Don’T forget to like don’t forget to comment don’t forget to share with your friends, so i think this is good about me right. I think i’m. You know all fine. All glued up, i don’t know maybe it’s the breath or my new housing for life um. I realized i didn’t like where i was like i didn’t like where i was. I didn’t like what i’m seeing in the mirror. I look at myself. I’M, like i know what i can do, i know what i’m capable of doing and i feel like i wasn’t doing enough, like i wasn’t i wasn’t, cutting it like by my own standards. I don’t know if it’s, weird or, if it’s, pushing myself so much, but i wasn’t happy where i was and i feel like it’s important for you to be happy where you are so by the way. This is not today’s topic, let’s just do it so into today’s. Topic explains to you how important so anyway, i realized that i’m, the structure in my life, like structure and the structure in my personal life and the structuring my businesses, i was feeling overwhelmed, and it was starting to take itself on me because i’m, going through a Lawyer right now and you can get out of sometimes you get out of your hand, you can’t be too positive, like sometimes it gets to you, and it was said to get to me and i was feeling looking up.

So i decided to take a new outfit right structure and be responsible for decisions. Ask myself where i want to be and make actual efforts together, even in shorter time, so i didn’t like anything. I didn’t, like my weight, don’t, feel weird but uh. Having a couple. Few tiny health conditions and i need to always be in the best frame of mind one. I also need to be always fit and healthy, but a lot of things that’s happened about here is that we can stay in focused on the gym as being like. Not the um Music, not being easy, yeah, so let’s see things happen anyway. Long story short story, so i decided in this structure and i said i went to the gym. I started eating better and i think i’m liking the glow. On my face, i feel more awake like this is weird, oh god, space anyway, so i decided that my business needed a structure. I am startup, but i know i have dreams that is that that it’s, not my dreams, are big for it. I it’s i want to be in this this career path for the long run, and i realized i could find another structure also in my workspace, because i was constantly feeling overwhelmed by a lot of things i had to juggle through. So i realized i wasn’t staging my life for my business for my career, where i needed to employ another person more people, so i decided to so these things if you’re a start up, if you’re a small business – and you are the only one because most times You started alone, and you got the only one and you need help.

You need um uh. You need structure, that’s that’s, just where it’s going any structure you need to be able to like do things well or make sure things go well and you have a business plan. You have goals that you want to reach. I i really hope that you get uh. This is helpful. This is how does helpful to you. I read up on this. I started to try myself. I said i’ve started, organizing and stuff. I will keep i’ll keep you updated i’ll. Keep you updated compulsory because i have to share this generally. This particular one where you guys are you guys, will see so that we can all actually understand how it is i’ll make sure that we can find all of us actually get structures in our lives. So i said i read up and i realized i got a six step to building structure in your business. I am not a guru, i read this and honestly i i i vibe with it and i feel like it’s, a very good approach. I’M. Trying now myself and i will share with you, okay, but if you want to go on this journey, you can also try this so number one. Let me tell you: you have to create permits once you figure out once you reach that and believe that, with you responsible business owner, you register your business, you get your taxes, sorted your team and everything. You have those documents that you have your back account and stuff: your career departments, i’m; three major departments, um sales and marketing two operations; three financial and admin i’m, creating three departments myself, these three sales and i’m.

Using my plan i’m telling you what my plan is, so it can work for you. You can also tailor it into your own business, i’m in fashion fashion, food, professional food that’s, what i’m doing fashion food – and this is what works for my business. I have and lifestyle sales and marketing one operations, two financial admin, three number two step: two: you have to create rules. These rules are also the same as job descriptions like um well, that’s the same as job description, basically same as uh, because there’s a possibility that our system has documented for a small business, because there’s possibilities that you probably have one person doing each department. Like one person being in charge of each department, like you probably have it sales america’s person like before you become vegan, you have other uh smaller cards, you probably have just one person, so you can have sales and maintenance save some maintenance. You divide them understands. I mean sales and maintenance, we have website maintenance, online marketing, uh pr lead generation, opportunity, management and account management. So you put all this under sales and marketing. Then two operations, you have production, customer service, shipping and fulfillment fulfillment and production development, okay, business owner. You understand the language and the dragons i’m talking about you will understand, but i feel like these are things that you can actually do. They are not hard to just be limited watch for them to perspectives and you feel like we can have goals for my businesses.

I want it to be done. Okay, then number three. I have financial analyst that’s under financial admin. You have bookkeeping, you have accounting, you have office management, i.t, hr and financing. You have all this on the financial admin now step, three assign a person that is now where jd comes in like okay, but i think this is cheating. This is where a job description comes in. You have your assigned person for each. You have an organizational chart. Each role like you have once you’ve drawn it. You figure it out. You choose okay, fine, you know, okay, fine, so the person is in charge of i.t, so the person is in charge of hr. So it can be multiple people, so you can put the names. Just below it, so one person can actually assume multiple rules, since it is a small business. Okay, then step four define executive leadership structure. There is the creative thinking is the organization thinker as much as i say that i’m organized and stuff. I realize that i’m. Actually, a creative thinker, i’m, the person that i have the energy and the invader i’ll have like a large personality and stuff, but i have problems seeing things true. I have a problem with follow up, follow, follow i drop it. Experiment puts back but i’m, not i. I have problem with executively, doing it myself and stuff so yeah those kind of things. So this is my own road. This is my own leadership structure.

This is what works for me. This is what i can do, then, the other set of people you actually have to look for are also organizational thinker, and i think i think, as well organized system thinking you have a sense of direction. This person cannot create disney, but once you tell them, this is what you do, they make sure it’s done, they may not be able to say: okay, fine come up with their own ideas and stuff, but they know how to follow through a plan. They have sense of direction like they do it all the way, then step five chain of command, slash, slash, sorry, span of control. There has to be a chain of command, so person reports to this sort of person. Reports to that so personal reports to this person. Okay, this is how email reporting comes in. This is the channel that follows through so the in all of this. Now you know, i have there also things that you end up outsourcing for me: i’m, using my own business as an example, i’m going to be having a business of five people, myself i’m, going to be in charge of operations i’m going to have a financial academy, A manager, a sales and marketing manager, then a um, a sales girl. The sales girl is going to be on that sales and markets i’m. Sorry, this is going to be on a sale on my cancer, but uh she’s also a different person.

So there are five people so, but now you know we still have people like graphics, designer website, developer, different people that we outsource things to these people also are falling. You actually create them under each department, but you put them in a group of part time or you put people like that so freelancers, that you use for your company, like like projects to contract out that you don’t do yourself change them, because, as a small business, You can’t, you might not be able to employ your own graphics designer. You have to probably pay someone like. Okay, you send your graphics, so you put this distance different things like that, so you put each under each department and you create a chat for them. Then you follow through you make sure you have point. People for aids and accountability and stuff comes in okay, that’s step. Six you follow through. This is not the step. Six accountability! You have reports. You have different things that you want to how you want to line up your paperwork and stuff, make sure that the chain of command is followed. The people are doing their jobs. The departments are well structured things following normal costs. People don’t, you don’t, have a social media guy doing the job of a marketing manager, it’s defined, i feel like yeah. You can be short, stop waiting to find. If you want your social media person to also be yourself specific, define it in their role, so that it’s going to be confusing, be like okay, when you employed me, this is not what i was told that i was going to do jamestown, so you make you Create to make sure that positions are defined now, as an entrepreneur, i’d say when you have an organization and you have a company and you have people working for you, you try to reward them for hard work.

Okay, you try to do little bitty things that are like perks that they get on the job now, okay, by maybe they don’t get other places or it’s, not actually really common, or it makes their life even more like those are like easier. So, for me, i’m going to be introducing health insurance. I don’t know what else i’m going to do in the aspect of ferris them, but else insurance first that’s. The first thing that came to mind would find a way to make sure that okay, my staff to some certain level you default, seek to be my responsibility, the complex responsibility to take care of them. So as an entrepreneur, you give your staff respect it’s. Just you have a work friendly environment with enough motivation, and usually everybody has their roles, so everybody is on it’s, not one person doesn’t have to be the decision they can also, but when there’s a flash command, they also have to be the person that we define Now see so, okay, when this happens, when you talk about you talk about it, you know get fight. This person has a final say on this and that’s why? I think that’s, where they have departments, uh, head of departments and stuff hey, but for now, if you don’t have federal departments, you don’t have a large uh large organization for you, it can be you, you can be the final decision maker. Someone else depends on who you want to how you want to do it, so i make my i don’t think already.

My own company is made up of five people. Okay, i think myself. This is the the social uh sales and marketing manager, the um financial manager. My ex my assistant and the sales girl for now we have the other people we have in the company they’re going to. They are actually freelancers and stuff. So i’m happy i’m happy that i’m. Finally, getting ahead of structure and it’s, less overwhelming honestly, i can’t tell you: i’ve still been able to sleep, though, but i’ve taken a lot of things off my mind. Right it’s, like i know, that’ll be fine. I don’t really associate time. I get because i’m like that. I get reports i don’t know what’s going on so please make sure that you get structure in your business and also get structure in your life. So everything is balanced out you, i think, it’s one of the keys to happy living when you structure your life. You know what you’re doing push yourself. First, you do things that will work for you a little longer, so i glow i don’t know if you delight but i’m still feeling myself anyway. Thank you very much for watching today’s video and i promise to share my workout journey i’m. Sharing is my see my sister guys don’t forget to like this video subscribe. We love you mm. Hmm, thank you. Bye, bye, she’s, terrible! Well, thank you very much for watching and, of course, i told you that my dying space is my work area.

So i’m, there i’m working today and i decided to shoot this video because one of the things i have to do today, i didn’t give any video last week – i’m. Sorry, but bear with me i was overwhelmed. I was i was excited.