Today, justin dunk over at three down reporting, the cfl players have rejected the owner’s proposal to play that’s only via the survey that was distributed to the players by the association they haven’t officially voted. There seems to be a little confusion there, because i did have an agent call me this morning to sort of sort out the dunk thing and then they said well, we haven’t voted yet, but the players aren’t going to be voting to play anyways that’s, the sense Yeah that i’m getting from the players and the agents so um, it’s disturbing, obviously, and then for weeks, it’s been a july 31st deadline, sorry july 23rd deadline and then, over the last couple days that tsn’s been coming out well, it’s. Actually, the 24th and they’re calling it a floating deadline and a soft deadline like come on guys i’m not going to get into making anybody look bad, just figure it out just figure it out: blue jays winning last night, two, nothing at the red sox they’re, going To tampa they open at the rays tomorrow, the jays are homeless, it’s, not a laughing matter, actually there’s a lot of crappy things that are going on that aren’t a laughing matter, that’s one, the jays are literally homeless. I was watching the report today with scott mitchell on um and steve phillips and tsn darren.

Can you imagine being the blue jays at this time i can’t and and packing for literally 60 days now it kind of sounds fun, but it’s not really fun.

Imagine have i’m sure the players are having fun with it they’re young men – they probably are, but the people that are in charge of this driving them absolute bonkers, not even knowing where they’re going to be staying on a week to week basis. I know feeding these guys housing these guys all the right, what hotels they going to be in they don’t have reservations anywhere, but the part when i say it’s, not a laughing matter. I had a guy text me here and it’s he’s in calgary he’s a ryder fan, but he goes. I got a name for edmonton, the ed mittens, like mittens and i’m, like hardy, hardy har everybody’s, making fun of edmonton. I said this to my wife. The other day, can you just imagine if the rough riders were deemed offensive by somebody and believe me somebody’s, trying out there to find it yeah, but the rough riders are mounted police that’s. What it is, the northwestern mounted police were called rough riders way back in the day going back to 1877.. You know somebody’s tried to find some way of this being offensive and they just couldn’t do it. I know, but i said to my wife just imagine if it was found to be offensive and they had no more rider nation, no more rider bill, no more rider pride.

Of course, everybody would be making fun of saskatchewan in that instance, but it’s really not that funny, if you’re, to put yourself on the shoes of the edmonton franchise and maybe i’m just hypersensitive, because i’ve been talking to their staff now some of them are saying: look We’Re just glad it’s over we’re glad a decision has been made.

The announcements been made that we’re changing our name. They have no idea what the team name is going to be, but this isn’t, a new thing, it’s been coming up for years. One of my key guys up there is like listen, it’s bad, but at least it’s over with, but to be making fun of them. I guess that’s, just society down right. Everybody just likes that’s what everybody likes to do. Yes, nobody wants to put themselves out there before, but afterwards when they can wave the finger, absolutely it’s easy it’s easy to do it. You know and try and make fun of them, but it is a good thing that it’s in the rearview mirror a little bit starting to get the new name start building a new. You know a bit of a new identity and move forward as fast as possible. Uh jeff the stamps fan writes in and he says no one is making fun of edmonton. People are having fun with the ridiculous situation, what’s the difference, what’s the difference i’m. Just saying there are people that populate those offices, that’s all and it’s it’s a crappy time for them.

I’Ve been talking with the broadcasters of the eskimos and they’re or whatever they were. The team name and they’re like they’re. Acting like this franchise is a bunch of villains that’s, the part that bothers me, they’re, good people, nobody likes to be ridiculed and made fun of, and i believe, that’s what people are doing unless i’ve completely misread the situation, no you’re right and they read their social Media feeds and they get the notifications on their phone.

You know it feels like it’s on them when it’s not right, that’s, how they’re feeling yeah that’s, how they’re feeling anytime you get a notification even though it’s through a team account or whatever a business account and it’s and it’s negative. You take that personally because you’re part of that organization, but they’re all good people, so they do want to move on. I guess that’s my point when you’re forwarding things retweeting things joking about things put yourself in their shoes for a second, i i know nobody or very few people have the ability to do that. It’S called empathy, but when you’re forwarding these jokes uh it’s to me, it’s, not a laughing matter, i guess we’re gon na sit here, you’ve not seen us joke once about the skimmers or the redskins or any of these other names. Yes, i joked about the seattle. Kraken but guess what pretty sure they don’t care? What i think and i will come around on it, but when i saw this the name is the seattle crack and i was like almost fell off.

My chair, you said you’d. I didn’t even know that that’s. The word they were talking about yeah. I had heard it as a possibility for sure it was one of the stronger candidates, of course metropolitans the totems, the sockeyes, you know, there’s, a bunch of different names that have been floating around kraken was one of the first um to come up but i’m, a Little surprised too that they that they went with it just because it was it was out there before i thought, but they did a good job at uh at selling it with that trailer.

Yesterday, the little teaser video on the water with the goal, horn and stuff – i thought that was kind of neat. So, if that’s any any indication, i think we’ll grow to love it because they’ll do a good job telling the story. Well, i uh i’m not upset. I was hoping it would be the metropolitans, because we got some guys in the room here that are hockey. Historians. Like me, yeah, and i just i like the past – i like respecting the past i’m. Also realizing people like us are becoming the minority. You know that was he us middle aged white men down with us. We had our time it’s over it’s over right jimmy so but at least i’m open minded to realize that, just because it’s, what i like doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be. If this was submitted by the fans and they had a vote and that’s what it sounds like what happened with like wiki, how can you go against that yeah that’s? Why you have a vote it’s, a free country, so it doesn’t matter that i don’t care for the name uh by the way.

Speaking of hockey, traditionalists we’re gon na take a time out, come back with overtime. We’Ll talk about the rock star of the day uh. I did talk to a junior hockey coach yesterday and i don’t mind saying it was dave struch of the pats we were talking about conor mcgregor.

We were talking about this season. I want to talk about that more when we come back and also it’s game day got this new horn this morning at walmart. I want to use it that’s game day that almost sounds like a noisemaker you’d hear at a football game in canada. Doesn’T it let’s make some noise. I got the cowbell, i got the you’re, like mr dress, up with a tickle trunk. I got everything here. If you can think of any more noisemakers i’m all ears, uh anyways, sim game day, touchdown atlantic tonight, argos riders and craig campbell’s watching from the hockey hall of fame in toronto, he says i’m looking forward to the argos virtually winning against saskatchewan tonight. I don’t know they met earlier this year. Riders prevailed 1610 at mosaic stadium. This is the rubber match tonight. Virtually on this facebook live channel. We have a big crew here tonight. We’Re gon na have a seafood meal and obviously a lot of viewers. We’Ve had 62 500 viewers so far for these computer simulated games it’s, mind boggling, but it’s as they say here we are overtime coming up it’s the rp show game plus tv network and listen live at rod.