We’Ve got some breaking news that happened today in the nhl world, i’m sure there’s a lot of nhl fans out there that were anxious and waiting, especially if you live around the seattle area, seattle, the new franchise in seattle, just let it out what their new name New logo is going to be for that 2021 2022 season as that’s when they come and get uh get ready to get in the nhl. The seattle kraken seattle kraken guys. That is, i honestly that was the name i was hoping they picked, because it just sounds cool, but even with like we’re, about to show the video we’re about to have like a reaction to this we’re going to show up some pictures of the logos and kind Of get into why their logo is what it is and uh i all i’m gon na say, is i’m pumped. I think this team nailed it. It will also show a picture of their uniform that they that they released out there. You can see everything on their twitter i’ll, put a link in their twitter in this video uh, but yeah i mean everything, looks legit and you see some teams come out and new and they just they don’t, get it right. The first time around. I i think seattle fans uh, should be pumped and ready, but yeah guys uh right before we show this video real, quick and we kind of get to you know get this show on the road.

As always guys. Thank you for watching. Please hit that like button. It always helps out share it out to grow the conversation and, if you haven’t yet subscribed to the coach plays consider doing so guys we just surpassed the 2k mark pretty insane. We are on our way for the flight to 3k and guys sports are right there around the corner. I think baseball starts tonight, so yeah anyways, guys let’s get right into this video that uh the seattle kraken released on their twitter, page uh, unveiling their new logo and name all right. So you got the big ship right there. You got the city. This is already like, say, looking pretty sweet. I think you can just tell when, when a video starts like this yeah you’re kind of liking, it kind of getting the hairs on your arms starting to raise up pretty excited to see the net, see the see the skater skating. And then there you see the old hockey team with the s and then, if you saw right there it just it just like froze for a second with a different, unique s: there’s the water going over top. I mean it’s, just a great video. I mean i i don’t know if, if you you don’t get pumped as a seattle fan from watching this, then you might just probably don’t give a crap out hockey and there you go. Look at that. Look at the tentacle go through and then this is my favorite part the eye guys that is a sick logo.

The seattle kraken, i mean guys, i give it, i give it up. I give it up to him, you know i, i think they knocked it out of the park as far as their logo guys there’s two of their logos right there, your main logo with the s, and then you got the seattle kraken itself, and then you even Have the alternate logo, which is the anchor which i think is really cool? I love their color schemes. Everything just seems to really flow, really well uh and it’s it’s, just it’s, refreshing and it’s a really good logo. I mean i don’t really know what else to say. I love the s. I love the sharpness to it and then i love the eye of the kraken right inside the s. Then you got the the tentacle going right through it it’s pretty cool, pretty clean. Then you got the jersey, and you know some people might not like this, but you know i saw a lot of mock ups of what it could be if they made it. This name made it that name and guys. This is better than about any mock up. I’Ve ever seen uh, i love the two tone: blue uh or aqua teal, whatever you want to call it uh with the light and then the dark, and then you of course, you’ve got that kind of dark navy jersey with the red line. I think it’s, really cool, really clean you’ve got the anchors on the shoulders with the big s in the middle and then the font, even on the numbers, look really good.

So my initial reaction is, i like it. You know it’s really good i’m. A nashville predators fan always going to be there uh. But if i have to pick a second favorite team, maybe it’s going to be this new team. I did i i really like the seattle, kraken and their uniforms all right guys. So let’s put up the logo itself and they’ve had four explanations on how what their thoughts were when they went into creating the logo all right so right here as far as the s it’s, the shape of our history is what it says. Our history in the great ice game goes as deep as the pageant sound. The seattle metropolitans were the first american club to hoist the stanley cup. You know uh quick reaction there. I did not know that. So you know you learn something new every day and that already shows you about how much history they’ve got in seattle as far as hockey. They are the internal part of our city’s history and we pay tribute to them by wearing the s we will aspire to bring the cub back to seattle in their honor. I mean awesome carved from the sea. Seattle is a city built by the sea, are forbearers hands, cracked in the cold, salty air, as they reeled in their lines and rot their ships? The clean bevel of a freshly carved vessel is a reminder of where we come from a noble city built on the water by bold and hardened adventures, the eye of the beast.

If you have, if you’ve the eye of the beast, if you’ve seen it it’s already too late, the eye of the kraken has been affixed on its prey for some time. Its strike will be swift and devastating its opposition overwhelmed and unwary. It will all be over soon hidden in the shadows. A single tentacle stealthy rises from below symbolizing, the deep dark waters of and sound. How many are there, how deep they go, the real peril lies and what you don’t see i so they kind of going back into a little history on why they’re, using the s, which i think is just great uh and also how they, you know a little Bit of background of why they put this in there and the eye and the tentacle and it it’s just cool guys, i mean it is i’m, not gon na over analyze. This i’ve probably already over analyzed this for this video, but i wanted to make a video because i think that’s, pretty big news. Nhl now expands to 32 teams with the addition to seattle crack and it won’t happen this year. I don’t think, but next year you’ll get into that expansion draft and uh. You know for fans like me, of the nashville predators and if you’re a fan of any other nhl team, you’re going to worry about what good player you’re going to miss out, because seattle crack and the way nhl has uh kind of changed their their ways of How they have an expansion team in expansion teams get good players now they get good players from each team.

That’S reason why uh, the the knights were so good their first year, so you know everybody’s gon na lose at least one good player, so that that’s the unfortunate thing, but as far as the seattle franchise, i i just want to congratulate them. I think they knocked it out of the park and guys now i really want to know what you guys think put in the comments right now. Do you like it? Do you love it? You hate it. Do you not care? Did i waste your time? Let me know because guys i like it, i think, it’s pretty good, but yeah guys. Thank you for watching. Thank you for hitting that like button. Thank you to my members out there.