He’S mark selby. I think he’s going to take the pot on that’s for certain. He just wondered how he can make it. So the only ready leaves is the one he’s playing, so that was a screw back to book and he’s a little unlucky that’s what he was thinking. If i screw back to bulk, if i don’t get the pot, it should be safe, but when they rattle the jaws, like that, you never know where they’re going to finish running off, to trust, to look here for position, he may just go all out and hit It thin and just career into all the other reds here and just to look for position, and it could have worked out better than that. Okay, there may be a chance of this black to the right middle, but boy it’s tricky, particularly in a deciding frame. Nothing comes that easy backing off what a great shot that was Music to play at that pace and they just caught the near job just enough to take it. In line now, he’s got the right angle on this black. He can pop the black and maybe nudge, the red just well. It looks okay, nuts, the red to the left of the black into a potable position played it with pace, knew that he’d always have to read to the middle and being on this red to the left corner is a bonus 16.. Seventeen 24 25 all decided to play for this tricky red along the top cushion 32.

Thank you. Music Applause packed arena here at telford, where the crowds have been very good. All week played the cannon and it’s worked out in perfect 40 that’s five reds and five blacks, 41. let’s get the financials out of the way twenty five thousand pounds for a maximum five thousand pounds for the highest break. 49.. 56.. 57. Well shall be not expecting to get another shot in this match. Yes, it was just the break off shot. He was tempted to well, he didn’t have any other shot, but the long red missed it. It didn’t run safe, and this is the result. 65. After this black one more red – and that will be the end of mark selby’s challenge, but he certainly proved here this week that that runner’s up spot 70 crucible last mate was no fluke Applause. But what can you do sometimes against the geniuses of ronnie? O’Sullivan? Applause? Still a chance of the maximum unbelievable 80. 81.. If o’sullivan can complete the maximum, he would equal stephen hendry’s record of eight in competition 89.. Until this frame, this hadn’t been one of o’sullivan’s greatest performances, 97., and certainly one of his grittiest. Is he gon na finish with a touch of greatness, to keep this break going 105 and if anyone ever has any doubts he slays to rest? If you don’t think this man’s got the heart for the battle, he’s proved it today, he’s had to dig in at times, and now this would be the icing on the cake: 112 Applause, 130.

Applause, 120.. One hundred and twenty two sullivan trail, three nil. Four one: six: three and seven: five: 125 129, but he’s finishing like the virtuoso. He is 144 Applause; 140.