The sun is out, and football has a special place on this most idyllic of days, a fixture ahead of us to which we’ve all been looking forward. For so very very long – and it means so very, very much the scene could not be more beautiful. The pitch looks, terrific. The players are ready to get started and we cannot wait for the contest that lies ahead. This place simply a monument to the game. So much prestige so much pride, so much passion. Whenever football is played here, it appears to be a 442 formation gym. Well, the modern version of that is a lot more fluid and flexible than in bygone times there’s a much greater understanding of the need for players to cover forward running and it enables risk taking while the gaps are filled i’m very much a fan of it. There are a lot of people who seem to have kind of ignored it and just put it to bed, but it still works, it’s still valid and i think we’re going to see it be successful here and already we’re underway. Here, Applause tries to get it forward quickly, place it out to the wing great run on the overlap here: lovely bit of skill Applause, so harvey well that’s, where he wants it good challenge. He just stood firm Applause, that’s been drilled forward and here’s sahabi, and that has been clocked away. Shanghai, have a free, kick Applause, Applause Applause, nice touch plenty waiting in the middle and he just whacks it away played it again, and the keepers in command it has got through to him turns and goes back.

That is terrific skill, knocks it away it’s, not the game. We were hoping for peter. I think both of these keepers could text about their respective one involvement, and the finish is one jew or an f are so well practiced in the art of keeping the ball through wonderful passing of movement and a real appetite to ensure it’s reflected in their goal. Count – Applause, Applause, yeah and they know there’s plenty of work left in this one peter before they can actually say that the job is over Applause now right on the edge of the box. It could go either way here. The referee’s decided that he was fouled outside the box and it is just a free kick well. I think the alternative was to stand there and do nothing while he tried to score and obviously he’s not going to allow that pizza. Is he he’s gone tourette’s, it’s, anyone’s fault Applause, he’s got the ball glued to his feet? Oh, what a ball and the shots, Applause, Music and that’s. What the game is all about, find space and finish, but we have to credit the pastor to pick him out. That has certainly made things interesting. Well, i think this is a case of anything you can do. We can do too. I mean they’re matching each other like for, like here, Applause hoist, it forward Applause, we hit half time so a very watchable game, so far, action at both ends and the team’s level compared with your expectation, yeah.

I think they’ll be happy with that scoreline. I just hope the second half is as good as the first it’s been called state and stuff. Well, the scoreline indicates a pretty tight game, but there has been an action in it and it has been an exceptionally good watch the score at halftime, 1, 1. So we’re already into the second period, shanghai playing well with lots of opportunities and plenty positives to take from the first half. Despite this scoreline, converting chances would make a world of difference for them. He’S got options in the box. If he gets his head up, keeps it in cleared away Applause, dembele Applause, so harvey plays it backwards and they’ll try again needs to locate someone up front. Oh good interception, dembele and it’s paid forward Applause Applause, foreign lays it out to the flank he gets past. His man pops it into the area defending of the desperate variety looking for a decent ball in Applause, the keeper has just received an a plus Applause grade: Applause, Music, only partially clear choice of shots, Applause, Applause and it’s been taken short. He could be in here. He’S had that put on a plate, she’s got rid of that Applause forward. It goes concentration. Levels are very good, and so is the commitment this game could yet yield a winner. Hoist it forward head out to safety. Applause keeps everyone guessing goes long, knocks it away. Look, this can still go either way it might be flowing one way, but there’s still time for some edge Applause, good work on the right flank now, what’s next Applause goes for the cross corner.

It is then so now we’re going to get those changes. We have been expecting trying to get there. You wonder if that’s it now, but there may be one more opportunity peter for a lately, and that is it.