because of that, oh mr lineup, well, that’s impressive, stuff boy that is big power; Applause finishing at 23., her footwork and Her contact point Music again right there inside the baseline wow and the first set to maria zachary 6 1. Her first intention seems to be counter punching and then she feels that’s better, even up the middle Music and a player likes soccery. And if she’s on, you can be in trouble and that’s what’s happened boy. What a terrific here default mode is more reactive, that’s, just brutal, oh, what a move tough to drop shot! Neither of these players coco golf one of the best players at recognizing short and drop. My shots, perfect footwork, moving up. Oh oh that’s, cool Music, 14. um Music, which is been held in cincinnati for more than a century Music. Oh boy, on the full stretch able to change direction and go strong down the line Music interesting story, how he got to be with mariah another return, winner anderson, that is a tremendous angle, coco golf doing a wonderful job. Staying in that point, punch no Music.