How about that i’ve ridden steers, jumped off the cliffs, been shot and been shot at, and i survived it all. This is the ron. Peterson show true story good day. Canada welcome to the rp show canada’s daytime sports talk. Show starts now episode number 282.. You see, we’ve got a that’s darren, that’s aaron, as the cameras couldn’t wait to get to you. The other is derek. The duke myers good morning, duke hey, how are you good? Can we turn his mic on we’re off to a flying start today? Here there you go it’s working check, check, check, check, uh, ready to talk sports. Everything is happening, as bob cole would say: um hello to everybody. Uh across the country watching on game plus tv and around the world on facebook live yeah i’ve mentioned many times over. The prior 281 shows that when i lay my head down at night, i used to think what are we going to talk about tomorrow and i long ago, realized it’s pointless to even think about it. The night before, because you never know when you get up in the morning what the heck’s gon na go down and a lot of things have gone down already today and we’ll be covering them all over the next two hours here on the rp show. So i mentioned derek. The duke meyer is here: famed sportscaster and now your candidate for the sas party, north west walsh, acres right shakers wall, shakers thanks for sharing the sign the other day, no problem you can’t, miss it nope, he and uh premier, scott mo, are on the same club.

Coming up on the program today, the commissioner of the national lacrosse league, nick cikvitch, is going to be joining us from philadelphia pennsylvania, huge news yesterday in the nll they’re expanding to their 14th team, but it’s, not where we thought it was going to be, which i Thought it was going to be vegas it’s, not it’s, fort worth texas and nick sagavitch will be joining us to talk about that. The current status of the nll and what lay ahead also coming up dominic picard, the angry frenchman, grey cup winning center with the saskatchewan rough riders, also, of course, toiled with the winnipeg blue bombers. Amid his cfl teams, he’s a laval product and he’ll be joining us from sinful quebec, where we’re very big on videotron the cable provider out there. You knew that right, dude, oh yeah and uh lee genie, the president and ceo of the saskatchewan rattlers, because we’re now 48 hours away from the start of the cebl canadian elite basketball league championship summer series i’m, calling it the natty i’m, the only one calling it. The natty but it’s the national championship, yeah and kudos bravo to cbc for dusting off themselves in a sports vernacular and broadcasting the games it’s very exciting yeah. I think it’s really exciting cbc sports is they’ve, got a great tradition in this country and it’s back and it’s back. Okay, let’s go jordan. Our quick six show topics let’s, let them roll here’s, what we have number one justin dunk three down nation insider and our cfl insider source reporting this morning via twitter.

The cflpa has rejected the owner’s proposal to play now. There’S been some consternation over. All of that, you need to go back and read real closely. The article it’s via survey from the players association to all its members to all the players do you want to play over 85 say they do not want to agree to these terms. The bubble 105 days of isolation, the pro rated salaries and all the rather saying no, but it has not officially gone to a vote. But in talking with agents this morning, talking with players and talking to justin they’ve all told me, it will be voted down. So the report that things are going well between the cfl and the players association cba talks that it’s positive it’s. Not these guys, don’t know where that came from. They think it came from who do you think they thought it came from sourced from from unnamed sources? The owners, the owners saying it’s going well the players saying it’s, not so that’s. Just this morning, uh point two: the blue jays win it two, nothing at the boston red sox last night shortened game. Did you see any of the highlights guys? Oh there’s only one highlight to see yeah flatty bomb uh deep over the green monster. I tuned in to see just enough of them piping in crowd noise. Where were they dc place? How did you like it? It was strange, but i psychologically was pumped and ready to watch games with no crowds and expecting no sound right so for them to um to pump in the crowd.

Noise was just odd because i wasn’t expecting it i’m, not against it right at all. Weird with the empty stadium and piping and crowd noise, but it might be really great for the nostalgia of bringing you know of really the radio broadcasts on baseball. Oh man, those might be really cool to listen to, and i i really enjoy so i’ve watched a number of sports here. Lately, uh mls has no real crowd noise and it’s almost like a scrimmage. You know like it’s, you can hear the guys calling for the ball and i kind of find that interesting english premier league has been piping in noise, and i mean you’re so focused on the game, a lot of the time that it’s just kind of background anyway. So i haven’t minded it either so i’ll be interested to see how i like the ball version as we move on and by the way. This is the rollout for flooring, super stores, and it is point three of the quick six show topics opening day. Where’S my how about this, i bought a new noisemaker today. This is for breaking news, and this i’m not sure what this is for other than i like it. It’S opening day in major league baseball with a doubleheader four teams featured today our time mountain 509 first pitch it’s, the yankees at the washington nationals. The world series champion gnats and then later on second game of the doubleheader san francisco at the los angeles dodgers, and i will say this watching the highlight – shows last night tsn sportscenter i’m, seeing highlights of major league baseball i’m.

Seeing highlights of soccer i’m seeing stories on the nfl and i’m going hey it’s, really starting to come back it’s taking a real long time, but it feels like things are moving and tonight we’re going to get highlights of these games. Point four sydney crosby practicing by himself yesterday with the pittsburgh penguins, still an undisclosed injury that nobody’s talking about. Has this made? You guys worry about the future of the nhl in terms of coronavirus that this is even going to get off the ground i’m, not worried about it, getting off the ground really but it’s. Just so much uncertainty because they’re not allowed to say anything right either unfit to play or not fit to practice are the only two things they’re allowed to say: that’s for an ankle injury that’s for coronavirus, that’s for concussion that’s for anything that’s all they’re allowed to Say so immediately, you think that he’s got the coronavirus, but that sits pretty healthy and that it’s not really affecting him, but he can’t be around his teammates, so i’m speculating right now and that’s all we can do because nobody is allowed to say anything if you Had coronavirus, do you think you’d be skating? I mean it is a respiratory disease, like maybe the guy stubbed, his toe but i’m with you, the the world. We live in right now in this time and moment, uh that’s, where your brain automatically goes and that’s what you automatically assume, why not practice in a red jersey right if he’s injured, non contact jersey? Why is he skating at all call me august? First, when we get the puck dropped, yeah i’ll be right back yep, good point, just that’s the news from the nhl today, 0.

5, our good friend craig button from tsn their director of scouting, says his dark horse team of the play in round. Is the new york rangers and i got ta defer to craig because he watches far more nhl hockey than i do mine’s the winnipeg jets? I have them picked to go the furthest of any canadian team plus playing round teams, but that’s, not to say they’re gon na win it all craig thinks the new york rangers might win it all mine’s the jets and darren. I saw you tweeting this morning about the florida panthers. They were your preseason pick to go to the stanley cup final out of the east. Clearly, you’re not moving off that now no it’s like they were sitting outside the playoff bubble and and all of a sudden coronavirus comes and they got a second shot at it. It kind of feels a little bit like destiny, but no, i got ta stick with my guys duke who is your team? You know not, who you’re cheering? No, no, maybe columbus, uh wow tortorella, he can seem to you know, work a little magic uh. You know they get the goaltending at the right time. I columbus could make some noise do. I think they win. The cup i’d be surprised, but i think they could be, especially in these early early days of the nhl coming back. They could catch some people columbus for you, florida for darren and the winnipeg jets for me, i’m, not cheering for the winnipeg jets, although i guess i’ll be pulling for them in a way because i’ll probably maybe throw some change on them.

We’Ll see how the jets the flames yeah and i got the jets picked to win the series in four i’ll i’ll cheer for charlie honey and the jets i’ll be actually cheering for the edmonton orders. My canadian team and the vegas golden knights, my american team, and i know you and i see ota and the golden knights sold as far as that goes um point six. It is sim game day: okay, touchdown atlantic tonight, 7 p.m. Mountain nine eastern we’ll be broadcasting on this. Facebook live channel at the rod. Peterson show toronto argonauts saskatchewan rough riders. I have my depth chart ready. I did the work last night, i’m, all ready for the game, guys where the argos three and two now rough riders. Three and one they’ve had two bye weeks already, virtually and initially i thought man. This would be kind of stupid to be talking about computer game simulation on national television. Then i’m, like game plus network, read their twitter feed. Their twitter bio game plus is home for fantasy sports gaming, news and information action, sports, esports, poker, live sports, professional wrestling and fantasy lifestyle programming, Music and over a million gamepl. They would be right down with our sim games. Oh yeah right down the line, so this is this is just another arm of that. I think it’s i’m excited for touchdown atlantic tonight. I don’t get it but boy. I get hyped up for these things. Yeah i’m really excited when i came in you guys are like oh, the game’s tonight.

Oh geez i can’t make it. I was i kind of was a little disappointed because i really those fourth quarters have been something to behold like they’ve been exciting and you could tell the facebook feed goes nuts. Fourth quarter, yeah it’s a lot of fun, oh yeah tune in folks uh. My word. Okay, hang on this is this. This is not a joke. Breaking news coming down today, the seattle nhl team is to be called the kraken. I love it, you love it. I love it that’s, the look! Okay, our viewers can see it that’s the logo and that’s. The name the seattle kraken yeah you’ve, been watching not a fan pirates of the caribbean. The kraken is like one of the most feared beasts in all of the ocean there on the ocean. I like it, can you imagine you’re coming out, and you know in uh san jose, they got the shark uh detroit used to bring the octopus down like the pre game, show, has all kinds of possibilities with this i’m excited for it. What was their options? The metro, what why not the metropolitans? I thought that was the only name they could possibly be. You just have a bunch of buildings, what’s exciting the mats yeah this i could listen. I can’t be more underwhelmed than i am with the seattle kraken and by the way, not shocking that you and i wouldn’t agree on that. That’S. Okay, we can still be friends, there’s a note to you folks, because that allows these days.

We can disagree and still be friends, the seattle kraken, so you have to be a fan of johnny depp pirates of the caribbean to know what the hell this is. You didn’t know what what a kraken was. No, no it’s a mythical sea creature, it’s like a humongous dog like i am the dork. Well, maybe that i don’t know what a mythical sea creature is. I am a disney dork for sure and i’m a huge pirates of the caribbean person. I don’t think they’re playing off the caribbean. It is a mythical sea creature, it’s the kraken and it is to be feared. Producer clark tells me it’s what clash of the titans not pirates, of the character it’s in many many stories, clash of the titans would be another one. It is it it goes back to you know. Well, this is great. This is great. This is great brian worship. From the bc lions den podcast watching out in vancouver, he says i love the kraken donald mitchell, watching in the in the in the middle east he’s our navy friend where’d, the hat go that here it is. He gave us this from the hmcs, regina, hey. We got it guys, we got it Music, he says, what do you say? The head of the navy is called the kraken. Am i allowed to not like it it’s not gon na make me just. Am i not allowed an opinion here? I would have taken totems.

I would have taken metropolitans, i would have taken the seattle breakers. I don’t know the kraken by the way good for them for keeping it under wraps. Nobody saw this coming uh. It was one of the rumored ones for sure, but metropolitans, i think, was probably for a lot of people. The front runner uh, just i’ll, just give it some time rod. Wait till you see the marketing. Wait till you see things on the ice and see some of the show presentation. I think they’re gon na be smart it’s, a tim tim li, wiki yeah that guy knows what he’s doing uh. I i think this. I think this could be a real win for them. Uh dupes you’ve been strangely silent, yeah digesting you know it’s. You know that that’s kind of my i sit back and and formulate i i you know. I i only know kraken is like dark rum right. There is a rum, you know the bottle, anyways that’s, what i know kraken from um, i don’t know i mean if they tell the story, i mean it started with with the boat and if they’re gon na have the big ship horn as the uh. The goal, horn and everything else i thought the video was outstanding if they really build this as on the sea and they and they tell that story, because a lot of people will have most people will have no idea what a crap, what kraken is no idea.

I would hope that i’m, not the only one director scotty craig smith, coming in see he gets it. But if, like 95 of people, won’t know what it is, and so if they do a good job of telling the story and building that up either their game day, presentation and their marketing, it could be really cool. So seattle’s nhl team has revealed their name this morning, it’s the kraken and our director of scouting, craig smith, watching, writes in from wikipedia the kraken is a legendary cephalopod, like sea monster of gigantic size and scandinavian folklore. According to the norse sagas, the kraken uh carlos legend is watching in indianapolis today, and he says oh great. We can have this type of reaction when edmonton releases its new name, because it’s not going to be the eskimos and down in fort worth texas they’re still partying down there, because they are going to be home to the nls 14th franchise and they’re not going to Begin playing until 20, 21 22., so we got the commissioner nick cicavich coming up uh from philadelphia, the commissioner of the nll. No, they told me that he is connected guys, how long till we break what do we got hello? How long till we break okay? So we got a couple minutes left before we break. We appreciate commissioner cicadas checking in early so breaking news this morning. The seattle kraken uh from 24 hours ago fort worth is getting a team, so it’s kind of cool that uh despite day 135 or six of the pandemic, things are starting to move.

This is where we started all this with the quick six show topics guys yeah everything’s, starting to move, except for the cfl yep that’s. So i just i was driving in here today and i was just i was bummed about it. You know, and i’ve been tried to be as optimistic as possible that they could pull this off, but to speak in in rod’s new language. Here, the language of the race track yeah, as he spent out at uh you’ve got the you’ve got the mlb. They are crossing the finish line today they are going uh, nba, they’re, coming down the home stretch. Nhl is coming around the the cfl is still in the garage. They haven’t even made it to the pits to get ready for the race. Yet time is basically run out to get this thing going. Um doesn’t look like the fed money is going to come through. So where does that, like i just don’t how come everybody seems to have, you know for lack of a better term, their poop in a group here when you got the the cbl they’re ready to get going, wnba is going all these leagues are going, and yet The cfl is just stuck in neutral in the pits, and i it’s frustrating as a fan, like i’m, really quite frustrated. Well, we are too there’s, not not everything meets the eye with the cfl right now i mean with the guys that i talked to this morning.

The owners don’t want to play that’s just the word that i got they’ve realized or they think the speculation is that the owners have realized it’ll cost them more money to play than to not play and they’ve pushed the ball into the players court and the players. We’Re told are going to vote no on playing and the owners will be saying, look we wanted to play, but the players didn’t that’s what you can probably expect to hear within the next 24 to 48 to 72 hours. This has been the rollout for flooring.