I think that’s something everyone can relate to in real life. What are three characteristics that people mistakingly think every major action star has to have as an action star that has all of the tools to be exactly what you would expect to see um. You know, i think the characteristic traits are a deep voice. Um, you know they they feel like action. Stars need this. This crazy tone – and i don’t i don’t – have that see. Mines is higher but i’m still able to to come across with the action stuff. Also, you know hand to hand combat training. You feel like you need that i’m, more of a on the spot, fly kind of guy always have been uh feisty scrappy, a scrappy action star, haven’t really seen a lot of those so i’m, like the first scrappy action, star, uh and last but not least, probably Speed and i’ll tell you something: i’m, not that fast, i’m, very slow. So you know with it. I don’t need you to agree matt. I i think i think i mean i’m. Sorry, i’m, just painting a picture natalie out of those words that he just used to describe scrappy hand to hand combat which one of those traits do you possess, because you are a badass not just in this role but game of thrones, fast and furious, which ones Do you already have um to be honest, um i i don’t really have any of them.

I definitely don’t have a deep voice as far as i well, where i mean i’m kind of scrappy, i’m yeah, but not liking. The way that kevin. So you know brilliantly portrays um himself to be and um what was the other thing hand to hand combat. I mean to be fair, like i have got quite a strong right hook, but in terms of like actual training, it’s, not it’s, not even right it’s. Your left, you throw your leg it’s, nothing! You’Re right! Do you know you’re right from your left neck it’s, not right! Um, you guys are so good across, is pretty hard and dangerous, okay and uh yeah, but uh. I think i am generally in the action space. I’Ve been much more of a kind of intellectual mind which you know is something that i specifically bring to the table. Well, you both bring so much to this, and one of the best surprises i think of watching all of the episodes was seeing john travolta in this role as ron wilcox. It was so fun to see him on screen and the scene with the two of you on the green screen and him directing you was like probably one of my favorites. You know our hearts of course go out to him and his family right now. Natalie. I saw you commented on his post kevin. Have you been able to share your condolences? Uh i mean you send out a message, but i think in times like this, less is more uh it’s, not about me and my message and my wording to him: it’s about him and his family and getting support from the ones closest to him.

And you know when the time is right and you can talk and share your love, then i think uh, you do it, but right now i think it’s literally about giving him and his family the spaces.