We have seattle’s nhl team, releasing their name and maybe uniforms and stuff like that i’m, not entirely sure yet, but we’re gon na figure it out i’m on their live stream right now, we’re about 20 minutes away, or so from figuring out this team’s name their logo And stuff like that, and i can’t wait and i want to show you guys – my live reaction. I’M, not gon na look at the logo and everything and then record this right now where i am right now. I have not seen this logo yet and then, as we go on in the video, you will see me actually seeing the logo and the name and everything for the first time. So i can’t wait to see that and everything now let’s just talk about some predictions on what i think this could be so far. I’Ve heard the kraken i like the kraken, and i think that that’s the favorite right now i’ve heard the sockeyes i’ve heard, like the golden seals, there’s a lot that’s out there and a lot to be excited for for this nhl seattle team. So i can’t wait to check this out and show you guys my live reaction and what i think of this logo, this team name and everything coming to the nhl team in seattle.

So when i come back, you guys will see me reacting to this logo, but for now well, you guys are gon na go straight to it like i’m gon na cut it up, and you guys are just gon na go see me straight to reacting to the Logo, but i still got ta wait.

20 minutes so wish me luck and i can’t wait to show you guys my reaction. Okay, so we are about a minute and two away from figuring out everything new about the seattle nhl team. I can’t wait i’m on the youtube, live stream right now, apparently they’re doing something on instagram too, so i got that popped up. Whatever is going to get me seeing their logo and everything faster. I can’t wait. I love doing this stuff. I’Ve done this uh during the whole break. There’S been a ton of nfl teams who have released new uniforms and everything like that. I’Ve done a lot of that. The redskins are – or i shouldn’t call them the redskins anymore, but the washington football team is releasing a new name which is good because the old name had a lot of controversy with that. So i will be doing a reaction to that when that comes out, hopefully, and right now, we’re just focused on this seattle team, it’s, 11, 59 it’s coming in at 9, 00 a.m, uh pacific time or whatever you call it and i’m eastern time. So we’re three hours ahead any second.

Now this live stream should start or something should happen. On instagram and we’re gon na see this logo it’s the kraken. I know it’s the crack seattle cracker. There we go, we got the logo and we got the name. You got that nice s, logo with the uh i in it.

It looks like, and then you got like that, octopus or i guess in this case it’s the kraken um like tentacle or whatever you call it, the like arms and legs, and everything like that. But wow that’s, a nice logo, nice color scheme it’s like a light blue, a navy, blue, and then you still got that red in there that’s something that you don’t normally see from the nhl. So that looks very, very nice. Seattle crack and it sounds different. We’Re gon na have a new team in the nhl it’s gon na take some time to get used to, but we got used to vegas and everything like that so very interesting from seattle. Here they kind of went with what the fans said. They were going to be the whole time, so i like that. I like how they listen to the fans, every a lot of people, i’ve heard from wanted it to be the kraken, and i think they did a very good job with this logo and everything it’s simple, but it has enough detail to be a very nice logo. So i like that seattle kraken, though that’s the team that’s who we’re getting i want to take another look at this logo, real, quick, the s changes like.

If you look at that s, it changes colors kind of to make it like 3d, which is really cool. I love the eye in there. I’Ve already said that and then we go to a word mark logo, it’s just seattle at the top and then cracking kind of in that same style and everything that um it’s kind of 3d and everything to make the logo like pop out.

I really like that, but the seattle kraken that’s, what the new team is called great job, great job, seattle, that’s, all i’m gon na say i love the name and everything i love the color scheme, amazing job.