What up what up? What up this is mr. Gray’s new trees represented to the foolish trees up? Yes, that’s just another day, another dollar another blessing and I’m saying and today is actually National Ice Cream day. Some. What wait can I do National Ice Cream day? Didn’T come to get some ice cream ice cream sit ice cream? No, but I met this place called lickety split zero. Seventy three uh, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with long lanes, but lickety split is where Tony Luke’s used to be at it’s an ice cream spot and they sell a dirty ice cream, a sinful ice cream with liquor infused ice cream. So if you got its liquor infused ice cream, you know you’re gon na count meds and they get some of the liquor a few ice cream and I’m gon na keep that thing it says, drops today, I’m, actually gon na get a banana split. Today. Wait: the simple in it and I’m gon na tear that thing up for y’all, so y’all mother, someone say to it and I see you on the car when I get my ice cream push and happy well happy National Ice Cream day to all y’all, mugga, mugga And I hope y’all get some ice cream instead cold on this day, freeze up Music, nice outfit with the kicks the tack and I’ll get busy feeling good. Is I promise on my mom public? You were smelling good and a baby, so fun woke up this morning.

Freshening yawning hippier London look at the time looked out the window. The crash is gon na blow enough who’s this texting and calling mess message from the homies rider. Barbecue huh moaning humping, the showers reckon they’re, so fresh it’s like the outfit I pick up for myself. Yes, yes, it’s a blessing I’m glad to see another day, so imma treat it like a treat each and every other day live to the fullest, it’s hot but I’m. The pool is just looking for some fun time for people watch this foolish. Nobody got ta got ta dangle my son, my BOB, wiping down my riders. Oh no it’s cooler that air conditioner or this thing well, we about to get real acquainted. Anything is dirty sinfully wrong, but it’s so right school, I scream. So I got the simple banana split: my simple banana split, my god strawberry. I got my ice cream and I got bourbon butter, pecan she’s right, you can’t chocolate, deluxe Music. Last night it’s like both go for that bird with what a peek butter pecan for the wind I so they’ve done amazing bring up sign out my Christmas.