This is one of the hockey team, the nhl hockey team. This is one of the sorry it’s late, well it’s, not late i’m, tired. But one of this is the ceo okay, i’m sure how i found this video all right. I don’t know how i got in there, but this is the ceo of youth care right, seattle, right, melinda, giovine, joe ph ceo and president of youth care, which look what’s down how long we’re gon na go to the thing. Okay, i mean this might not mean nothing but i’m, just saying it connects. She welcome to seattle, kraken fans all right so that that team – the nhl team – endorses this because they said they’re gon na give money from the stadium and whatever other pro some proceeds to this group, which is youth care all right, so i’m, like okay, cool here’s, The ceo of youth care right all right, phd educational psychology, right melinda, speaks locally and nationally youth, homelessness, adolescent mental health and child sexual exploitation. All right now, we all know that these people just magically somehow it’s, always some i’m, not gon na make no allegations. But you already know all right. Okay, now look there’s a chief programs officer all right now i don’t judge a book by his cover, but i’m.

Very good at visuals all right – and you know what i see like i said. I got no issues against nobody all right, no one all right and, as my calculations were just right, melinda enjoys traveling spending time with her wife and son, okay, so she’s lgbt.

All right, youth care, head of youth care, she’s, lgbt all right i’m telling you man like i mean like i said i got nothing against nobody, be whatever you want to be, but something is going on here. All right now i don’t judge a book by his color cover right, daigo, cooper, chief program officer right third year professional non profit. Issues of child welfare executive lego invented, foster care, eliminating experiences for youth, young adults fam. She held leadership for the ymca masters sergeant dealer’s. Personally, engaged in her computer as a member of support of her children, youth families, her free time, enjoys fishing, lodging camping, great food spending time with her family and friends. Well, it doesn’t really say nothing about her: okay, uh she’s, a decade uh she’s, a member of the national network, he’s, been beginning judges, you’re also a co chair of okay performance. All right. We already know what time this is all right. We got to know what time that is man, so he enjoys precision release time with an right. I don’t have a wife and two daughters, okay, all right, but boom all right now, we’re gon na go to all right something else.

Oh man where’s the shit at how did i get there all right right here, i’m gon na go right to here now this is some i’m just saying i’m. Just this is her. This has been one of the most trying times history. This is her show right.

Brainstorming, new and innovative ideas with our partners and internally look over into the right corner when i stand outside nw something something right and you see what that is under it right, that’s, the damn business i’m just saying it could be nothing or nothing but it’s sitting. Right there, okay it’s sitting right there. This is her all right and look. What else is up here? Talk to young people, you know under youth care, has black lives matter and we’re monitoring their community going and they’re. So i mean that don’t mean anything i’m. Just saying young person it’s all ties together, you know it all ties together and i hope this shit is recording. So let me get off of that. Our staff are dedicated. So, okay, i just thought that was weird. You know that was april. 22Nd. 2020.. This is april 21st, 2020. we’re going to look at this video. This is like a different day. She uploaded this pull these out, um recording we’re, trying to keep our doors open here. You know, but um. This is her man and uh. Stupid phone really don’t mean nothing but i’m, just saying she’s, a part of youth care which deals with children.

I mean, like i just showed you shit got to do with some damn um boy shit. You know what i mean i mean so i’m. Just doing a live research right now, you know this, ironically, is the same exact colors as the fucking uh.

You already know the same exact colors as the damn stadium, all right, wherever it’s at i don’t know where it’s at. Why ain’t it finding it right now? I can’t see it what the hell i don’t know where it went, but all right same colors. You go here: boom it’s the same colors wherever i can find him. Climate pledge arena has the same colors, all right so just interesting. So i just figured i’d make a quick video on this lady. You know she’s a ceo of youth care, so i just found a very. This is just very interesting. You know, so this is some really interesting stuff, so donations let’s see if you’ll find any donations.