I don’t think i’ve ever talked much about uh princess beatrice. So yesterday they had talked about the fact that she had had a private wedding ceremony and they promised today that they would have some images out. So i thought i’ll just share that with you today’s a slow news day, all over so um let’s. Just look at these photos so courtesy of bbc.com. They talk more about the wedding ceremony and it’s just had such an interesting coverage, so i’ll just try and keep it to this article. So the article says photographs from princess beatrice’s, wedding to property tycoon eduardo mapelli. Mozi have been released by buckingham palace. Two official pictures were sent out the day after their small ceremony at the royal chapel of all saints in windsor. One shows the beaming couple leaving the chapel through its flower covered archway in the other. They are outside the entrance with beatrice’s grandparents, the queen and the duke of edinburgh, beatrice’s parents. The duke and duchess of york did not appear in either of the released photos. It comes as andrew continues to keep a low profile following the arrest of you know who for what she has been accused of i’m gon na edit that there. So the article goes on to say the newlyweds decided to hold a private ceremony with their parents and siblings after they postponed their wedding in may due to the pandemic. So when the national lockdown began on 23rd of march, weddings in england were banned under almost all circumstances.

However, since 4th of july ceremonies of up to 30 people have been allowed to take place, so the article goes on to say that they followed all the laws of their country and they kept within all the regulations. So it says that beatrice is 31 and she is ninth in line to the throne and mr mapeli mozi 35 had originally planned to marry on 29th of may of this year at the chapel royal at st james’s palace in london. The new venue of the royal lodge in windsor’s great park, a short drive from windsor castle, is beatrice’s childhood home. Her parents still live on the property, beatrice wore a vintage pur de soi tuffetta dress in shades of ivory by norman hartnell on loan from the queen. So it goes on to talk about how beatrice and mapelli started dating in autumn of 2018 and got engaged last september and they are said to have started the relationship after meeting again at beatrice’s, sister’s, princess eugenie’s, wedding to jack, brooks bank so i’m. Looking through this article – and they are it’s – really really scarce on the events of the actual wedding, i want to know who else was in attendance, and i don’t really see any indication as to whether uh, the duke and duchess of cambridge. Were there – or you know, prince charles and on and on so this is interesting, but of course the photos are very beautiful, um she’s there and i’m sure that, because i saw this, some articles were actually starting off with this.

How come prince, harry and megan did not attend their wedding. Ah duh, i don’t think those flights have been approved as of yet, but i know that prince harry loves, uh. You know beatrice and i’m sure that they’ve sent a word and they have sent their congratulations and best wishes and it’s interesting. By the way i hear that uh beatrice is now a mother, a stepmother because uh the bad she’s married had a son, so that’s interesting as well so well. This is a cool update. I just wanted to share it with you. I’Ve missed you all today and just wanted to get on here and see how you all are doing. So. Let me know what you think about all this news in the comments section it’s very interesting. She did wear that dress from on loan from her grandmother, so that’s also very sweet, and yes, very interesting, update here for you. So thank you for watching this. I love you all. Thank you to my patreon supporters. Thank you for choosing to support my channel uh and keep it here for more updates. I hope to have some more prince harry and megan news. This is kind of a new one for me, so i hope to have some prince harry and megan news next week. So thank you for watching and have a lovely weekend if you like this video, give it a thumbs up, click subscribe and share.