I mean the mayor revealed it right: wasn’t cracking the one that the mayor revealed that the mayor revealed totems it’s been so long now, it’s been years, so anyways uh kraken’s, the name they went with releasedthecrackinstore.com for for sales and yes, i’ve already got logos printed out. So and i’ve got this right here, so this is their main logo, yvonne felt it didn’t show up on my phone as well so that’s the logo that’s going to be on the front of their sweater. Now the idea is simple that, and i say sweater because originally yeah back in the 1910s, they were wearing sweaters. This is sort of a throwback, a call back to the to the ones they wore when they were the metropolitans back in the 1915 era. So i i like it, i do, i think, it’s okay and i do like this uh on their shoulders kind of reminded me, milwaukee admirals, just a little bit, i believe, it’s the admirals that i’m thinking of with that with the the anchor on the shoulder and The word mark logo, honestly, i think it’s going to be good and i think uh yeah, i think it’s. I think it’s a good overall decision that they made and, of course this will get turned into a magnet, meaning that uh yeah seattle magnets won’t, take very long i’ll turn that one into one as well, because you know at least we have a name that it Took a long time they named, they have a name now and hopefully, jerseys will be available soon, because one thing that we learned with with las vegas, the las vegas golden knights, announced their team name and everybody wanted a jersey.

Everybody wanted all the merch and the jerseys weren’t available, not to me not where i am, when the team hit the ice for their opening game and getting a white jersey was really difficult with vegas in the beginning as well and and just it. It was something that i didn’t think it didn’t feel to me like, like las vegas, understood the demand that was gon na gon na take place for las vegas jerseys, and it allowed the the chinese knockoffs to get in there and and the cheap knock offs to To get sold a little bit more than they might have, i think they made some really good money at that period in that period of time, so uh seattle already, you know, got the jersey mock ups done that are on their website, and i i like it. I do it is not completely unlike the color scheme they’ve had for uh the seattle thunderbirds and the colors are pretty darn close to mariners now that’s the thing that’s that’s. I i do wonder how much uh uh decision making time was put into that about whether or not to have their own identity or to have colors that were similar to those of the seahawks and and the mariners, and they obviously decided to go with something. It was close to seahawks and the mariners, so yeah uh enjoyable live stream. Today, uh, i will say this i i know there are people who who may take issue with the fact that that my wife does a lot of talking during the live streams.

When the channel started up and i would have live streams, what ended up happening was that i had two choices. I could either run the live stream and watch things that are going on or read the comments, and the comment section was becoming so much for me to police that if i was watching a hockey game, i couldn’t actually watch the game and then people were making Comments going you’re, not even watching the game, so i was like okay, i can’t watch the game because i have to watch all the comments. So i let her police comments and and go through and read out to me, while i’m watching, which just makes it easier. So uh and then it’s, it’s, enjoyable and on on certain game days, sometimes that’s the most time we spend together uh because it can get kind of busy for me so uh yeah and we are looking at doing probably one a week during the plans that’s like A public livestream right now, of course, it’s been wednesdays and saturdays and um that’s going to change so the nhl 20 live streams are gon na change, but i’ve already pre ordered nhl 21 because of course uh. We don’t know what’s gon na happen with next season. We’Re, you know they’re they’re, hoping to start december 1st i’m, hoping they start december 1st, but we’ll we’ll see what happens between now and december 1st it’s a long ways off and i thought well, we may have to do some live streams again.

I might be live streaming, some nhl 21, so sure, and you can tell shadows of where i’m doing video now so he’s having a bath. I don’t know if he’s doing that during the livestream or not, but there you go uh seattle, kraken. Let me know your thoughts and and again it was the worst kept secret ever that this was gon na, be the team name. I honestly would have been stunned if it was anything else when they, when they showed the the when they released the video. Yesterday i said: well, it has to be maritime it. It has to be something uh to to do with with the with the marine and and all that, so it has to be c related because otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. So there you go thanks for all your support. I do look forward to seattle coming into the nhl and i’m hoping the borders open by the time seattle is coming into the nhl so that, yes, we could go to games in seattle and enjoy that, and i i am looking forward to the the battles between Seattle and vancouver, i think, that’s going to be fantastic. I do, i think, that’s going to be really fun and i’m hoping it’s, not too hotly contested of a rivalry, because i don’t want to cheer against seattle right out of the gate and yeah we’ll see we’ll, see how it goes. It’Ll be interesting to see who they pick as well, so once the season’s over for anybody’s going to ask once the season’s over once we get into next season, we have a good idea of who’s going to be available in expansion drafts that’s.

When i can start doing expansion, draft mockups and and here’s who might be available and here’s who who they might pick up so there you go uh thanks guys for all your support do hit like and subscribe if you’re browsing your way through. You just happened upon this video and uh it’s official release thecrackingstore.com is live, although last i looked, it was down because they sent all the hockey fans to it at the same time and uh yeah. So if you got on there were able to order something.