We are here at speed, dial i’m using uh, my phone to do this uh through software that enables you to go live very quickly and today i have a very, very cool guest from across the pond, where it’s very early in the morning tomorrow. I believe uh. This is sean to my right, sean from geeksvana sean welcome hi. Thank you very much for having me yes, i’m. I’M i’m here from the future you’re here yes to come and talk about the drones, the drones literally the drones of tomorrow hold on there. We go all right all right. Sorry, i hit the wrong hit the wrong thing. So, if you um, if you actually uh, are, are there tomorrow, one thing i want to know is: will tomorrow be windy? Um, yes, tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s very windy tomorrow? Okay, absolutely that i i actually am intending to go out and fly this little guy tomorrow and and i’m really curious how it’s going to do in the wind. This is actually a uh it’s, a gep rc um long range, fpv, quad and it’s a it will take a 3s or a 4s has a gps unit on the back, which will allow it to kind of safely return to home. But the coolest thing about it and this you know this is kind of a shout out to chris from sunrise water media, as well as to ken dono. It is called the baby crocodile, and so, if you recall, ken donoh had a little incident with a crocodile, an imaginary crocodile or alligator here in austin, texas and chris, with sunrise, water media actually made a a very cool icon for for big al, which is he’s, Got it there in the in the chat, so if you’re and there it is yes, i see uh greg, townsend uh, i see sunrise water media.

I see mike miller, i see shane from we rv the johnstons thanks for joining, saw chris hope in there earlier. I saw harley fpv in there earlier uh charles in there wow. We got a good crowd tonight, so what’s been going on with you sean you you’ve been keeping really busy with youtube, but tell us we can’t catch us yeah yeah. I mean it it. It has been fairly hectic, actually it’s um. Obviously the the uk um in england in specific uh is is on is on our second lockdown at the moment. So um again a lot more time spent at home, so i’ve i’ve been using that time to to develop the channel a little bit and to put a bit more content out than i normally would perhaps um, but yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s been good fun. Obviously, you know staying home staying safe, which is uh, which is important right now. What is what does it look like um? What does it look like on lockdown? I think in the us us being a big country with a lot of different states with a lot of different laws and regulations, for example in in texas, i would say going out and flying your drone is is is fine. You can do that um. You know. There’S there’s regulations about when you’re in public spaces, but, for example, most of our parks have still been open. At least at least city parks have still been open.

Yes, yes, what about for you public spaces? Well, the the first lockdown everything was was very strange, obviously, and it it kind of felt a little bit apocalyptic almost um and everything was closed. You weren’t supposed to go very far from your house, even when exercising etc. This time things have been a little bit more open, so it’s, really the anywhere that you can congregate inside has been closed, so retail bars. Restaurants parks are all open that type of thing um. Unfortunately, the flying clubs are closed because they’re, technically social clubs, so they had to be closed despite the fact that they’re they’re, of course, open fields with the old shed in the middle um, which was a shame so so my flying club is closed at the moment. Um but uh, but yeah we’re, finding other places to fly, which is which is good as well. I know it’s it’s, it’s, it’s it’s a different lock down the second time. Definitely there’s there’s. Ironically, i think because a lot of people have been. We have a furlough scheme here, so the government will pay people’s salaries, eighty percent up to two and a half thousand a month. The government will pay that for if your employer has to send you home, if you can’t work in a covered safe way, um. So actually, ironically, there’s a bit more traffic at the moment during the day, because people are at home going and doing things and that type of thing so it’s um, yeah, it’s it’s, a very strange feeling.

Oh, i i’ve actually been uh in england. One time for christmas – and i guess it was probably 1989 or so um – it was a beautiful place to be for christmas. London, especially, was was awesome yes over christmas um, but but i remember also uh being surprised that they must have been a cold year, because there was a cold snap and i didn’t expect it to be that cold um in in london, but it would get warmer In the evening it would be really cold in the in the morning and throughout the day, and then in the evening it would kind of warm up a little bit. Is that common yeah? I mean it hasn’t been that way for a long time now. Actually, when, when i was when i was at school, the um, we would have the you know, fog and frost in the morning and then by lunchtime i’d, be out playing football in the schoolyard in, in my t, shirt um in the beautiful sunshine, and that that That that was the british weather, it has has changed a bit actually and we we seem to have this sort of middle ground now an awful lot of sort of it’s between 10 to 15 degrees centigrade, and that which is pretty much where we’re sticking at the Moment uh, we don’t have as much snow as we used to have and that sort of thing but um. But yes, when we get a cold snap, it gets very cold very quickly and you’re you’re in surrey is that right or nursery that’s right? Yes, uh southwest southwest of london, so i’m i’m sort of um, i’d say it’s about 40 minutes for me to drive in into the center of london, and then i’ve got the beaches of the south coast about an hour and 20 minutes south of me.

So it’s sort of happily in the middle there basically is that is that anywhere near chichester. Uh chichester is about 50 minutes an hour away, i’m i’m sort of in i’m in the southeast and chichesters sort of more towards the central south that that was where uh. That was actually where um my i had family there and we spent part of um christmas in london and part of it in chichester, so that’s, two very good places to visit yeah i mean chichester is, is, is a really nice place? Oh, it was. It was beautiful and it was on the coast and everything so you and i were chatting earlier about upcoming uh german regulations. You know in the us we’re we’re talking a lot about remote id um we’ve also just had a drone that was released under 250 grams. For people to be able to fly, a lot of people are coming out with sub 250 fpv, although this one actually with the battery is over 250 but um. What is your take on the the european laws that are coming out? Yeah i mean we, we we’re having a a wholesale change. Um things are going to be very, very different. Our professional qualifications, uh everything – is changing. We only gained registration this time last year in preparation for these regulations uh, but the essa eu regulations are being adopted by the uk and it means things like, for instance, at the moment, a hobbyist without qualification who’s, who just got simple registration.

They have to stay 150 meters away from congested areas, so you couldn’t even fly in the middle of a village, um that’s going to change. If you’ve got a sub 250 gram, drone you’re going to be able to fly in congested areas, um and there’s a there’s. A new qualification which i’ve already passed actually, which the a called the a2 cfc, which means i’m, going to be able to take my larger drones into congested areas as well. So there’s going to it’s going to open up airspace that i’ve never flown in a drone. In before, because because i would have been arrested frankly, wow and um, so it’s it’s, very, very it’s it’s an exciting time. It’S also, of course, there’s a lot of resistance, because people feel like there’s a lot of regulation coming in. But actually, my channel is fairly positive on it, because i feel that, especially coming from the hobbyist point of view that things will be more open for us. If we follow those new rules, we’re going to get to do even more than we do right now, which is which is exciting um, but another major change is that they’re getting rid of at the hour part 107, essentially um from the point of view that it Doesn’T matter, if you’re flying commercially or as a hobbyist they’re only worried about the risk of the flight, so we’re going to be basically having hobbyists, who can actually work for uh um for money flying their drones.

It’S gon na be it’s gon na be a real sea change next year. It’S really really gon na mix things up, but everyone has to be at a certain level right. Every everyone has to pass some sort of a qualification, not not not really there’s there’s there’s. The dimares scheme, which is the drone and model aircraft registration and education scheme, which is our our registration scheme and that’s um, basically a flyer id number to say that you own the drone and that’s the registration number that goes on your drone. You then have to pass a multiple choice: quiz um, to get your flyer id um and that that’s the bit that says that you can fly but it’s, extremely simple. All of the answers are on the website itself: um so, and it’s it’s things like you know: don’t go over 400 feet and um. You know the real basics of the really basic rules of dreamery yeah, which is good. Obviously, because then anyone that’s flying with a flyer id if they do something wrong, then you know you can’t say that you didn’t know the basic rules um and you know so that so the basic level of qualification is very, very slightly higher than it is now Which is nothing um, but the things like the the qualification i took the a2cfc then above that what’s now called the gvc, which is kind of like the part 107. um that’s. Those are very exciting uh qualifications because they will let hobbyists and semi professionals.

As i say, fly quite big drones in in in some very cool areas. Well, and – and you mentioned earlier – about congested areas what’s, the definition of that is that is that overwhelming or or interestingly yeah, interestingly, um two live streams ago. So two thursdays ago, we were lucky enough to have the the former head of the caa drone unit um on on on the live stream for a q, a so essentially like the guy, your equivalent of whoever’s in charge of drones at the faa um, and he I i put it to him for the definition of congested area because it’s, something which um a lot of people, argue about: um, really it’s it’s any more than four or five buildings, four or five houses together, um and then you’re starting to get congested so it’s, Like a village, certainly anything like a town um and his answer essentially was because it hasn’t actually no one’s, actually been prosecuted properly and then appealed for flying the congested area. They don’t actually have a iron cast definition, which is slightly frustrating coming from the from the regulators themselves, of course, but um. I can understand it as well, because that’s the way that uk law works, you know you have to you – have to prosecute and then have have things tested on appeal before real hard, hard law. There’S, not a precedent. That’S been set with that. What no, no and and and one of one of the one of the good things i’ve next week on the channel i’ve, actually got um um a a a a drone unit, police officer coming on the channel to have a chat with us and one of the Good things that i like about this guy and a lot of his colleagues is they’re they’re, very much about education in this country at the moment.

So if they find you flying somewhere that you shouldn’t be flying as long as you’re, not acting recklessly or trying to do something, you know drop drugs into a prison or something like that. Um they’re all about education and having a chat with you, which is really the mood, has changed on that side of things this year um and it means that we’re having a much more open conversation as a hobby, so people are are saying. Actually, i think i made a mistake last week, and i did this – was that right was that wrong and they’re, not just saying okay, you know here’s the cuffs we’re going to we’re going to find you they’re, actually having an open conversation and educating so um. So it’s good from that point of view, but it also means that we don’t have any the congested law in particular hasn’t been tested. So we it’s a little bit more difficult to define and and when you said you’re going to have someone on from the drone unit of the police, do you mean that the the ones that fly drones within the police use them before police work? Okay, okay, yes and – and those guys tend to be the ones that will, if there’s an issue with the drone they’re the ones that the colleagues will call out to say. Hey we’ve had someone flying we’ve had a report because, of course they they know the law backwards themselves right right.

They tend to be the ones that will take the call basically to go in to go and sort out, what’s happening and decide if there’s any wrongdoing. Don’T fly over buckingham palace right. Don’T fly: oh yeah! Oh, oh, yes! Oh, yes! No! No! No! No i’ll! Tell you a funny story. Uh! Actually, in 2010, 2010 was. I think that was the last time i was in the uk and um. I i was there. Actually doing work for the irish dairy board and then the reason i wasn’t actually doing work for the irish dreary board. My client had a relationship with the irish dairy board and hired my company to go over there and shoot a video um, and we were up in um salisbury um for that video. And then we ended up going by windsor castle and there’s a park right right by windsor castle um. Yes, there is, and we went to that park and it’s also near a flight path like there’s, a there’s, an airport right near there as well. We weren’t flying through airport yeah, okay, so heathrow is close to there, so we were trying to shoot part of the video with windsor castle as the background uh from the park, because you could see the castle in the background and and every time we would start To roll a plane would go over and ruin the tape it was. It took us, it was like a. It was like supposed to be a two minute piece and it took us two hours to film it, but it was fun, that’s, incredible, that’s, incredible yeah.

I mean it is and and the flight path that we we always um, that that is a bit of a it’s only about 20 minutes from me um and that and that that’s always one of the jokes that the the the queen actually lives on on. One of the major lower low level flight paths as well, you get, they really are noisy when they’re rattling across there. Well, she she she may be a little hard of hearing at this point too. So, oh you watch what you say. Can you be careful now? I know i don’t, i don’t actually know that. I will tell you my my grandmother on my mother’s side is english and she shares a birthday with the queen, not just not just not just the the day and month, but the year, she’s she’s, the same age. 94, 95 or whatever it is so she has a big affection for the queen, so yeah she she’s she’s, but she has a special place in the hearts of so many people here as well of course well so so for that’s that’s that’s, my uh that’s. My little battery charger over there so for the upcoming holiday season and the 2021 year of of drones. I kind of wanted to do a little bit of speculation for us um, obviously again, dji just released the uh dji mini 2 we’ve got news of a potential sony. Well i mean i don’t think it’s potential.

I think the sony drone is there yep they’ll. They are coming definitely yep and that’ll be in the spring. Is that what you’ve heard yeah they’re they’re, certainly going public with the project in the spring and they’re hoping to to to sort of? Let us know it. It seems like going on their press releases that we’re going to get a mixture of things from them. There’S a there’s a. I know if you’ve seen the patent that’s a sort of almost mobile phone sized one that you fold out and pop the pop the motors out and that sort of thing and the the cover becomes a controller. So i think we’re going to see things like that. Even smaller than the mini, which are literally fully autonomous to take selfies and that type of thing all the way through to the um commercial sized drones that’s. Personally, what i think we’ll see, um and, of course, with some with some crazy sony cameras on there as well, but they’re they’re, really going for the photography and video market right, they’re, not they’re, not going after uh mapping or crops or yeah. With these press releases. It seems like they’re going straight after dji as far as you know, it feels alright yeah. It feels that way. I i wonder if they’ll niche it and – and you know they they would either come out of the gates with a mini competitor and they’ll they’ll. Just go full on head head on into dji land or they’ll.

Do something slightly even more niche than that um and uh. Try to to to do something. A little bit different it’ll be interesting to see what they do, but i think their plan will certainly be to be a dji competitor within within i’d, say three to four years, but now they’re putting a lot of money into it. Now sony sony’s been around for a long time, storied history, you know and uh i remember, reading about the founder from it was like the early 1900s or something you know i mean this. Is a company that’s been around for a long time? I grew up with sony televisions with the walkman with the discman all of those kind of things you remember, the walkman yeah yeah that’s literally absolutely. I remember yeah uh, my my parents always had sony trinitron tvs. You know the boxy ones, but but it feels like sony’s kind of fallen out of um the public’s eye recently. Is that the same in the uk yeah yeah kind of i i think when the um uh, when the when the japanese markets took a very heavy hit um? Was it now about 20 years ago um? I think i think so many were one of the companies that were hit quite hard by that um, so they they seem to scale back their operations and but we you look at how they’re they’re releasing cameras in the last couple of years. They certainly seem to be wanting to take um.

You know, release is very strong and if it’s anything you know we, we could probably expect to see a new version of whichever, whichever drone they bring out fairly regularly going by how often they they change their cameras. Up, i would have thought that that is true. That is true, and they do have amazing cameras. I mean, i i will say sony is sony. Is a competitor in that area. I i want to reply to a couple of things in the chat. First of all, uh say hello to sean oz and art code, drone solution and mike miller and oz by drone, and i hear it’s greg’s birthday today, so happy birthday, greg from happy birthday, greg from either side of you from from the european side and from the American side uh happy birthday to greg um and also, i want to say hello to doc. Murdock who’s out there, who actually uh chris i’ve, got your package um from doc was my uh subscriber of the month last last month, and so i have a very cool um gift pack that i’m gon na send him next week, it’s been a little crazy, but Next week is slow for work, so i will get that out to him but um. I also was just gon na. Ask you uh sean as far as hey and i got a five. It looks like a five euro um super chat, that’s yeah that’s rob mueller. Yes, thank you, rob um he’s, asking about dji going to geofence their fpv systems and then uh no fly zones on the air units.

Oh i yeah. I i can’t be interested in them. I can’t well! So so, actually i’ll i’ll say my two bits on this. Then i’d love to hear yours. First of all, i i really can’t see how they would do that because there’s a couple of things number one you don’t have to use um you. You can just use the uh air unit as a recorder and uh and a video transmitter and and nothing else, it’s, not it’s, not your flight controller it’s, not your, but you can also use it. Obviously, as your as your transmitter receiver setup, which is what i generally do, because it’s really easy um, but then, as far as the uh next thing, i think the dji is going to do and we were talking about this gosh. I might have been talking about this with you actually, when i was on with you a couple of weeks on your show. Yes, that yeah, we think dji might put uh image stabilization in their air unit. Do you remember yeah yeah? No indeed – and i i think that will happen, i think the air unit will stay pretty open. I i agree with you that, because it is a component being built into a um being built into that a drone, i don’t think they’ll they’ll, look to geofence that whether the the new fpv um drone itself, if we ever see that whether that has geo fencing Will be very interesting to see because of course they are, they are committed to putting it in all of their drones, so it will be interesting to see if that happens, yeah and – and i suppose you know it kind of depends on if it becomes more like A dji camera drone if it becomes something that is literally, take it out of the box plug and play and go um.

Then i could see where them putting it in putting geofencing in or no fly zones in it would would follow their normal protocol. Yes, what do you think it’s right or wrong, but right now with an air unit, you have to actually take the air unit and put it in the put it in the drone or buy one that’s already been built. That way and you’ve got to do some configuration and betaflight you’ve got. I mean it’s, not it you’re you’re not going to sell this to someone who’s just getting started with drones, and maybe the thought there is that that’s a little bit more of a you know, diy uh kind of thing that people could bypass those those limitations anyway. So totally agree with that totally agree with that yeah. But imagine imagine for a minute if you did have um image stabilization like the rocksteady or the um uh. What is it called on? Gopro um sean? What is it called come on? Isn’T it isn’t it rocksteady on gopro isn’t that the company, no, i think, rocksteady, i think, roxetti it’s, hyper hyper smooth. I think rocksteady is uh osmo action. I could. I could be wrong somebody. Somebody uh help me out here, but someone will try this in the chat. Yes, yes, so rob rob. Mueller does say you have to register air units, and that is true. You actually do have to register it to your account. So this i just actually set this guy up yesterday and when i did, the first thing i had to do was plug in the air unit um, which is this isn’t actually an air unit.

This is actually a um. Hey can heron call it a step dip once that’s a great one uh anyway, you do have to plug this in and register it. Just like you do any other dji drone um in in uh, dji, um assistant and just a little a little hint if you’re. If you do buy one of these and you’re trying to get it set up now, this is the caddix version, but if you do try to get this set up with dji assistant, there is a special dji assistant for fpv. It won’t work with the regular dji assistant so first time i first time i tried it well there’s, actually like four versions of dji assistant or something crazy like that, but the first time i tried it, i plugged this guy in and it was not recognizing it. It was not recognizing it and then i started looking around and they were like. No, you have to use the fpv version of dji assistant but to to rob’s point earlier or know, mike’s point. Who was that that said that um, no it’s rob that you do have to register um, but again, if you could put the technology that that action cameras have to stabilize the image on this thing, that would be more a 360 on this: hey! No exactly fpv. Just got my dji mini 2 charging. The batteries now have never flown a camera. Drone before i’ve been flying fpv for four years, any tips the camera drone.

What are your tips for an fpv pilot flying a camera drone um don’t try to go through tiny gaps. Yeah, yeah and and and don’t try to over control it, but just just remember that it’s it’s gon na it’s gon na stay there. When you let go of the sticks. So if, if it feels like it’s going wrong it’s a lot easier to to stop. Basically, an awful lot yeah you have that you have that hover capability and and on the mini 2. The hover capability is so so solid. Now have you flown a mini 2? Yet no i’ve i’ve still got the i’ve, certainly got the mini one at the moment. So the mini 2 is is going to be coming at some point: i’m, not i’m, not sure where um, when yeah or from where and do you feel like that’s an upgrade that’s worthwhile based on what you’ve heard yeah, i i think so i mean it would Probably be a purchase more aimed towards the channel which actually the the mavic mini, was that there’s a few videos that i made with it, which which were worthwhile uh from from a growth point of view? Frankly, i’ll be honest about it um and i think the mini t will be the same, because i i have the air too, so obviously there’s there’s a lot of overlap there um, but again with the regulation changes here. If it’s sub 250 um, you can fly right up into town centers and that type of thing uh, as of the end of december um, so it’s, the mini 2 with ocusync, is going to be a very powerful tool.

Uh moving forward, yeah, yeah and and so over 250, though you you can’t, do that correct, uh! You you, you can’t, go in the a1 category, so yeah, absolutely you won’t be able to fly over people and that type of thing and uh right into town centers. You will still be able to fly in congested areas, but within 50 meters of any people. Basically, it is pretty interesting too. As a as a content creator um, you do have different. I think you were just highlighting this. We do have different motivations for buying a drone, um, obviously i’ve i’ve. I love flying and i love traveling with it, but you’re right. Sometimes when you buy a a drone, you know that there’s a demand for for content around that right. So so that would make sense it. You know it almost it almost um if you can justify selling the mini and then the cost difference to get the mini too um you know and then and then can you make enough revenue based on the content you create. You know that’s right exactly and and if and if you bear in mind, obviously i i come at things from the hobbyist side of things and, of course the mini. Two is very much on on on that. On that you know the first drone type of type of situation and certainly the the uh, the drone rule change videos which we’ve put out recently there’s been a lot of talk about the mini too, so it probably will start appearing on the channel quite soon.

Well, so so also just you know, it really is a leap forward with occusync. You know, as as everybody’s talked about in their videos and and the 4k. You know the the ability for that camera is something that is um. I would say in a lot of cases, because i’ve seen some comparison, videos it’s hard to tell the difference between footage, 4k footage shot with the mini 2 and and the mavic air. The yeah, the mavic air 2., like the footage, looks very very similar. Absolutely absolutely and again. I i think that a lot of flyers that are going to be using the mini 2 i’m, not sure whether they’re going to get the full. If the camera was any better i’m, not sure they would get the full benefit from it necessarily um before they, they upgraded and went to one of the more serious drones but um, but yeah i mean both both seem capable. I mean i. I certainly didn’t hear a lot of people complaining about the mini one. In fact, i heard the opposite that a lot of people were surprised to see a mini two coming, but um that was obviously before launch once it came. It made complete sense with all the upgrades, i think, everyone’s extremely happy with it. Well, i don’t remember where i heard this um it was on. It was on a youtube channel, but i remember somebody talking about frank wang, who is the founder of dji being actually really really um, not happy with the original mini like he.

He it was kind of he. He felt almost embarrassed that they had put it out. Yes, and so the mini two was designed to uh appease him. A little bit is what i heard yeah it’s it’s, supposedly that he was very upset that it wasn’t full 4k to begin with. But apparently that is that there was something about the design, the gimbal or something that 4k overheated very quickly with the with the with the mini one, when they, when they put when they unlocked the full 4k um. So yeah i mean whether that’s uh one of those one of those stories uh that that so that’s that’s that starts in twitter land and ends up as, as fact on youtube, i’m, not sure, um but interesting to um what the executives are thinking. Yeah yeah. I i do wonder, though, if this is a sign that was going to start seeing an almost apple approach to the mini, because um i know billy kyle was was saying on twitter. That he’d been told the little led light at the front was actually supposed to be a sensor, an avoidance sensor yeah, and we should expect this. We should expect to see that on the mini three, so i wonder if we’re going to start seeing an iphone type of situation where we’re going to get refresh refresh refresh, i mean you have to wonder what else they can put into that little thing to have Too many more refreshes, but i suppose the next one, sensors uh, would would make some kind of sense well and – and you know that that’s obviously the problem is the weight right, because the sensors and the electronics you need to do that.

Weigh some uh. Interestingly, too. On the on the mini 2 is the battery, for it is actually um is actually heavier than the original battery. I believe because it’s a lithium ion instead of a lithium polymer um, but but so that means, if you take the, if you take the battery out and you weigh it compared to the the old one, it actually weighs quite a bit less because it had it Had to weigh less to get under the under the weight with the new battery and the heavier battery, so crazy let’s, try it exactly yeah! No, it is. It is crazy. I wanted to. I wanted to show everybody this real, quick, um i’m, actually going to get this out and fly it tomorrow. I’M, so excited i’ve got my uh, my opening device uh. This is, this is what we use the official my wife got me got tired of me, using uh, her good knives for opening boxes from uh drone companies, and so uh chris hope actually provided me with this uh drone box opening device that’s what we call it Here, a db uh, o d, a d bod uh anyway. This right here is the alpha um, the alpha. What is it, what is it? The actual? Is it just called the oh yeah by iflight. This is a tiny whoop style quad with a built in uh vista unit, uh cadex vista unit, and i think it has the um uh nebula.

Is it called the nebulous camera? I forget the name of it anyway. This right here, i’m super excited for because everything else i’ve had so far, except for the the rocket from gup rc, has a been fairly pricey and b, not had um the ducted, slash um. You know guarded uh, props i’m really excited to try this thing out indoors, now: i’m, going to start in a big space invite indoors. This thing, too, was like 225 bucks which which for a fully ready to go 4s um with a digital fpv system in it yeah, but that’s, that’s, that’s, still quite expensive. When the the first thing i do with it in five seconds is smash it into the ceiling of course well: well: okay, okay, fair, fair! You you’ve got to spend a little more i’ll, probably start in a very open field, yeah exactly yeah! Well, my my goal with this one. My goal with this one is to create a video to show someone if they were if they were just starting from scratch. You know this. This i feel, like i i’ve seen. Uh drone camps did a really good video of this guy right here and, i think um i think uh steve at um uh uh. Captain drone also did a video of this one, but both gave it great reviews, but neither of them flew it indoors or in tight spaces and that’s kind of what i’m gon na try to do, because, with this season coming up, everybody wants to fly a little Indoor flyers, right, which i think is, is a fun thing to do if it’s cold, rainy covety, you know germany outside you know, and so so so that’s that’s, my hope is.

This is something that we’ll be able to fly indoors, as well as outdoors um and also kind of take a little bit of the intimidation factor away. I think you know honestly. It would be good for me sean to give this to my son, who is an okay pilot but probably would probably crash and and let him crash it and kind of uh show that if someone like you who was just starting out, got it yeah yeah, it Would it would survive those you know yeah? I really. I really enjoyed his video on the the simulator that yeah that was interesting for someone that hasn’t flown fpv and to watch his to watch his incremental ills. Uh growing, like that was was, was really fascinating, that that was a really good video. Actually. Thank you. Thank you. So uh actually a question question along those lines. Have you ever played a a fpv drone simulator? If you haven’t do, do you have a hey sean kelly? I made a mini 2 video, like the one we did with ed on the mini one i think you’ll enjoy it. It might bring back some flashbacks from the trip. So everybody go check out that, because that was um at loveland pass at 12 000 feet, um it’s like eleven thousand nine hundred and eighty feet, or so i mean right right. There super cold day super windy day, and so i would be curious to see um how the mini two did compared to the mini one in those conditions, but sean back to the back to the um.

I was going to ask: do you have uh? Do you have a game gaming console uh? No, what makes you think i might have somewhere in this building? Do you have an xbox one uh? Yes, i have two in fact excellent. So so uh, both drl the drone racing league and um and and liftoff now have did you know. Liftoff is now available on the on the um uh. Yes, well, i i am actually i’m actually going to make a similar video to your sons on the dll. Yes and i’m actually i’m going to call it something like how i became a drl pilot. Basically, nice nice yeah, you could even you could even get one of those shirts made like you know, green yeah, yeah, well, i’ve i’ve actually already made the thumbnail and i’ve superimposed the drl shirt onto me, um so yeah, oh yeah. Obviously, obviously i i i am photoshopped the physique a little bit, so you know i’m standing there with a with a with a six pack, not a not a 36 pack, so you don’t, you don’t, have to be you. Don’T have to be a uh. You know cut guy to fly drl i mean those are some big guys yeah, but if i’m gon na mess with myself in a photo i’m not gon na make myself, you know a lot as large as life, shall we say: i’m gon na i’m gon na Improve myself yeah, i know i’m all for it, but what you’re planning to do? What you’re planning to do is absolutely fantastic um, and i sean – and i had not talked about this in advance of of him uh doing this 10 day challenge.

So for those of you that don’t know my son did 10 days on um uh uh ken herron needs someone to help him with the video this sunday. If you’re in tennessee uh, you can email, i think it’s ken herron uploads at gmail.com. Is that right? I feel like i’ve heard, that can can heron uploads at gmail.com it’s been said that many times that it’s now in the break – or you know what i could give everybody his personal phone number too. So again, thanks for this, we can do that. I i won’t do that so so um, but but that is such a great thing, so my son uh had never flown the drl sim before he did an hour a day for 10 days in a row and by the end he had gone from taking seven Minutes to get around a track to less than one minute so that you know just incredible and started started in beginner beginner mode and went to um went to you know basically acro mode where it doesn’t stabilize. If, if you want to get into fpv, that is really a great place to start, but i will tell you you can’t give up on day one because the game is actually quite frustrating when you start now, so you haven’t tried the game yet have you? No? No, i i’m not i’m intentionally i’ve downloaded it and everything but i’m intentionally not going to even touch it until i start to to film the um, which is probably going to be middle of this coming week, that i start to film it um but yeah.

I i i want my my raw, my royal first flight and raw first reactions to everything. Being 100. Genuine yeah it’ll be it’ll, be good fun machine ready. Yes, you need to leave things out, but you know the other thing. The other thing that you can do with that, and – and this is something i haven’t done – uh much of – is getting the um getting the uh uh multiplayer games, going where you set up a race and, and so you and i could race against each other. Felix felix was doing that for a little while he was calling it um uh something sunday’s. It was sunday afternoons, he was doing it, lift off he’d set up a private room, and then you could join him and fly with him during his live stream, which was really cool, let’s let’s. Make that happen once you’re once you’re uh you it won’t. Take you long to get better than me, i’d say 10 days and 10 days and and uh yeah you’ll be way better than me. Yeah i mean by the way, i think i think the the gaming environment suits me. I’Ve been a gamer all my life fairly hardcore gamers, so i’m hoping i’m hoping it will go well but i’m. You know i’m i’m open to frustration. I’M, i’m. More than happy to have to push through a few walls. Well, there’s! A lot of there is a lot of um similarity to the real thing now now.

Are you doing this on the xbox? Is that that’s the platform? Yes yeah, that’s, awesome and then and then you’re doing it with an xbox controller uh? Yes, it will be an xcode, it will be an xbox controller rather than a rather an fpv one, so that’s that’s, the only that’s. The only real thing that is a little different is um. The xbox controller, i think, is actually harder to use than i’ve i’ve got a uh taranis this. This is my. This is my radio for for my computer, and this thing you know just just the gimbals on it and the play on it is so much so much bigger and wider, but yeah as a gamer, you you might, you might enjoy the xbox controller better. I i think so, and i have seen the smaller fpv the sort of xbox size fp uh, fpv controllers. Would i think, if, if i, if and again, you’re trying to you’re trying to you’re still trying to sell me, fpv um doing a very good job of it um, but i think i would go for the smaller ones. Is it the tango? Is that the uh there’s there’s, that the one i have is called the x light? It’S the free sky yeah, which is somewhere back here, it’s it’s? They have a red one and a black one, um yeah, it that’s a great one for flying, tiny, hawks and and such it’s an analog and it’s relatively inexpensive.

As far as those go because you can program everything but, as i said, i am really excited to see you go through that process and again on day one you’re gon na suck it’s gon na be no fun, but the good news is you: don’t have to Get out of your chair and go retrieve your quad after you’ve crashed it exactly. You don’t have to fix it. Yeah yeah! All of that stuff is just a literally literally on this guy here it’s this switch right here. I i flipped that switch and my my whole whole race, resets and i’m, not the kind of guy either. You can do two things on this. Actually in the sim. You can either flip your drone over and take off from where you left off, or you can start the whole race over. I pretty much i could be almost at the end and if i crash, i start the race over i’m, like awesome, that’s a little bit that’s a little bit of add on my part, but yeah yeah. You understand that i’m i’m looking forward to it so so for um for 2021, we were going to talk a little bit into the future coming up on the end of the year um. What are some things you think will will uh be going on with drones? Youtube um this community. Do you have any predictions um? I i think i think i’m um i’m i’m slightly concerned from the point of view that the regulations coming in, we seem to be losing a lot of um camera drone flyers that the people that are saying actually there’s.

Quite a lot of comments on my videos. Through regulations, etc, they’re saying actually i’m i’m i’m i’m selling. My drones i’m going to go and do something else, and that sort of thing. So i i i think, we’re going to go through a transition period quite soon of of having different types of people flying drones, um so that’s the community may shift around a little bit, certainly in europe um and um yeah. I i think, i think youtube wise it’s, going to be interesting to see how all of the new all of the new rules, all of the new systems and everything start to start to bed in and uh to see. If it goes even more corporatized or or or whether they start to leave it alone a little bit and make sure everything works before they change anything else, which would be good, you know yeah. No, i think i think it’s going to be an interesting year. I’Ll i’ll say a quick plug for sean’s channel, which is geeksvana. I did put a link in the description to it um, but you can just type in geeksfona it pops right up your channel’s growing fast um sean does a a he does a top notch job on every video he puts out. I’Ll i’ll admit that for me, i’m, a little i’m a little less um. Maybe i don’t want to say animal retentive about it, but you know i i put out some stuff that maybe i shouldn’t or or is just i do this for a lot more fun.

Sean’S quality and and the thumbnails that you make and the content and the guess that you have and the production value is super high for someone. Who’S not been doing this for very long, and i i admire your channel a great deal. Sean did the official um precursor to spin up 2020 earlier this year, which was the kind of pre show, but if you haven’t checked out geeksvana, please go over and do it um. I also really like your approach of having a a smaller channel. Like you, he sean told me one time, he’s not into great growth, but he wants to have a really tight knit community and a really kind of group group that that is goes deeper rather than broader, and i think that’s a really interesting and cool idea. Yeah. We we we would love to see. I mean we, we we put a lot of content to our channel members um. We we have weekly podcasts and that type of thing and um i i would actually love to see a situation where we have. You know. Obviously, i’d love a hundred thousand subscribers and millions, of course, but i i’m more focused on growing the channel memberships because it’s such a specialized little unit of people that want to hear more and more from the channel um and it and it’s exciting the type of Content, you can produce for for a more closed audience um than having to worry about the the sort of wider, the wider um uh tags and everything else like that from the point of view of catching that wide raw instance.

Of course, you need to catch that wider audience as well to bring more people in that then want to become members etcetera. So you have to play that game as well, but but yeah. Certainly, my my goal for 2021 for geeksvana would be to to build the champ, the the channel memberships and and build that community spirit um even more than it is now. Have you ever made a video that you uh didn’t, expect to be very popular and actually really did well? Have you ever like put one out you’re, like ah i’m, not sure about this or or the opposite? Have you ever made one where you, where you put a lot of time and effort into it, and then it wasn’t, you know how to fly yeah well, certainly i’ve i’ve had flops. I i had. I had the um the chap called dr pascal lee, who is the uh, the co founder of the mars institute he’s a director right now. I watched that one. I watched that yeah and he’s he’s he’s, the um um one of the leads at the horton mars project, so he’s the guy that’s helping us go to mars and he came on onto the show and talked about drones. We did an interview with him and then he came onto a live stream and i expected those to have big numbers, because i was so excited about it. But then i realized that’s. My excitement not necessarily that there’s a lot of people on youtube searching for drones, going to mars, of course, uh.

Perhaps perhaps in a few years time in in march, the first drone actually does land on mars, um and um, but perhaps people will will pick that video up more um when that’s when that comes out but um yeah. But of course, as a small channel we have a we have. We have a smaller audience that these things get pushed out to so we’re, then more reliant on search terms. So we we’ve had some successes like the the mini 2 unboxing video that we did and the follow up interview with the chap that got his earlier at best buy yeah. They did much better than i thought they would do well it it’s. It is funny because i mean mini mini 2. Content has been it’s. I i was in a bit of a trough for a little while recently and mini 2 content has certainly pulled me out of it. I want to say thank you to metro drones for the super chat good to see you bill, hey bill, um and, and also uh, interestingly talking with uh ken herron, because he also interviewed that guy right, you guys both did it back to back. Yes, that’s right. Yes, who who got to him first, i i was first in the in the youtube community yeah. How did you shut him down? Did you did you just it? It was actually bill from coast, coast, um and uh um i’m, very fortunate, because obviously a lot of my channel is is focused towards news.

So a lot of the community will will reach out to me and actually bill from coast to coast was was more bothered because myself and a couple of other channels had done videos reacting to his unboxing and had far more views than than at that point than He had um and, of course he wasn’t monetized, so he was. He was a bit concerned that he wasn’t getting his own props for for for for what had happened, so we thought we’d have him on a uh on on as an interview to plug his channel. Even more and that type of thing, and then obviously it then started to once once i think people saw him popping up on channels. It started to to spread um and, of course you you have to be on tnl. If you’re going to be you’re going to be taking yeah that’s like that’s, like the talk show circuit, you know you have to be on cnl at some point um but yeah. Well, you have to build your way up to it frankly, so yeah well, uh it’s. Funny because, because uh tnl, i think you know him and joshua bardwell bring in huge numbers together and then i think last night they were on together. So you know that was yes, it’s, it’s, um, it’s, interesting and and tnl and ken herron are are big reasons. Why i have my channel at all, because i was a big fan of ken’s um before i was anywhere near doing anything to do with youtube, um and uh yeah, so there’s there’s there’s, some heavy influences there.

Um and ken has always been very kind with with the odd uh word of advice here and there as well. So thank you very much for that ken ken aaron is ken. Herron is a good guy i’ve, you know it’s. I tell this story all the time and he’s probably tired of it, but when i first met him, he reached out to me and we we uh. No. Actually, i think i was i was going to be in tennessee and i reached out to him, but we connected somehow and we said we’re going to be youtube buddies and we we are it’s it’s, a lovely thing awesome. So so what do you watch when you’re? Not watching drone content, what’s what’s uh, you know what’s uh what’s is it? Is it sci fi? Is it uh, yeah cooking shows what do you like? It’S it’s, a real mix, actually the the i i’m, a writer by trade. So i i like things that are well written that have a nice story to them, um, which can be anything from a teen drama that’s aimed at you know, 13 to 18 year olds or or you know, some some real sort of hardline horror or sci fi And it all depends to me how how the story grabs me, i’m i’m, enjoying at the moment watching away um on on netflix, which is the um the story of the first uh crew going to mars, which obviously oh wow a very on on on topic.

Subject at the moment is, is: is the commander a woman, yes, i’m, trying to think of her name because she’s she’s it’s it’s uh? My wife was watching that actually and she tried to convince me to watch it and i i said that’s a girl’s show and and so sean now that you now that you’ve endorsed it it’s, actually very good it’s it’s. Actually, it is very good, but but again you you can put anything space in front of me. I i watch all of the spacex live streams um and you know i’m i’m still trying to find a way to to bring that stuff on to geeksvana, because we’re doing more tech, now i’m sort of sat there. Thinking spacex is technically there’s tech inside those rockets. So it’s technically i could put that on the channel but yeah, but no there are some excellent channels out there that do that stuff, very well and – and you you did something really smart – that i didn’t do you and ken herron and sean oz and a lot Of you guys, uh have done something really smart, that i didn’t do you didn’t use the word drone in your name, so pretty much i’m i’m sort of limited to drone content, but but um, and i find that when i, when i stray outside of that it’s, Not generally as well received, but with with a name like geek spana, i mean space. Yeah spacex is yeah totally inbound, that’s that’s exactly exactly, and ken herron ken herron could be doing, shows about birds right, herons and crows, so so uh.

I wan na. I wan na share this with the audience and actually i think we should have like a little movie club um you and i talked last time about sci, fi movies and and things that we had uh enjoyed watching. There is a film that i saw a trailer for i don’t even know how this popped up in my feed, but it was called um prospect and yes did you watch the trailer. Have you seen the trailer i’ve seen the trailer? Yes, okay, i’ve seen the trailer. Now so so, uh uh sean you and i need to watch prospect and and everyone else in the audience, and then we get back together.