I wanted it to be Seattle, crackin and we’re. Gon na talk a little bit about the expansion draft and everything about the jerseys about the logo and how, in general, how will how it will work in Seattle cuz? This is big news. Seattle crackin is officially a new NHL team, so starting off I’m gon na show you guys a little bit of the logo and the like. I think they have a. I think they have a website too or they’re going to because I’d to go on it. A couple of minutes ago and it crashed so I don’t know uh yeah I’ll show the logo for you guys in here one sec, so there’s the official logo for the Seattle crack, and I really like the logo. This is their main logo. You have the S. You have the S and you have the slick I like the stylization of the crack and logo it’s it’s, not one of my favorite logos in the NHL, but it’s a good logo it’s. Definitely not a bad logo dark so I’m, assuming the colors are going to be dark, blue teal, blue and a red, and maybe some white I’m thinking, that’s gon na be their colors. I believe that should be the case. The as I said, I really enjoy the logo and I think the jerseys are shown here too I’m just searching around on Twitter, trying to see what I can find yeah that that logo is really sweet.

I love the colors. I saw some constants that had pink in them and I would like to see pink in like teal blue. That would have been really nice. That would have been really nice. I, like the secondary logo influencing the spate or this the Space Needle and you have the anchor these the anchor is like, and then you have the Space Needle on top. I really like that know exactly what I’m talking about here is the secondary logo. That’S, probably gon na be a shoulder patch or something or maybe gon na be on their alternate. I really like it the Space Needle on top with the anchor, and then you have the word mark that could be used for a shoulder patch as well I’m. Not totally sure what its gon na be used for, but I really like the look of every of all of these uh of all of these logos. It’S, a really beautiful, color concept looks nice and the logos are fantastic. I am very interested to see what they’re gon na be using with the shoulder patches and the jerseys and I’m really interested to see what they come up with the jersey and we do have. I think this is an official Jersey, one official Jersey here on the Seattle Kraken hockey, comm I’m gon na actually try to search this website up Seattle hockey. What Seattle, Kraken hockey, Kraken hockey calm, let’s, hope it did it didn’t crash let’s, hope it didn’t crash yeah probably needs some time to be running.

People are trying probably trying to get on it a lot and I don’t blame them because I would too, but I like everything that’s going to be. I like the name of the arena is not the greatest. I have to say that, but new jersey looks really nice I’ll show you the jerseys in the Jersey in just a minute. I don’t know if it’s official, but it looks official because it looks I don’t know. It looks official though I don’t know, but I like everything about it. I don’t hate it. I don’t hit anything about this. I, like the logos and I’m going to show you the jerseys right now so here’s a look at the jerseys I’m, a Sioux it’s it’s correct, but you never know it might not be I don’t I don’t know it looks really nice. I, like the implementation of the red on the bottom. The logo looks really nice. It looks like the anchor is going to be used as a shoulder patch, not sure about that secondary or it’s, not the secondary with the Seattle Kraken wordmark I’m, not sure how it’s going to be implemented, but I, like everything the Seattle is doing to make this Happen exactly also ensure interested to hear what your guys’s thoughts are. I really like what they’ve done here like the color concept. I, like I like the logo. I like everything about this and I’m, really excited to see them hit the ice in 2021.

2022. Not next year, but the year after next year, so it’s gon na be interesting to see because we got a new NHL team on the way that’s. This is big. News of new NHL team is on the way and I’m super excited to to see what comes up about it. Yeah yeah I’m really really excited for the Seattle crack and to be to be introduced into the league I’d like to hear your thoughts on it and it’s. A lot I’ve been really actually busy today, it’s date has been flying by because I’ve been doing a decent amount, so stay tuned for more info about hockey. In general, I really like what they’ve done with the crack in here I’m glad it’s the Kraken release the Kraken make sure to LIKE this video that lets me know: you’re liking the content you’re watching, and it just generally helps out the channel.