Quite funny. Really, i remember the first time he used it. He played uh the canadian elaine robert do well. He was such a kerfuffle without he wasn’t being disrespected. You know showing no respect in the crowd, 21 and there’s also the elements of proving to himself that he can do it. I remember he played one match against peter ebden and won 28 playing. Virtually every shot left handed and to do that against such a good player 29. With your wrong hand, it’s just remarkable these balls are nicely he’s placed to watch rodney when he’s in the balls. As i say, he never seems to hit the ball hard. He just strokes doesn’t make that lovely little sound when the balls make a contact 44. Looking at steven now, he’s, probably i think one of the the fair ways of glenny eagles in the summer 52. What can i get my handicap down to snook is a long gon na be a long way away after this tournament. 54.. 55.. He was robbed at the century break ronnie earlier this morning and he got a kiss on a black and he’d love to make one, because he is an entertainer 62 and like all entertainers, they love the roar of the crowd when they’ve done something special 63. that’s. One of their great Music motivations Applause – 70. 71. This is uh sullivan’s 10th break over 60. In this match. 77 78 i’ll just show you how 84 he is with his left hand, doesn’t it shot on the pink 86.

. You have to really get through and get lots of. Backspin 89 henry may have believed that he was cutting that safety into another ball and thus leaving everything safe 50 play said well, it was just average and one i don’t think against ronnie in this form, average was ever going to be good enough. I’M, not putting it all down down to the safety plate, but if you play good safety play, then you get more chances. I think it’s fair to say that ronnie has had more chances. I think he’s. Okay, i think he can get through to one nine and for attitude and concentration. He has been relentless rom. 14. 15.. You might prefer that he doesn’t, particularly like this nickname rocket. I don’t think he minds the essex exorcist 22 touching ball. Well, the reason he didn’t like rocket originally was there’s a player in birmingham, not very good and pretty slow. It was called rocket rather ironically, 23, but anyway that’s the least of his troubles Applause. Another difficult shot made to look easy, he’s low on this red. So may imposing it cannon into other reds Applause. Well, he was open, maybe to nudge a couple out. He hasn’t so we’ll see a good shot off the green here. I would have thought he may try and disturb them. Coming off the right hand, side cushion with pace well, he obviously thinks he’s a red that will pot 32.. I think, when he’s in the right frame of mind, he approaches a tail with balls in awkward positions, and he just treats it as a challenge as to how he can manipulate them and get to a framing position from impossible situations.

It seems likely sometimes Applause once again, any harder that wouldn’t have dropped, but he just seems to have this knack of just hitting them at right. The right pace to give the ball every chance in the pocket. Now this time it’s yellow, but i don’t think he’s perfect. He may have to screw into these balls direct if he hasn’t got the angle to force off the side cushion and he comes how’s. Your look Applause how’s, the split very good. 41.. 42. It looks as if o’sullivan is going to clinch the match at this visit. We’Ll, give him a place in the final and guarantee that he’ll be ranked number one at the end of the season 47, regardless of the result of the final 48. Henry will be. Third, in the end of season rankings, although just at the moment, that’s cold comfort. I love this shot, but i still think he can win another world title. I really think he’s still got the desire and he’s still 56 one of the great players of all time. The record books will say the best it’s, a new challenge to me. 63.. I think he was up for this match, but things didn’t go early on when he needed a good start. I always felt he needed a good start against ronnie just to put ronnie under a little bit of pressure. He was never able to do it. He won, but he’ll be back stephen hendry and an eighth world title is now of the question, but this man, ronnie also with him and stephen, will be the first to continue – has been outstanding in this match.

From start to finish, Applause Applause tripped off his q. He clinches the match with a break of 79.