You really think you’re different and you must be kidding, think you’re gon na hit it, but you just don’t, get it it’s impossible. It’S, not probable, you’re responsible too many obstacles. You got ta, stop it yo, you got ta, take it slow. You can’t, be a pro don’t waste, your time, no more, who the fuck are you to tell me what to do? I don’t give a damn. If you say you disapprove i’m gon na make my move i’m gon na make it soon and i’ll. Do it cause it’s what i wan na fucking do cause all these opinions and all these positions they come in in millions they blocking your vision, but no you can’t, listen! That shit is all fiction cause. You hold the power as long as you’re dreaming, but you’re. Never gon na make it are you just gon na take that he’s gon na take that make him take it all back. Don’T tell me you believe that, are you just gon na take that? Will you fucking fight back holy fucking fight Music? You ain’t gon na make it you ain’t, never ever gon na break it. You can never beat them and they’re better than you face it. Thinking that they’re giving them you’re not like a stray kid. No, they don’t give a damn. You got what i’m saying i’m, not fucking playing i’ll, keep it to you straight man, there’s too many others and you’re, not that great man stop what you’re saying stop what you’re making everybody here knows that you just freaked out nah.

I don’t wan na hear it anymore. I don’t wan na hear it anymore all these fucking thoughts. They are not what i need anymore i’m about to shut the motherfucking door on all you poor, ass haters, with your heads in the clouds so proud. You better shoot your goddamn mouth before. I do more speak out, it’s about it’s, never gon na make it there’s, no way that you make it yeah. Maybe you can fake it, but you’re never gon na make it Music. Are you just gon na take that make them take it all back don’t tell me you believe that, are you just gon na take that? Oh will you fucking fight back Music track Music, so Music, oh Music, Music, yeah! Everybody knows that i’m breaking down. Everybody knows. I ain’t faking now everybody knows my heart’s faking now yeah she hates me now. I made mistakes, but now i don’t ever want to be alone. I don’t really ever feel at home on my own in the zone, Music need help. I don’t wan na be left on the shelf. Couldn’T even hear me if i yelled Music, outside it’s, so cold outside i’m alone, Music, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music. Let my thoughts get away now. I got better things to do. Picking fake now i just wan na be the best call me great now i don’t know if i’m, okay or insane now i remember better days on the playground, hoping i could find my way even when i’m facing down i fight.

Even when i don’t know what is right, i’ma Music never give up. That was always i’m alone, i’m, all right, it’s, so cold, outside Music, Music, oh Music, do always do it on my own, so i got ta get through it, and the only thing i know is to love what i’m doing never give up, never slow till. I finally prove it never listen to the nose. I just wan na keep moving keep my head up when i act head up that’s a fact. Never looking back imma keep myself on track. Keep my head up. Staying strong, always moving on, feel i don’t belong. Tell my thoughts to move along push myself to be the best die with no regrets live with every breath see my message stop to spread and i had so many dreams. Then you hit your teens life ain’t, really what it seems try to find out what it means: Music. I’M. Music. I want the real stuff, everybody listen up, cause i’ll, Music till i finally prove it. Never listen to the no’s. I just wan na keep moving yeah. I put out all this hard it’s, my only medicine yeah everything i do i’m, just being genuine yeah, i’m sick of being screwed feel my own Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, yeah she’s got some nice long hair and you notice she’s a magic. All the boys stare can’t help it it’s a habit, clothes that she wears short skirt and a jacket.

I just wan na get her all alone on a mattress i just wan na. Have it i just got ta. Have it rumors all around say her body is fantastic. All natural, not a piece of fur, is plastic head Music. So i need a private session. If you get what i am saying, and they say that she’s not easy, no she’s really complicated, but that only makes it better and it’s got me so fixated and i’m, not the type to wait around i’ve, never hesitated, but she’s got me captivated so the game. I’M gon na play Music, Music, Music baby show me Music, oh Music, Applause, Music. I heard you like to get away. I heard you like to stay out late. I heard you had a couple boyfriends. I heard they didn’t treat you right. I heard you’re hated by your girlfriends cause. All the guys want you tonight, yeah they say she’s too hot. They say she’s too cold where she came from. Nobody really knows Music. These rumors got me feeling. I want that body baby. Show me baby. Show me. Music Applause, i’m, Music, Music Applause, i Applause, Music Applause. Wherever you are on this most pleasant evening, there has been a camera to get inside the ground tonight for a much anticipated game. The road outside of the stadium have been bumper to bumper with traffic. The car parks are full, there is a torrent of humankind making its way from the nearby station and we expect every seat to be filled, an atmosphere of great expectation and excitement once again decorated in the colors of barcelona.