The mean greek machine. Maria zachary takes on one of the biggest young talents. The sport has perhaps ever seen the 16 year old show, stopper coco goff not made the best of starts here, though, zachary is stolen, an early break of surf there’s, an excellent surf and again clinical finish from the greek that’s brilliantly played from zachary. First time, we’ve seen a switch in tactics from coco golf, but didn’t maria zachary deal with that switching tactics so so well and it’s. The greek player, who is flying so far in this opening set 4 1. Well. The chat before this match was all about coco gough, but maria zachary, just saying to everyone. Don’T forget about me i’m, a top ranked wta player for a reason, and that was a stunning set of tennis from the 13th seed she’s. Taking the opening set in just 25 minutes by six games to one yeah coolly done a little bit of luck with the neck chord, but was aware with where to move on the court after having the neck chord. And there is the foot speed and maybe that is the point that will get the 16 year old going. Oh beautiful, it was a wonderful camera angle, wasn’t it just to see exactly the line of that ball and how it did find the line. On top of the return again making it look easy right now, zachary that wasn’t a particularly easy return, but she couldn’t have hit it any better, and it is the greek player who breaks first in the second set for a 2 1 lead, and it is an Important hold for the 16 year old.

You can see her team are on their feet, just trying to really get her going. She needs to get going. Oh that’s, wonderful, that’s, how good it’s got to be just to get the ball past zachary, covering the baseline so efficiently, the greek player but it’s the short angle. That eventually does the damage well, that’s, a superb win for maria zachary! So much talk coming into this match was about coco goff and the form that she has showed in 2020, but she couldn’t find her top level today. Maria zachary certainly could, though, that was mightily impressive from the 13th seed, as she wins. 6. 1. 6. 3.