Temperatures are kind as well, no doubt playing a hand in high attendance levels as well as an elevated level of anticipation here. Surely this is the hot ticket going around in this deck of the woods? It surely must be this one of the great amphitheaters of the game. You are welcome to it and indeed to one of the grandest fixtures so it’s down to business here so jim. Who would you identify as the key man in this fixture? Well, it’ll have to be the brazilian hulk. He has the physique to play as a center forward, but for me, he’s always a little more effective in wider areas where he can isolate his fullback or cut inside and whether from open play or a free kick. He can thump the football okay interesting tries to get it forward quickly and it’s oscar tries to dink it in knocks it away. Oh, we don’t even need a look at the stats. Do we peter zero attempt, zero goals and uh excitement? Forget it oscar forward. It goes Applause, choice to locate someone up front Applause, gets it back. Applause, oh that’s, a foul free kicks been given and it’s been taken straight back hulk and here’s. Our naltovich he’s got through he’s gone for it. Oh surely that deserves better. That was created because of good lively movement which pretty much dictated the pass. He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there. The movement was good, but the past lacked authority uh a cause of mild frustration.

Hoist it forward. He’S made sure that that won’t get through Applause up towards the front line and it’s paid forward hulk and the halftime whistle goes. Both sides have drawn blanks and toiled at times, but it’s not been a bad game by any means. What have we learned from the first 45 minutes? Well, they look lost for ideas and and lacking in talent which all contributes to a chronic case of impotence and intriguing half lacking only in goals the score nil mill, so we’re just settling back into this. Second, half beijing gowan can be very glad that half time came when it did poor possession and very little firepower means they need a serious pickup in this second half no guts, no glory and it’s hulk thinks one in cleared away Applause time for a change in Personnel and that’s been leave it clear, Music he’s, not long this time. Oh good goes for goal back of the net. Well, he was never going to miss from there so much to a mat, yeah and all engineered peter by some smart running and movement that’s already something to admire, but how about the pass? Just wonderful loved Applause, Music, it Applause, shanghai s! I p g draw first blood here. The perfect display and the old saying comes to mind when the going gets, tough, etc just brushed off the ball. There Applause he goes along looking for space out wide hulk beats the offside trap a chance to play it.

In Applause over to the left, Music Applause, he has, it is a good finish. The odds were against him little mata, oh this fella’s as slippery as a kneel. The way he freed himself to score, i mean for that defense. It was a case of no you’ve. Got him? No, you don’t brilliant! So here comes the substitution. Yeah he’s run himself into the ground, hasn’t. He and it’s it’s good to see that the crowd appreciate his efforts because he has put in a reel on a shift that has certainly made things interesting. Beijing go on surely know by now that they’ve put so much work into producing the equalizer that they’re that long for a winner. You know it’s it’s, all one way, traffic for them now and they simply have to capitalize on it. The balls come loose and the chase is on Applause, hulk battles to win it back. Well, both sides might have to settle for a draw here, although there’s still a chance for one last fling Applause added time is up and there goes the whistle nothing between them.