I was extreme, I had very low self esteem, I was go Keys. A teenager and I lived in America. I was made to feel conscious about the fact that I was Indian. That was weird at that time and not by everyone, but just by like a few bullies at school. That hated me in high schools hard for everyone, but so I was in a in a very weird sort of teenage place and when Miss India happened, I’m inherently competitive. I think the fact that I was competitive pushed me to teach myself to be confident. Initially I faked it till I made it. I was just like I’m, not gon na. Let anyone see that I’m scared I’m, not gon na. Let anyone see that I’m affected and over time. I realized that as a woman as a girl in this world. If I allow myself to be hurt – or if I allow myself to be affected – that’s all I’m going to be and I’m not, you know trying to say that it’s a it’s, an issue that just women have it’s, not easy to be a woman in show business And especially, a woman who’s opinionated, especially someone who I’m not I’m sort of like, and I wasn’t like that from the beginning, I sort of learned. So confidence is something I’ve taught myself.

I started becoming okay with who I am. I became the best version of me and then I sort of said I’m.

Okay, you know I’m, alright, even if someone else thinks this I’m. Okay and everyone can do that – people just don’t realize it. I was always created in school, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I used to ride, I did plays, I would do school, but my aspiration was never to be creative and now that I found this vocation I’m producing, I write columns. I my creativity comes out in whatever way, I think somehow something guides you. What that is, I don’t know I don’t have a name for it. I don’t think it’s a religion. I don’t know if it’s God, I don’t, know what it is. I think something is bigger than us and I believe well, when I became Miss India, I sort of was on strange ground myself, because I was literally I was in college. I was studying and now I’m suddenly Miss World, and I have these. I was traveling all over the world, you know being an ambassador and and suddenly movie offers started coming to me from India, because I think producers thought that it would be it make. Business sense to you know, have this world in the movie and I guess it did because in my first second films like I won a lot of awards, I don’t think I could act.

I just went in there with the idea of okay. I can learn a new skill set. I may not know what acting is about, but I can learn so that’s how I taught myself I’ve never been to film school.

I thought my career has been I’ve fallen down and does I’ve been okay to fail? I don’t, like failure, I’ll, never let the same failure. It happen to me again because I learn from it. I like knowledge. I, like learning from the people around me and I don’t think anyone reaches a point, no matter how successful you are in life. You can’t learn something and I think that sort of got me to where I am and that’s been a big part of my work, and I remember when no one wanted to ask me – and I get that I remember when and I still am like sometimes there’s. So many fights that I do, but I remember when nobody wanted to do you know what, in my opinion, I remember when I had to work on when I was just the side chick to the guy and I had to work and do small but important significant Parts to prove that I can and I will and then triumph so no one can be that you can’t, be like oh that’s things gon na knock on my door one day: no, it won’t. You have to be able to recognize opportunities because there’ll be a lot of them that come into your life and once you recognize an opportunity, you have to seize the day and work very hard because there’ll be 25 other people.