I’Ll come back to that, just as an expression, samuel of how i feel folks, watching by television i’m, fine i’m fine with the boundary thing it’s bought the west in these two t20 world cups of which you were an integral part of them. It’S been very, very good, but occasionally you’re gon na get those pitches. And can you then make yourself into a dynasty by having the flexibility to adapt it’s, not that hard Applause too high, first of all, assessing and then having the dexterity to break your wrist and when i say break your wrist just angle, the bat into the on Side here, which is vacant, pick up a single and then wait for your. That is what boundary make a team dangerous that ability to play in any condition that ability to adapt and adjust based on what you’re faced with. If he chooses to hit across the line. Music Applause. Well, i would be mindful of the record that these two teams have in 2019. I know that uh he’s a captain. He has a lot of pride Applause, three nil. That is what the tridents inflicted on the knight riders in 2019 there’s, a little bit of spice between the two leaders in some of those match. Ups last season, baron come on don’t, be afraid to say it for obvious reasons. No obvious reason. I recall that uh much at kensington oval in barbados, when pollard ushered, jason, holder off and holder, returned the favor.

So this adds to the entertainment, obviously two of the leading all rounders in west indian cricket, different styles of captaincy as well and champion teams Music, which would be absolutely vital, remember the tridents last year they did that they only won two of their first six picked Up form to sneak into the playoffs and won the entire thing, so there’s, something to be said for that: a couple of burns for bravo player. Speaking at the right time, because once you have that happening, you create a better opportunity and a chance of your team.