A certain situation having the privilege of being here sometimes do you feel trying to take this game in when you talk about it from a former player’s perspective honestly, say, never been in this position at all: it’s, incredible isn’t it the players having a certain responsibility, but Many of them yes, they’ll, be privy to the decision and the conversations and i’m sure there will be a unanimous decision taken collectively, but some may have more of a say in that than others and and still really confusion reigns. Let’S go but it’s got to be that hasn’t it it’s the collective there’s got to be strength in the collective of these players talking and the united message that they want to send out that that’s. How it’s got to be. We see brad, guzan and louise robles here talking away. This is me preempting what they might be talking about, but two very, very experienced goalkeepers very well respected members of their particular clubs throughout the careers. They know the rampifications. They understand what a stand like this would or how it would reverberate, not just around the sporting world but the world in general, and even more so perhaps if you look at america and the divisive nature of what can be seen to be going on in that Particular society but it’s reflected around the world we’ve seen protests we’ve, seen people stand up and be counted around the world with regard to what is the next step for us all together as humanity and if it means forfeiting a game if it means a game such As this doesn’t go ahead and it creates sparks a greater debate, which means that further on down the line, equality and diversity, things that need to be addressed and the things that certain brackets of society take for granted.

If that’s then seen and discussed and debated and there’s a some form of wants and need, and working towards a level playing field, excuse the analogy, and it can only be for the greater good well well, it is a significant story. Developing, certainly not the story that we were expecting to be bringing you tonight, the one that will certainly make headlines not very much the intention we are getting, despite the fact that the players are still out there on the field in conversation. Is that the game will not happen, the photo of them all together is the image that they want projected that they are refusing to play the game as a protest, so much more at stake, as we say than soccer tonight, we’ve seen it in the past time. We feel we’ve had players of different generations, talk about or trying to address what they’ve heard when they’re watching teams in in in latter years, with racial abuse being aimed towards players on the pitch and saying you can’t, walk off you can’t. Let people like that win but we’re talking about a broader social justice issue which these players are saying: it’s, nothing it’s, not it’s, it’s, bigger than anything to do with that kind of player fan interaction; isn’t it it’s about lives, lives being lost it’s about them. Wanting to stand up and say something and be heard on behalf of the people that can’t be heard or haven’t got a voice to be able to speak to the two captains and goalkeepers louis robles and brad gousan more heavily involved than most.

You would have thought in this decision it’s interesting as well, wasn’t it that uh, the officials were at the center of the photo that was taken to standing with the players, and i think there is the the general perception that something more needed to be done. A stance such as this has had to be taken, given everything that is going on. They have had a big part to play those two. Today we thought it would be on the field in goal as the respective captains of a much anticipated mls game, but it is an mls game that is not going to happen. The players have decided not to play tonight by a way of protest, a significant story developing in fort lauderdale this evening, not the one, though, that we were expecting to bring you on the pitch.