I can’t wait for this league cheers derek yeah, really excited about this one looking forward to some entertaining end to end football. Well, you never quite know who’s going to dominate a game in advance, but i think you can maybe make an argument for this fellow lee. What do you think we’ll see from him? Well, he’s got all sorts going on for him. This player trickery i don’t mind that i can play against trickery. Pace is a bit more of a problem as soon as you got a play like that, you now have to manage him. A lot closer Applause, oh here, is the lineup for the hosts today looks as though they’re going with the belt and braces approach. Yeah. Five. Three two or three five, two: the midfield will be flooded when they’ve got the ball defensively, those full backs will be asked to supply support to their three centre backs, but it does enable you to play two strikers up front. Thank you. This is the initial 11 for the visitors today, a standard 442, a formation. You know well from your playing daisley yeah. I like this formation, derek it’s, very, very important that when they haven’t got the ball, they all stick together. Very solid look about it when they don’t have the ball very important that they stay close together in midfield. The back four will link across the width for the pitch, but they’ve got to help the forwards.

The two up front need width, giving the ball away accurately towards the far post, it’s all about translating threats into goals. It’S got to be in. It goes an early goal. No wonder! They’Re, celebrating Applause well, it’s a beautifully crafted goal. The supply line worked perfectly there and he finishes it off with ease lovely goal. Well, the goal again, albeit from a different angle, the opening goal of the game then give it away untidy in possession. I just couldn’t, keep the ball Applause good tackle. Well, he’s got plenty of space on the flank here, and the referee has pointer to the sport penalty given well. That could be his final rebuke. I think and the referees making that absolutely clear, but i like that derek good refereeing, nice and strong, told the player exactly what he was thinking a goal. It is a confidently taken penalty. Well, as we see this is probably the best angle. He’S picked his spot. He didn’t change his mind and the keeper’s got no chance now. Let’S go back to the goal. That was scoring Applause well, a second goal for them here, going well good numerical situation, Applause and crossed in there still possibilities mourinho well. The counter chance looks very real. Well not to be in terms of the counter attack over the touch line for a throw in bassog, and that was a very fine, read Applause and showing fine vision dealing with the threat that was real, illegal play and hence a free.

Kick Applause. Read it magnificently and intercepted gliding through the gears staunch rearguard action, he must finish well kept out well he’s, given a corner, the referee and he’s fired over the corner Applause space and time for the cross, they’ve lost it. Applause failed to keep hold of it. Applause see some progress with the ball at his feet and the goalkeeper up to the task. Well, yeah it’s a decent save, but if he lets that in you’ll be asking questions, Applause, as you can see, the visitors don’t have too much of the ball, but again we’ve seen it before we’ll see it again. Their counter attack player has been absolutely fantastic pace. Really hurts defenses and they’ve got that in abundance. Yunding Applause can they get in behind them? Applause has a go: terrific block there, so the corner played into the box. Well, that’s the end of that for now and it was turned out so a throw in will be next. This looks promising and putting his body on the line, surely now completely misfired, but that one a long way off target yeah. But it goes in the top corner and your hero is worth an effort it’s with basog, and now they have the ball back and that’s. An important intervention crossing possibilities, the delivery towards the back post. Now, what can they do from here? Can’T miss? Surely it goes beggingly that could have been the ticket back into the game. Well, two goals down: you: can’t keep wasting chances like this kim shinwuk moreno, moving the ball forward with purpose; wonderful block it’s there for him, so the whistle then we’re at the halfway stage in this match.

Well, truth be told: he’s only had a very limited influence on the game. What have you made of his performance late? Well, he needs something to change. His impact on the game has been negligible. His team down need him to spark into life quickly. The teams are ready to have a go at each other again, as the second half commences very good reading of the game to win possession back Applause kim shinwuk moreno, a very good tackle on the flank superb block on the back of the ball from the flank. Over it comes nothing, positive comes of it, unfortunately yunding tremendous intuition to win it back and he has been ruled offside here. Can’T have been by an awful lot – i’m, not so sure, but the linesman’s got a better view than i have stefan embia excellent use of the ball as they make their way forward. Fruitful looking attack simple catch, really well that’s one for them to pursue, see some progress with the ball at his feet. It’S got to be that’s a routine. Take el shaddai. Has it mourinho, kim shinwuk and 30 minutes left for play in this match and slipped through beautifully well that’s, the end of that for now. I want a perfect ball now how about this clean through? He was then but he’s fluffed as linesley. Well, he just put his head down derek and hit it. He’S got to do better than that. Well, they have elected to go to the bench at this stage of the game.

Oh he’s, given the ball away, i might still be able to do a bit of damage Applause. That was perfectly timed and it is going to be a corner we’re picking him out for a reason, he’s having a terrific game and attack lead, yeah he’s carved out plenty of shooting opportunities hasn’t. He testing the keeper on numerous occasions, great performance up to now i’m rewarded with a goal corner kick played over and he failed to get it away properly and crossed in the direction of the back post. It had an invitation attached, but he couldn’t avail himself of the opportunity. Well, just look at him. He thinks it’s in just wide el shaddai. Has it splendor tackle and a throw in coming up magnificent challenge to win it back. Well, it’s come down to the final 20 minutes here Applause, but he was in the right place to intercept clear, foul play and, as a result, a free kick forthcoming. This looks promising moving forward effectively up el shaddai. Has it plenty of forward momentum here, but can they produce? It might be there for el shaddai keepers contribution, but what next well everybody in this ground, including me and you don’t, think that’s it goalkeeper didn’t think so, giving it a try, wonderful block! The outcome is a goal: kick here, they’ve decided that now is the time to go to the bench. The ball neatly enough. Can he finish this? It really is such a free scoring performance, just nothing.

The defenders can do about it seemingly well. It’S, just great play. Derek the movement off the ball is key, so many options for the passer to choose from lovely goal. Well, the goal again, albeit from a different angle: Applause it’s, a massive lead and it’s very hard to imagine them losing it now evo, with it Applause a glorious chance. Well, it might still work out for them. Excellent pressure high up the pitch kim shinwuk, the referee’s verdict is three additional minutes of three minutes: it’s worth paso and very deftly cut out, shot. Attempting Applause and the referee says that is all for today. I think it’s accurate to say lee that this man was the light bringer for his side. Well, he played well scored a goal.