Any stores and we’re live. Hey everybody. The kraken are unleashed. That is correct. Seattle announced their team name today, and it is the seattle kraken, which i am so so happy about. That was that was the top choice of all the team names. I’Ve heard that i wanted um and they went with kraken, which i am really really happy with. They’Ve announced the name, the logos, jerseys, everything came out at noon time today and um to say i am impressed, would be an understatement. It’S, the the whole branding. Everything is absolutely awesome. The jerseys are sick. The logos are cool, i’ll, go into more detail, as this video goes along on all of those things i i’ll show you guys what they look like if you haven’t seen them yet. Everything about this is just awesome, which is perfect. The nhl so far is not screwing. This up doing a really really good job and um. You know we’ll see what kind of team they they have. You know how good they’re going to be. Obviously we haven’t had the expansion draft, yet they’re not joining play until 20, 21, 22, so they’re still over a year away, but um just really really exciting and really really good to see – and this was the name that i wanted them to go with. Kraken was, without a doubt my top choice.

I thought totems was terrible. Sockeyes was okay, not great um emeralds, i thought would have been pretty cool.

Obviously, seattle is the emerald city that would have been pretty cool, but um kraken was definitely my top one. Without a doubt and i’m really really glad that they went with that, so let’s take a look at the logos here. First um the logo on the left here, the big one is their main logo. Um it’s. Some people are complaining that it’s, not you, know really it’s too simple, it’s it’s, not a there’s, not anything special about it. I actually really really like the simplicity of it um, because i think this was a team brand. You know just a thing: a kraken like a giant squid like this was something that they could have gone in a very bad direction with, as far as making it really cartoony and and just overall, really childish, almost and i’m, very, very glad that they didn’t do That so obviously it’s an s for seattle, you have the tentacle right on the uh. The smaller part of the s here is the tentacle. You’Ve got the the red eye kind of lurking in the shadows. From beneath the depths, i think it’s a really good, effective logo, it’s very simple, it’s, very clean, and i think, that’s a lot better than what they could have done wrong with it. Had they gone in a cartoony direction that would have been really really bad um.

The anchor which i believe is going to be the shoulder patches, is really really nice and a very subtle touch towards the seattle you know.

Being seattle is the top of the anchor is actually the space needle from the city of seattle, so obviously that’s a very, very nice touch subtly put in there. You don’t notice it right away, but when you do it’s really really good, and that is a fantastic uh alternate shoulder patch logo right there and then obviously you have the the written out. You know seattle, kraken hockey, um that one looks cool. I really like the colors, though they’re mainly a blue color scheme, it’s, really good um, huge fans of the logos and then we’ll switch over here to the jerseys uh. These jerseys are are sick. I don’t know how else to put it. These jerseys are sick. Um. Absolutely love these things, love the colors love the design. To me, it has a very early 90s kind of vibe to it, which i really like a lot um. You know 90s were in it or the early 90s were a really good time for nhl jerseys and just like the the striping, the sleeves, it really gives off an early 90s vibe to me. If you uh, if you told me that these were from 1992, i i would, i would believe you. I think that the blue is awesome. The the dark blue that’s, their main color is, is really really a good deep blue.

Then obviously they have the lighter shades of blue on the sleeves as secondary colors, you have the bigger stripe, which is almost a greenish blue color, which i like a lot and then the more just traditional light blue.

Next to it, they have some red mixed in there around on the stripes, which i really kind of adds an extra touch to it. They did virtually the same thing with vegas, adding the red stripe into vegas and you’re like red. Where does that fit in? In a mostly well gray and gold color scheme for vegas blue color scheme for seattle, but the red really is just such a contrast. It really sticks out and adds a nice touch to it. The away jerseys looks really good as well. I i almost like the aways more and i really the away jerseys away. Jerseys are the lights are either really good or really bad for most teams? These are really really good um. I i’m not going to go out and say that i fully like them more because i really like that deep blue color that they use as a primary on the home unis, but the the whites look really really good as well. I love the sleeve, where you have the progressively darker blues down the sleeve um that looks really cool and again big time, big time, 90s vibe in my opinion, early 90s, not the cartoony late 90s garbage that we got when things really started to go off the Rails and there were some really bad jerseys in the nhl in the late 90s.

This has early 90s vibes to it. In my opinion, um, simple, clean, very, very sharp and love the colors love the design.

I just think that they did a fantastic, fantastic job with these, so um overall. Here guys, i am very, very happy with with the how this has turned out. They picked the right name, the jerseys look awesome. The logos are cool um. I i am all in on this seattle team. All that’s left now is figuring out who is going to be wearing those jerseys um? You know who who’s going to end up in seattle during you know from the expansion draft and uh what’s, this team going to look like when they finally hit the ice. How good are they going to be? How not good are they going to be, but as far as the branding and the concept and the name and the jerseys and all of that they have hit this out of the park so far, so very, very good start for the nhl’s, 32nd team and i’m. Really happy to have 32 teams now, because this finally evens out the conferences, arizona moves to the central division. Kraken are in the pacific and it evens out the divisions, eight teams in each division, 16 teams in each conference. Everything is even now it’s fantastic nhl. Please keep it this way, at least for a little while don’t go messing. It up already keep it this way for a while we’ve gotten, a even number of teams, conferences, perfectly balanced divisions, perfectly balanced don’t mess with it and seattle as a whole.

I think is going to be a really successful. Nhl city i mean you’ve got that immediate natural rivalry with vancouver just because of the geography i think you’re going to have a rivalry with vegas, just based on who’s, the better expansion team. You know both these teams coming in just a couple years, apart playing in the same division. Well, not a couple years, a few years apart, but playing in the same division, it’s going to be the battle of expansion teams between vegas and seattle, they’re going to have a natural rivalry with all three california teams, not just because of the the division that they’re In but just because that you have that west coast rivalry there, so i think seattle is a great i’ve said this. When talking about seattle, i think it was a great choice of a city for an nhl team. I think they’re going to support the team, um and it’s going to go well, maybe not as well as vegas as far as you know, fan support and how big the team gets and things like that – maybe not vegas level. But i do think it’s going to be very successful and i’m. You know really really happy to see them go with this name in these colors these concepts. All the branding is fantastic and um. I i’m interested to see what they look like and what players they get on that team who the stars of the team are going to be and and how good of a job they’re going to do coming right out of the gate, i mean obviously vegas set The bar at an astronomically high level going to the stanley cup final in their first season.

I am not expecting that again. I don’t think that’s going to be even realistic for seattle um, but i do want to see them come out and at least be competitive and – and you know, have a decent season, hopefully not be a complete last place way away from everyone else. Type team. But with the way that the expansion rules and the drafts go nowadays and are set up, it they’re not kind of gon na come in and be you know, an eight win team like that’s, not it’s, not the 80s, 70s or 80s anymore that’s, not gon na. Be what happens um they’re gon na come in and they’re gon na at least have a nhl, competitive, roster and uh we’ll see we’ll see how the rest of it goes. But seattle is here 32 teams now in the nhl, welcome to the nhl seattle. Kraken really really good job by the team in the league, and i can’t wait to see what the future brings. So with that, like comment, share, subscribe, follow on social media, all those links are down in the description below if you’d like to further support the channel. The links to our donations, merch, store and patreon are down in the description as well. Keep spreading the word about this channel let’s. Keep this thing growing.