We did um did mention earlier on in uh in the series that uh that in practice you actually did reach that 200 break. Putting the pressure on me. If you weren’t there yeah yeah yeah, that was in practice, though you know so that’s a total different ball game. When you get into a match uh, you know there’s a little bit more pressure there, so should be a good match tonight. Everyone’S expecting this to be an exciting one, how do you feel yeah i’m, looking forward to it yeah it’s, a great crowd and uh good atmosphere? Let me toss the coin, then, in that case and decide who breaks you’d like to call till, are you going it’s going to be you then right, tails, oh and tails, it is there you go. What are you going to do? You’Re going to break okay. Gentlemen. Take your positions, stephen hendry breaks, then in this first semi final it’s, the best of five to go through to the final, nothing down, one all colors in the break: Applause; seven, eight, a double to good effect: 14. 15.. 21. 22. Applause. 28.. 29. Well, no problems on positioning so far for ronnie o’sullivan, 35, 36. Applause, 42, 43, 49., 50., stephen hendry merely a spectator, 56, 57, 63., 64 Applause, 70.. Well, a marvelous potting performance from the 19 year old and stephen henry comes to the table with a possible 90 available Applause, one Applause, 12, 22., 22, stephen henry Applause and smiles all round one.

This game, like all the rest in this tournament, being played in a splendid spirit: four colors in the break: Applause: 11, stephen henry: oh, what a great shot from ronnie stephen henry then trailing by 38 points, but with the possible 46 still on the table, ronnie o’sullivan, Then he has a choice: cue ball in hand instead of the 10 penalty points and maybe he’ll regret that choice. One one stephen henry stephen hendry back to the table trailing by 37 and with a possible 35 on the table and a great shot from ronnie o’sullivan puts him further ahead in this opening frame. Seven twelve ronnie o’sullivan has started superbly in this semi final 18 he’s wrapped up this frame already 18 on the frame he leads. One frame to nil, certainly uh a dramatic ending yeah. I should have really won the frame on that visit. You know, but i just missed it well, i got acquisition brand to red and uh. You know when i missed that boy. I thought he was gon na clear up. You know, but he’s missing a few at the moment somewhere. So hopefully we can start putting a few thinking earlier on when you were uh. When you were just into the swing of your 70 break, i did have a feeling. I was going to be sitting here on my own for quite a while yeah, but i mean it’s it’s funny game.