There’S. A lot of smoke in the area and mandatory evacuations are now underway. Cbs 2’s tina patel is there and begins our live team coverage on the winds and the fire danger today tina. Well, the winds are so strong. It is hard to tell exactly how close the fire is to these neighborhoods. There are moments where the smoke is so thick and so dark that it feels like the fire is right on top of you that’s. Why so many people have been evacuated? Take a look at this video. This was taken off the 241 toll road earlier this morning. The fire actually jumped that road and it is now completely shut down from the 133 to santiago canyon. It is unclear how the fire started, but when it did it spread quickly through all the dry brush in the canyons driven by these gusty winds. Now let’s look at the view from sky 2, 2 000 acres have already burned. Firefighters are being very aggressive, as you said, we have seen crews from all over orange county and the surrounding areas here. There are also a lot of aerial crews, but we have to be honest with you. The winds are making their job very tough right now, the neighborhoods of orchard hills are in the path of the fire. We talked to a few people here who were packing up and evacuating. They said they just didn’t want to take any chances. Yeah, the wind, crazy yeah, my family’s, been through it in malibu it’s, just it’s it’s, a crazy thing so never had to experience this ourselves.

You can replace clothes and things, but you can’t replace your lives, so we have all the pictures and valuables so we’re ready to go. There are about 60 thousand people under mandatory evacuation orders right now. This map shows the area affected north of irvine boulevard between bake, parkway and jamboree. If you live in this area, fire officials want you to leave now back out here live you can see that there are firefighters, already stationed in this neighborhood. We have seen them all throughout this area, also law enforcement, making sure that people are leaving right now we are not hearing of any reports of any homes being lost or damaged, but there’s zero percent containment on this fire firefighters have a long way to go. We’Ll, send it back to you in the studio and it’s just proof that again, the santa ana winds have played a major role in this fire. What is starting out as a 10 acre fire now burning more than 2 000 acres tina. Thank you very much for that report and we continue our live team coverage on the brush fire with cbs 2 orange county reporter michelle geely michelle you guys. The gusts of wind every so often are very, very strong. Firefighters are saying sometimes as much as 70 miles per hour. I am on apple glen, right now in west irvine, there’s kind of a little bit of eerie calm here a few minutes ago. The winds were whipping through here, and the smoke was very, very red and dark off to my left.

Here behind me is a homeowner he’s starting to pack up a lot of people here in this area of west irvine are getting evacuation notices via email and texts. Let’S show you some of the video that we just shot within the last 20 minutes or so ago. These people are packing up and heading out. As i said, it is still very, very windy here. The smoke from the fire is close. I did speak to one person who’s in the know and says that the flames are about two miles from where i’m standing several irvine schools are under mandatory evacuation orders. These are elementary kids who are actually on campus. Those schools include canyon view, santiago hills, portola springs, eastwood, stonegate and loma ridge, elementary schools. Now, interestingly, there’s an orange county fire authority station nearby station 55 it’s in the middle of all of this, so that is also being protected by fire crews. The crews are racing to that one particular neighborhood orchard hills and they’re protecting their own fire station. In the midst of all of this let’s hear from a couple of people who are evacuating now, just packing up a few of my belongings got my computer over here. We’Re packing up a little bit more stuff, but the wind’s been crazy. Our fences actually fell down and we’ve been just getting evacuations ever since the morning. So what are the notices? Are they on your phone? Yeah i’ve been getting them on my phones.

I heard sirens in the morning, but we haven’t had any knocks on our doors yet so i’m expecting that pretty soon and how concerned are you um, i’m, pretty confident that they’ll be able to get to this before it hits like the general public? But you can’t be too sure what these days like with covid going on, who knows it’s hectic and the wind is bad. The wind is very, very bad. Like i said fences down, we have some of our screen doors that fell. If you check our driveway, you can even see it on the ground, so it’s pretty intense. It woke me up a few times overnight, but i didn’t think too much of it. Till this morning we just start packing all the important documents um. I have a puppy in there, she hasn’t been to a bathroom, but just the document, important document and whatever we have that we need to bring with us. Are you worried? Yes, a little bit very wary? Actually now the fire has grown to two thousand acres. This gentleman here, alexander murdod, has just evacuated from orchard hills: section of irvine you’ve come to your in laws, house, parents, house and now they may have to be evacuated. Yes, it’s very unfortunate. We got ta notice around like 8 30 and we had to evacuate from our apartment homes, and it was really sad. So there was smoke and we saw it around. It started around 7 30.

They got the text around 8, 30 and we’ve just packed the cars as you can see over here. These two are all packed up and ready to go and we may have to evacuate my parents as well so it’s really unfortunate, and hopefully it doesn’t hit this side all right, alexander. We wish you and your family the very best so that’s the latest here in irvine there’s, a lot of activity here as homeowners and people who live in these apartments are desperately trying to pack their cars. Get their animals out, get kids home from school. There is irvine police department is setting up some evacuation areas, places where people can go if they need help and i’m going to tweet those out shortly. But as we said, they’re mandatory evacuations and the firefighters really do mean business with these strong winds when they say get out, they want you to get out that’s.