Well, selby’s shot was brilliant. It was a brilliant defensive shot again, ronnie has decided to go. I don’t know what whether his plan b or plan z, but mark doesn’t like it, but it’s, worked out that most of the time mark’s benefited from ronnie. Doing that i mean the point: is there’s, nothing worse than just playing out of a snooker and and leaving leaving it on. So he thought he would just take a risk and this time he’s paid off. I mean it really has this time, he’s spun the wheel. So many times tonight, most of the time he’s gone for black and it’s come up red this time. He’S got it safe. So his face was a picture barely perceptible shake of the head to see the red land there when it could have landed anywhere 30. Behind. Remember hasn’t got much wiggle room here, oh, what a shot he’s played there great shot. Yes, i think he played a brilliant shot and he deserves it. He deserves it. I think after everything – and it was well calculated in a measured shot now, one is going away here. Two cushions well that’s a brilliant shot at this time there was a plan and the plan was if he missed it, it was. He was not gon na leave. It on but uh that was a fabulous escape this time as an authentic shot. Didn’T just go hell for leather, both players biting their nails and no wonder what a finish all the colors out in the open it’s all about this red could certainly be excused.

Some lengthy thinking time here, one false move and his hopes of the world final will be dashed. Oh he’s caught the jaw. Goodness me, it’s not an easy shot, though, and the jaw was always in play. I think there with that when he had right hand side on it now here i think he has to really think about hiding this cue ball. If he misses it, the ball’s going to be in different half of the table. He only needs the red he’s got the red, what an extraordinary finale to an incredible match and a truly groundbreaking day of snooker in all the years and all the drama that this theater has created. Has it ever produced anything like we’ve seen tonight? Well, this match. I mean i believe, how he’s come back and won it. I mean it’s it’s, one of the great performances, a slightly eccentric performance. I must say at times tonight against mark who’s done everything by the book. Occasionally there was a method in ronnie’s madness, but ultimately he’s played like the genius. He is for the most part and i’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I feel sorry for mark zelby, but you’ve got to take your head off to sullivan. This has been utterly spellbinding tonight. Yes, on occasion, there was madness in the method, but there was plenty of quite incredible snooker thrown in ronnie. O’Sullivan has come back from the brink. 16 14 down.