It is indeed the seattle kraken i’ll get to that in a second. I want to make sure, for you connects fans that there’s a bit of canucks content in here, although that seattle team is obviously going to affect the canucks in in a real way. Uh canuck said their scrimmage yesterday, 3 30 simulating an afternoon game because they could get one or two of those afternoon games in their playing series against the wild team white defeated team, blue five to two sent out players, jacob markstrom once again, vertanan had a much Better performance, michael friedland, looked good once again and colin was a guy on a lot of people’s uh uh. A lot of people noticed him as he was. He was quite dominant. She scored a goal and another breakaway attempt and and played quite well faded out a little bit apparently by by the end, but still a nice showing by the rookie or rookie to be. I don’t think he’s gon na get any substantial playing time, but it’s still good to see these guys him and yolevi chatfield guys like that all playing quite well in in these scrimmages, so canucks are off today uh, maybe so they can see the seed way to The seattle franchise announcing their their team name but yeah the connection will be back at it tomorrow, probably one more practice: one more scrimmage before they head to edmonton on sunday all right, the big news um across the nhl seattle announcing the name they are the seattle Kraken, this is rumored way back at the end of january, and i vlogged about it.

Many people did on january 29 to be exact. I remember because i looked up my vlog before i recorded this one. It was a vlogger, a blogger named john oven and he writes for the mayor’s manor in la he went on a nhl satellite radio show and he he. He basically said that that’s what he believed the team name was gon na, be seattle. Of course. At that time, six months ago, um quickly denied it. But what are they gon na say they weren’t gon na, say? Oh yeah, we got scooped by this blogger guy, so um a lot of people have thought i was giving you the kraken, some sockeye, some whatever, but some seafaring animal. But it is indeed the seattle kraken, the 32nd franchise and now the closest geographical arrival to the vancouver canucks and seattle. If everything goes well, they’re still working harder in their arena, that’s where they did the press conference from today and the announcement they’ll come into play for the 2020 2021 2022 season, so just over a year from now yeah. If everything goes well, we’ll see what the the world looks like by then and what the schedule the nhl looks like you might be asking: what is the kraken? What is a kraken? We remember the famous line from the movie release the kraken uttered by liam neeson and basically, a kraken is a mythical seafaring animal like a it’s, a it’s. I i call it a glorified octopus, basically um it’s, just ugly it’s, just an ugly animal, and it was in uh clash of the titans in 1981 and then a remake in 2010 and that’s.

Where neeson did his famous line of release the kraken and it’s a it’s, a scandinavian sea, animal um and that’s? Basically, it it’s just uh uh. It was zeus that announced it um that who proclaimed it and yeah i’m gon na call it a glorified octopus that’s. What to me, what a cracking is we’ll see what the actual um i’m recording this before i see the logo i’ve seen the logo, but i haven’t seen the uniforms yet, but we’ll get a look at that a little bit later, but i just want to share With you as i’m sure many vloggers are i’m sharing the news that yes, the 32nd team in the nhl is officially the seattle kraken canucks fans, michelle fez.