Grand slam winner, two of those coming here in flashing meadows but she’s, going to be have to try and be at the top of her game. As she plays someone aged just 20 years old, half her age, diana yastremska, oh it’s, great footwork, around the ball there as well and another phenomenal return for diana yes and she is rewarded with that return with a break of serve leads. 2 1 trouble went to exactly the same spot because she went to last time saving the break point. No, she doesn’t win the point anyway, fine passing shot from venus williams, but the the first four hand react from the stream was going wide for deviating. She got a little bit lucky there, but then she gave venus williams an early christmas present with that dry volley directly at her overcooked. It great foot, speed and court coverage from venus williams, and we do have a turning point, a reminder that she easily double breakdown in this set now is back left later. Oh it’s well played venus, making it tough to get the ball past her right now, but i think what it has done is that you know it makes pretty people pretty humble. Vince williams has always been very humble, the seven time grand slam champion and she’s a game away again from taking this opening set, leads now by six games to five good length from venus williams and overall that’s a great set. When you consider she was a breakdown not playing at best tennis, something that she has done throughout her career found a way takes the opening set 7 5 in just 56 minutes it’s, just a bit painful, oh well, there’s, nothing wrong with that base.

Wonderful, open stance! Backhand up the line, oh well, despite the poor drop shot from venus williams, she gets herself out of trouble with a brilliant reactive volley. Oh finally comes through the game. It was an epic game, but the hitting works Music but it’s, certainly helping her got into a nice, quick rhythm and uh. That was a pretty convincing service hold wow. Well, that was tennis played at full throttle from diana yastrenska, as she does indeed level the match. We are going the distance some ferocious hitting in the set. Yes takes. The second set in 44 minutes: 6. 2 yeah that’s, good patience, waited for the right ball and getting venus williams on the stretch. That’S a brilliant point, yes, strength. Oh it’s, a rocket of a backhand from venus williams, so smooth did but that’s a stunner of a return from jastrenske and it will be a break point for the 16th seed. Oh it’s, a ripper of a forehand from venus williams and she is threatening to get the break back well. This has been the best point so far of this match and venus williams does so well to absorb the pressure. Come up with a cross court angle winner. Oh one of the rallies of the match, then it really could have gone either way, but yastrenska. This time was patient, didn’t overhit and was just able to stay with venus williams, it’s diana yestrenska, who battles through to round two a look of relief from the ukrainian it’s a match that has taken a lot out of her.

Hence the limp and she had a lot of pain throughout with the blisters, with the ankle injury with the opponent and what venus williams made her do to come through, but come through. The 16th seed does recovers from a set down to win 5. 7. 6. 2.