lightning, neither the National Ice Cream day? I didn’t know that I’d love to go get ice cream, but right now we can’t we’ll just have to buy ice cream and eat it at home. I think so. If now we can make our own ice cream, you can’t make your own ice cream without a machine or something yes, you can. I can prove it to you. Oh we’ll make ice cream right now, really really stop me with the library. Yes, all right, let’s, try. It all right Music, so these are the materials are gon na need for your ice cream. I need a large super bowl baggie, a small, little baggie, half a cup of whole milk, but you can also substitute it for a non dairy, so almond milk or coconut milk depends on what you like to eat at home. I’Ve seen recipes with hazelnut milk, then 1 tablespoon of sugar, 12, a teaspoon of vanilla and 6 tablespoons of rock salt, which kind of comes into it in the container like that, you can use regular salt. If you don’t have rock salt, you just might need a little bit more of it and, lastly, you’re going to need ice all right. So first step, one is for the milk it’s, a smaller batch. You might make it up. Yeah then you’re, adding your sugar and your vanilla, so you can add as much or as little as you like. Ultimately, if you like it, really sweet, normally vanilla II it’s up to you like a little bit more vanilla and then we’re gon na seal.

This up really well make sure to get all the air out as much as possible. This is what we’re going to make the ice cream from in 270 ice cream. Oh yeah, all right, what’s, the next step next up just to be safe, we’re gon. Na put this small baggie into this larger bag before you do, does make sure to mix up your mixture a little bit, and then you put this inside after you’ve, sealed it down the air out, just leave it aside from it. The next step is our face. So there’s about four cups of ice in here you’re, going to add six tablespoons, so that’s a rock saw yeah yeah. We put it in this box because it’s easier to stir and it won’t kind of leak everywhere. You can do this just in bags at home. Just it might make a mess when the ice starts. Melting we’re, going to shake the salt, gets all over the ice. You’Re gon na be doing a lot of that. So get ready and now comes the fun part you’re going to shake for 15 minutes. Okay, so I’m setting a timer on my phone and we’re gon na start shaking. Do you want to start or you want me to start I’ll start: okay, we’re gon na take turn Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music? Yes, okay, so we are done shaking you. Can see it’s a little wet because there is a chemical reaction happening and what is that miss Karolina, so the secret to this all working is that when we added the salt, we lower the melting point of the ice.

So adding the top floor is a temperature at which water will melt or freeze. So when the ice melts, it has to take the key energy from something else. So when it takes the heat from the milk mixture, it then causes the milk to freeze and making our ice cream all right. So we have ice cream here, carve out feet. Miss Carolina’s gon na get our bowls Music and I am going to ice cream out. Karolina, we have just made homemade vanilla, very good, alright. So that is how you make your own ice cream.