo and stuff the thing didn’t get stuck on the way down or only half the logo showed like we saw in Vegas. We have the official logo here and I’ll put up right now, so there you go there’s Seattle’s new logo, now it’s interesting, because we don’t see any green or yellow. It is a like a like a baby blue with a navy blue, so baby and navy blue with the red for the eye of the Kraken.

Now do I like the logo? No, no I’m gon na be completely honest. I’M, not a huge fan of the logo. I like how they tried to do a Vegas did with making the S into the logo Javy for Vegas. They tried doing that same thing, but I don’t know how how this is gon na really stick long term it’s very simple, which is nice, but they didn’t. You know when you first look at it. It looks like an S and it doesn’t look like a logo. I don’t know if I’m saying that right, but that just doesn’t really look like an NHL team logo, it’s it’s, just a letter and and it does it – is in the shape of a squid as well. But H is a very interesting logo here for the Kraken uh, the name itself. I mean we’ve been talking about the rumors back a couple of months ago, when we were talking about the Seattle Kraken and the Seattle Emeril’s, the Seattle seals, Seattle would have evergreens. You know, and now we officially have the name like I said I think the name is alright. People are gon na nickname the crack. You know, they’re gon na be nickname, crack or whatever and I’m making jokes about that and stuff. But overall you could always nitpick different names and stuff like that. Sock eyes would have been cool. If I was honest in my opinion, I would have picked sock eyes, but you know the Krakens not too bad either a mythical creature it’s a little bit more scary than a salmon.

You know a little more intimidating. So from that perspective it doesn’t look nice. They could have a pretty interesting Jersey as well I’m. Looking forward to seeing what that looks. Like I hate, I don’t love the logo right now. It could obviously change. This is probably what they’re gon na stick with, though, but considering how long we had to wait to see this logo I’m definitely disappointed considering how long we had the weight that was taught that at the beginning of 2018, that we could see the beginning of 2019, We could see a logo come out back last spring it’s been a little bit over a year and, and this is what they give us. So let me know in the comment section down below what do you think of this logo? What do you think the team name? What do you think the color scheme, all of that leave, that down below and if you like, what we’re doing you know cold light hockey. You want to see the latest news around the NHL make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below.