Welcome to you, alan smith is sitting alongside me. Martin tyler league football today, and it should be a really engrossing encounter. We’Ve been counting the hours alan haven’t we for this one yeah thanks martin, looking forward to this we’ve got some really good players out there and importantly we’ve got some match winners. Some goal scorers down on that pitch, i don’t think we’ll be disappointed. Well, there are players here who stand out a bit. These two in particular, i think today, ellen well we’ve earmarked these two because they have been in fantastic form. This season it’s been a pleasure to watch them, and this is today’s starting lineup for the home team. One thing to look out for from this team today is the way they try and win the ball back within seconds of losing it yeah and they don’t do it individually. They get backed up by a teammate. They hunt in packs and you’ve got to do that. You’Ve got to do it with discipline. Thank you. This is how the visitors will line up for this match. Well, we think alan it’ll be a 4 5 1 formation, which can look a bit negative yeah. But you look at the players in that five that midfield five and i think a couple at least – will be trying to support the lone front man. What is this game going to bring us we’ll find out now we’re off to the first half now? Can he take them on delivered into the box? Well, crossing is a skill and that’s not a very good example of it, they’ve spoiled the promise of that attack.

Aim for those in the middle i had a chance really to put that into a much more dangerous area has to go, takes the shot off. What a save that was the agility on show. There was Applause outstanding he’s put in the corner, good, defending no problem in the end, it’s a corner coming out yet again put the corner in the middle that’s, frustrating to the coaches to see a corner there defended at the front post so easily. Now can he cross it el shahrawi and that’s, a turnover to the opposition, aaron zahavi aaron zahavi musa dembele? They continue to defend as a unit, but no real attacking outlet. So the game is being played in their half tried to win it, but it’ll be a throw. They spread it out wide here chance to get some width into this attack intercepted well striding forward, steered through their belly still a chance in there off the goalkeeper. They’Ve scored flag up for offside, it’s, not going to count well really good organization from the defense, and it was offside looking at it well. This must have been very tight indeed, but we get the advantage of another. Look that the officials, of course don’t no and uh. It was such a close call, but the defense had squeezed and caught the lava offside, although he tucked it away well, dembele Applause, musa, dembele, slipping it through coming into the penalty area now trying to cross it and, in the end, a bit of a waste.

I think Applause and he goes for the challenge. It’S, given away Applause, Applause, tempeh, game’s, still level, but the pressure might be counting on the front foot now they’ve got a corner hoping for the goal that will put them in the lead. In goes the corner. Applause. Can’T, lose it here very confident, even in his own defensive third, to keep the ball giovanni moreno, el shahrawi. He might have put his teammate in here. He’S aiming for the front post cleared the ball eren’s a harvey difficult for the defender against the player. Who wants to take him on like this could whip it in from here comes out of the goalkeeper. Well, now they’ve got the ball. What are they going to do with it? There will be a minimum of three minutes trying to get behind the defenders to get in a good cross, jotton that’s the way to take the lead, that’s, a stunning goal: fine move, excellent application in front of goal; he’s a really good player and he’s taken the Chance with summer plum here, Applause and that has opened the scoring one nil here and that’s half time signaled by the referee, one nil, the halftime score. Well, the player that we’re featuring here has done well. He’S certainly been an influence on this first half yeah and what a good time to score that was put his side in the lead Music. So here we go for the second half Applause patiently, passing the ball around trying to make a chance to go in from here, and then it goes towards the far post and defender can get it up field.

I got it away, but in the end straight to an opponent referee, doing everything possible to keep this game flowing moreno, that’s, good, passing probing taking on a couple of opponents. Now Applause he’s got the ball back well. The tackle there has led to a throw there’s been plenty of warming up going on, and now i think one of the substitutes will be brought into the game time to get the ball in. That would be a throw Applause players up in support if he needs them and they’ve got a man out wide, very good positioning by the defender. Well, both sides are going to make changes now corner played in gets his cross in out in front of goal. Applause. Elsie looking to create an opening can whip it in now. Oh the attackers come in near post too close to the keeper. In the end, Applause going forward with real purpose now tried to win it, but it’ll be a throw Applause. Now the possibility for a cross very good physicality from him to shield the ball and find some space here on the flanks Applause put away, but not out of harm’s way. Throw in here he’s made the interception Applause. Well, it will be a throw it’s gone out off that player. There Applause it’s a change here and i think it might be a tactical one space to cross the ball. Now: Applause it’s, a weak cross really not getting past the first defender.

The countdown is on we’re into nine minutes now for the noise. In here these fans they’re, like the 12th man trying to g their players up, it is coming to the business end of this match, isn’t it and they’re still looking for that elusive goal, yeah the crowd trying to ge up their players, trying to get behind them. Trying to produce a bit better than we’ve seen so far Applause bit of space to go forward into with the on the cross, blocked well by the defender aaron’s a harvey now he’s switched the point of attack here, maybe expected a bit more, but two added minutes. Two minutes how’s, it go here needed to be brave and he was anticipated the direction of the pass and was able to intervene Applause there. We are final whistle magnificent work at the back.