So the football has no excuses for not being at its very best. The teams i know are pumped for this. They are fantastic scenes in the stands. There is a great sense of drama here, a great sense of excitement and expectation, and we have in front of us this gloriously imposing arena absolutely picture perfect for a game of this nature. It is our understanding that they’ve gone with a 4 5 1. Well, most teams that use this system peter will work it in a way where yes, they’ll, have a 4, 5 1 shape off the ball, and ideally, a 4 3 3 shape on it. We often see that 4 1 4 1 shape too, and that has an obvious flexibility about it: it’s a it’s, a popular managerial selection because of that it’s, just extremely flexible, with all the numbers i’ve mentioned, and that gets things running looking to hit the front line. He’S made sure that that won’t get through Applause forward, it goes and it’s been intercepted, and that will come to nothing. Try the shots, Applause and movement that’s already something to admire, but how about the pass? Just wonderful loved it Applause deadlock, broken it’s, one nil, and that ought to be the trigger for a really exciting and entertaining game from here on. Oh one interception really alerts the danger gets into a dangerous position; Applause cuts it out. Applause well played. He saw that coming Applause looking to break out here tries to get it forward quickly done very well to intervene.

Applause whitton tries to get it clear, goes for goal a collective sigh of relief from the defense. Well, it was just some way with passing that. Let the opposition in there and i have to say a very lucky escape you lose it there. You expect to be punished he’s through no no way through there it’s a great gallop down the right hand. Side he’s left his man. That intervention was very necessary Applause. Good accurate of possession this but very little to show for it. Let’S wrestle off the ball. Yeah that does look a foul referee’s, given a free kick referee has resisted the temptation to go to his pocket it’s just a stern lecture. He certainly looks appetizing well within shooting range, great chance here to level it up and he’s going to rex. Oh brilliant goal, that is a gem, an absolute gem. They have grabbed themselves an equalizer dispatched expertly nicely done. Applause so, and that has added a whole new complexion to the game. Well, look peter, who knows what’s about to happen from here uh. I doubt this will be the final score, though Applause either side really getting hold of the ball great run on the overlap here. That’S a look and place it in Applause inches away from being a really good ball. The referee brings the first half to a close well, it has been an even contest as the scoreline suggests, and it has been more than decent to watch any full opinions on the first half yeah.

I think they’ll be happy with that scoreline. I just hope. The second half is as good as the first it’s been pulsating stuff. They come for the break with nothing to separate them. The score. 1. 1. We are already probably back Applause underway Applause, yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities. That is terrific skill. Oh well defended that had to be done. Yeah. It looks like a change of approach and it may just freshen things up. Applause, not much subtlety he’s launched himself there. Well, the crowd clearly liked what they just saw: some real, no nonsense, defending Applause, great strength too strong for his opponent, that’s just very well played he can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel. Oh good interception well positioned to make that interception late towards the front. Then battles to win it back, yeah that’s top defending in preventing him turning which can open up many possibilities. Good challenge: he just stood firm Applause away from immediate danger, tries to locate someone up front Applause, hoist it forward Applause. For a moment, you felt that was going somewhere, but they’ll have to go again he’s, making good use of his strength. There just refuses to be out muscled in comes the cross. Look, this can still go right away. It might be flowing one way, but there’s still time for some ed Applause paul needed to be better.

There, that’s a wasted chance. Applause has a park. Applause concentration levels are very good, and so is the commitment this game could yet yield a winner plays. It long gets the better of his man. Well, when the options aren’t quite present in the box it’s the crossers interest to uh to hold on for the support. Well, both sides might have to settle for a draw here, although there’s still a chance for one last fling back to the keeper. Oh good interception.