What what’s the prior is Chelsea gon na change. I don’t really think so. I think they’re gon na go for it. My main worry about Chelsea is William, I think is that I think is it’s a terrific player and looks like he’s leaving the club as well Don it, and then the season will be checking me, and I would have told a lot of talk a bit ago About incoming ball think he sang some and it’s all good. Looking but he’s a fretsaw yeah, well what’s Namie. I think he’s got a point to prove for him. Bartley, I think it’s a nice amenities place in the team is that quite a few games are watching me because I thought it was gon na be a great prospect when he was younger yeah, but it doesn’t seem to have like cracks on since he went at Chelsea with a finger meet job with him, he’ll have two or three great games and then they’ll disappear for the month. You know so anyway: we’re not buying it. I’Ll tell it so my boy, but looking back for self no let’s start at the beginning. Goalkeeper it’ll change it to UT. Well, I think he’ll change it well. Iii. Think des is gon na stay in. I think because they want to consistency at this time of the year, we’re going for things with a few games and I think you’ll stay within bolt Romero go goalkeeper, great goalkeeper, surely not have someone like him sat on the bench seems to be out there, yeah Being number two, you know as he’s called on he’s.

Never let us down! So if you play some heed and obviously the hands a better keeper, but with him I’m happy, if you please now for let Pat Williams well – hopefully, hopefully, if he comes over he’s caught with your finger, know a few days rest and healing to be right. There don’t, like shards gon na make it we go along the bat for, I think, by your coming, get a game. Maybe the Gradle stay in and then obviously one of the sacking it right back missing him. It feels it to chalky, but not the bat. For I think I don’t think you’ll change it III. I honestly don’t and I don’t – I don’t – see why he should just for changing, say I don’t think he’s got a previous round so, but this is semi family as they cook. We was talking about what’s, more important for you, an FA Cup. Semi final: are the Champions League spot? What do you think thought gives you comment for me for place? I know it’s a massive game and we all want to be on that on the first of our view. What for me getting in that top four is where the money is I’m, not interested in the money. All right we’ve got a chance of a troll figure, and you know it should put everything into it. Yeah this is monstrous. You know, yeah all right, they’ve got enough money, shouldn’t be worrying about it.

All right, listen FA Cup let’s, get a trophy yeah let’s get Ollie a trophy back for stay, solid, don’t change. It move on midfield midfield. Well much as he’s got a start. He’S got a start. You know I think he’s got a start for the simple reason he actually frees up: Pogba yeah that’s it Papa’s plane, because pogba seems to like we’re mutts it’s in there it’s it’s too far back yeah you’re not affecting the games, all changing, Matic yeah. I love that one Fred comes in for Bruno Bruno wants to play yeah. This lady played in the last round. He’S not he’s played in every game and that’s all yeah, probably odd decisions and then we’ve got we’ve got we’re gon na look up front off a gig, a low stats. I would say Gallo star, possibly James, possibly James, on the right. But there you going again, Marshalls been superb I’m wrassling grass fed beef confidence. We scored in gold, so we’ve got placements a great decision. After all that, so what what was saying here, I play 12 we’ve on it with a clean, green wood needs the rest right, and then you saying Marcel Rushford when I’m to go out, but you can’t. Can you ball playing well just to give to players? You know we’ve got a gala or James as far as we’re concerned. Replacing Greenwood he’s got great options there. So you mean soldiers off the wings, great options.

Let’S get me a fake up, let’s get it let’s, get it let’s not worry about. The next game concentrate on this he’s, nothing getting in the FA Cup. So but for me my personal opinion, once you change that three o’clock kickoff on Saturday and he started throwing it all out responses be valued in mind, that’s my point: if you playing a plus five for the caught fire, we always remember growing up and three o’clock Following me, if your team wasn’t there you’d watch the build up all day, well, not sure what sure experience is a Wembley. Well, I’ve got a little one year: 1994 verse, chelsa FA Cup, final, absolutely I’m, Adam first half wasn’t great and then edit score. The pellet book, as you know, I don’t battle ox, oh and on the called cheeky back that day, then it’s a school first United to win free nail. It was all going according to plan, so blame the Clare scored right to death. I remember like standing up in uniting them and putting me under mid, and I, like you, know it funds only five. The Miller sold yeah give me back on the pot, so that was me drinking that a lot of teachers to gamble a gamble: okay, yeah I’m gon na gamble. Since then, no never was that Blakey that the truth has been sold. I think one of me greatest experiences was Norman Whiteside, yes, normal Whiteside. It took on the world that’s what Gary Neville said it took on the world, absolutely fabulous player, and I love him because it he didn’t shoot him.

Anything was down at em men and that moment right when we went out some men, the crowd was just unbelievable, unbelievable now, if you’ve not seen it and you think Ryan Giggs scored a great goal in 99 and fell apart I’m telling you you watch that goal Young lad fit aggressive and he would fight anyone and that’s what you wanted in the team and I’m telling you what a great moment when that goal, winning I’ve got ya watching it. Yeah that’s all got some comments here: yeah, hey, let’s uh forgot the first one from gain off. The three points are the most important thing we’re now next shoe games are in the top four for us without his best game, since lockdown great shot, as always lunch. Well, three points 6 points to be honest with you, I don’t think we’ll need six points, no we’re just chatting off camera, so want me about. I don’t. I honestly think that chopping them will beat last night are checks on nothing and I think it’ll come to the game. It I’m gon na say Filbert Street there’s. Another members, oh yeah, yeah – that it comes that will hopefully just need a point. So much Chelsea. You know we’ve gotten, yeah we’ve got them in a semifinal and the end of the day. They’Ve got three really stressful games and they’ve got to win every one of them and I can’t see him doing it. So yeah three points are important right that’s.

Why do what we’ve got to go for right? So this one, some mad lads, what’s your thoughts on safe standing, Queen bats exams, PS, keep up the good work safe standard, not interested. No, no no decide is itself shipping Valley. A few years now after the games, you stood up late anyway. Could you roll from the only down a halftime? I don’t know so I feel becoming a point now where we passed that standing thing well, I don’t know: listen our age we’re, not interested on. You know if I’m sharing, if drink brats, if if people want safe, standing and crack on but I’m, not interested, not with my not with my bad back, not we all bud back there. Our generation we don’t, want to stand up comments about standard or Danny, never leaves read through three charts: a lot of sense and love. The club all he’s, giving out our density back with the style of football and playing on grown knees up the Reds to get a give you a tenner to put that on Gary Neville. No, no, no, are you sure that’s, not something you put? No, no. He understands the identity without a doubt, right it’s brought the plane back alright, but what what is doing here right is creating the identity going forward and they’re going forward. It will not be done next season. Anyone talking about winning the league and anything like that. Forget it right: this is gon na take a couple of years right now, he’s going to build it enjoy the journey.

I mean it’s ups and downs and he’s gon na bring it back. Is the club through and through so just enjoy it right? And if we pick up patrol for this weekend, well go towards picking up patrol for this weekend, all right, fine right but calm down, he’s building, wasn’t built rome wasn’t, built in a day, but he’s on the right track, no way on this earth. When I play we’ll have your place Marcial we came. I mentioned a comment about if we really a lot of these shouting tendons, then when mass yells through and he came, puts that away, I think when he saw that I became not seen through your place Marcial, but I think we need an out and out goalscorer If we’re gon na get up there them down at the top table with the two top clubs at the moment, so I would have turned round here with that question twelve months ago, 18 months ago and said just pay what it takes to get out of came My concern with Alec Kane is right at the moment, watching him he’s up front he’s on his own and is it and I don’t think he’s performing now. I don’t know whether that’s, because he’s up front on his own or this serious injury. What is that right? Which can affect lots of players, you look at your Michael Oher wins and all that they’ve had their injuries and they lose that pace.

You know I mean now. I need more time with Daddy Kane let’s go to overnight against Luca, I know so let’s. Well, I just doesn’t all doing I’m asking for more time right to see what really goes on, do not mean. Will it within a within a situation where we can go out there and buy two or three players right to add wasn’t what it cost? What is re, I think, re Keynes too much of a gamble and at the end of the day, dealing with Tottenham, then you’re gon na pay double what you’re gon na do, especially when Marshall is a top top player and proving it now that were said is Proving it now nobody’s nobody’s, proving it now right in the way ollie is developing this side, so I mean do we really need, I don’t think so coming for the law, would you like to see how he came Bob? You know let’s see anyway, the last one for today, so we’ve got Steve guys. I love volleyball his tatsuta house against all ranked teams of the show shoots. The last two games proved it even more watching and others who’s number two to learn. Listen. I respect your opinion pop. If you can’t see how Wally has changed this side and it’s developed and attacked. Okay, listen you’re! Going on about South Hampton. Let me tell you something right. You know it’s set up well against them. This should have been 3 1 up.

3, 1 up to clear chance any other day there they’ve gone up one of them days where it doesn’t go in oli, is getting it right, we’ll be back after the Chelsea game, hopefully with a place in the FA Cup final before that make sure you’re clicking On watch our videos, especially to get another one, you’ll love it enjoy the game. Please subscribe to the channel.