So they decided to call themselves the seattle kraken. Now, i think, it’s a cool nickname for two reasons: one it ties in with the maritime heritage in the city of seattle, given that a kraken is apparently some legend to do with some kind of sea monster, as well as the fact it just sounds cool when You say it so here’s a picture of their logo and what their jerseys are going to look like now, i actually quite like the logo. I think it’s, a good logo and the jerseys are a bit of an interesting concept with the colors got. Some blue and grey and red as well, which i think is a bit of an interesting mix. So another thing is: seattle will have to wait a little bit more to join the league, as it has been confirmed that they will join the nhl in the 2021. 22 season, which is not next year but the year after that, so not so not the end of this season, but the end of next season. There will be another expansion draft to determine what players will become the players to form the seattle kraken and apparently it has been confirmed that they will get the same expansion draft rules that vegas did when they joined the league.

Now do i think that seattle is gon na, have the same kind of success. That vegas did not necessarily because i think opposing gm’s are going to be a little bit smarter this time around with when their expansion draft looms around compared to what happened in the vegas expansion draft.

But i do think seattle will become a successful expansion franchise and also i find it very interesting to see another team join in the league. It has been confirmed that the name of their arena will be called climate pledge arena and i’m. A fan of the scheme of their arena for one main reason, because apparently their arena is going to use solar power, energy which helps the environment, which definitely gets a thumbs up from me. For that reason, and i think it also helps in the environment as well. So there you have it. The nhl has confirmed that the seattle expansion team have called themselves the seattle, kraken well that’s, going to finish up this video. Please let me know what you thought of this video and whether or not you think the new seattle team did a good job or not with their new nickname logo and colors, and leave a like on this video.–7MuQelz40