Firstly, congratulations um. It was a tough game today, wasn’t it yeah, yeah, really tough, uh the conditions again, didn’t help didn’t help the two of us as well you’re talking about the table yeah the table terrell, if barry here jason ferguson, are watching. You get your finger out because five days a play on the same cloth and then it gets recovered for the saturday and sunday i don’t know many times. I’Ve actually said to them to change it and they can for a quarter final through one of the big tournaments a disgrace place. Does that change? How you play the game if you’re, if you’re, going to roll a ball in, and you want to come off the cushion by six inches? Are you thinking i’ve got to under hit it because the the cushion is going to give me more than i need? Are you thinking that the game’s hard on officers never mind? You try second, guess yourself how the weight is going to go on the cushion and how’s it going to come off. It’S it’s hard enough as it is, but that’s we keep on saying the powers it be and see if they recovered them, like maybe once or twice more and it still happens. We’Ve got no complaints, there’s no complaints, but we then just continually get on deaf ears. Now you keep on getting and complaining about it and it’s, just oh that’s what we do and that that’s what we keep on doing disgrace.

Well, let me ask you the last time we met after your last round victory. I asked you if, if the day the table is covered it’s a ten out of ten, what would it be like today – and you said three out of ten that’s – nothing there’s, nothing, no reaction, nothing! Nothing! Over ten! This is the guy that’s won so yeah. No, this is it’s good to hear it from a winner of a match, because we know that he’s been you know, pragmatic, he’s, not he’s, not sour grapes or anything and and that’s. What he’s saying we’ve got to take his word for other guys that have been complaining. Neil robertson came in yesterday in the afternoon he wasn’t happy at all with the other table, so good players. You know we keep hearing about the amount of money now in snooker with the prize money it’s going up every single year and barry wants to make millionaires out of x y and z there’s enough money in the game to sort this problem out. Surely absolutely you know, um john just aired it on tv, so you know, maybe they got to try if everyone keeps telling them and they’re not they’re, not trying it out. So if, if they try it out and this and still get the pings, then at least you know, you know the players have got to go down a different route. But you know you can’t. He can’t be more specific than what he’s just said.

Andy there’s been some tournament: lassies i’ll pay out more money, honestly that’s, true i’ve, actually seen that’s got a text from barry, said: okay, it’s, not it’s, not a joke, and some people are playing for top 16 places to to not qualify for the world championships and Getting the masters and it’s also going to do for a living as well it’s the pain audience they want to see entertainment and it makes it more difficult, yeah, yeah and that’s exactly. I know that i mean i, i played a lot better than ronnie there, but you could tell ronnie wasn’t confident on his pots are red and he’s coming down. He nearly snuck with himself in the blue. No, i think he was in the second last frame. Yeah yeah i’ve played the red just come off the bottom cushion to come for the black and then you’ve pinged off and i’ve left myself chinese over the red and yeah. I had to take a pink, but i wasn’t in the right frame. I missed it in a minute. I missed it because i’m saying to myself, i shouldn’t be going through this. How are you there? Yeah let’s talk about the positives from the match, because your safety play was excellent. That’S, of course, one thing you’ve got to do is to keep o’sullivan out, and you certainly did that today, it’s got to be against ronnie because it people think ronnie is an attacking player he’s such an all round tough player.

Now that if your safety is not up to scratch – and i think that maybe the only three players that had never beaten the finals to sell he’s, obviously maybe the best in the world at it and judd trump – certainly improved, and he beat him over in the European and i’ve managed to beat him, and my safety was good today. You know it’s got your all round. Game has got to be good to try and beat ronnie. Let me ask: i asked this question to a couple of the players yesterday, but you’ve only dropped. What three frames so far this week, do you need to play someone like o’sullivan as a yardstick to find out where your game is now or not? Yeah no you’re just delighted to win now you’re delighted to to be any player and then get through the semi final big big tournament here in scotland, i’d love to try and win it for the scottish fans and yeah uh, the semi final. But it’s going to be a totally different game tomorrow, whoever i play because the table will recover nobody’s starting the tournament again, which it shouldn’t be like that after five days of play, it’ll be as if again, this is, if you’re starting a new tournament and it Shouldn’T be like that for a professional tournament. Okay, there you go barry hearn if you’re watching. You have, of course a right to reply. Let us know you can use the home nations as well.