If that sounds like something interesting to you, please hit that subscribe. Button don’t forget to hit the little bell notification, so you can get future updates on my videos all right. So i need to talk about this. The the the 1200 stimulus check has that been confirmed. I’Ve seen places i’ve seen, articles that say, it’s been confirmed, i’ve seen videos that said that twelve hundred dollar sims check’s been confirmed. Has it been confirmed and the answer? The short answer is no. It has not been confirmed and i’m going to explain to you the reasons why – and this is one of those situations where we’re at a time where people are desperate and we need to give out the correct information in this time and right now there are a Lot of people just putting out stuff just to get clicks or just to get people to see their articles and it’s it’s unfortunate, and so i just want to put it out there. No, nothing has been confirmed yet i’m going to give you an example of kind of where we are in this whole process, because we’re at the very beginning stages of this process, it’s going to take some time in order for us to get to a point where Something’S being confirmed, and we start receiving checks, so let’s talk a little bit about where we are and and please hit the like button on this video that way youtube will promote it out.

More people will see it and maybe it will help when it comes to all the videos that are out there saying that something’s been confirmed and everybody’s waiting and and they know who qualifies and who doesn’t we don’t know any of that information. Yet we don’t. So let let’s take it from the beginning and i’m i’m going to give an example. I like giving examples because then it kind of lays out i mean when it comes to politics and government. It does get a little confusing, sometimes so i’m going to give you a different scenario. So let’s give this scenario here. Let’S say you’re going to buy a car. You walk onto the lot. You start looking around at the different cars. You find this nice red sports car that you like. So you walk up to that nice sports car. You look at the sticker price it’s twenty thousand dollars that’s, where we are in this process, because when you walk up to that car – and you see it at twenty thousand dollars, that is the proposed price for that car. The car dealer that’s their proposal. Twenty thousand dollars are you gon na pay, twenty thousand dollars? Hopefully not, hopefully you can negotiate it down to something else, but that is the sticker price that’s. What they’re telling you right now it’s going to be twenty thousand dollars, and so that is the confirmed proposal of how much that car is going to cost.

But you know you’re, probably not going to have to pay that much right, so that’s where we are and we’re actually, if you really want to look at it technically we’re, not even that far because we have not seen anything on paper when it comes to the Republicans and their proposal we haven’t seen anything on paper. All we’ve heard is steven mnuchin and steven mnuchin had a quote: i’ll go ahead and read the quote. He says we’re talking about the same provisions as last time, so our proposal is the exact same proposal. As last time that’s all he said so in the cares act that’s what everyone’s going from the karazhak twelve hundred dollars that’s. Why we’re looking at 1200 now that’s? It that’s the only thing that we’re going off, so we haven’t even seen anything on paper yet. So this is more of a situation where you talk to a salesperson and you haven’t even seen the car yet, and they just tell you yeah, it’s, probably they’re, all about the same price, and so you assume that it’s 20 000.. We don’t even know that it’s at that much yet when it comes to the car so that’s, where we are so we’re at the beginning stages, we have not even sat down and started any type of negotiating. Yet when it comes to buying the car, all right now, let’s look at where we are in the stimulus check process. So we know i just read you the quote from steven mnuchin.

We know what he said. We still have not confirmed that twelve hundred dollars because there’s nothing in writing so hopefully, on monday or tuesday, they’ll put something in writing will know exactly what they have to bring to the table now, just because let’s let’s just say they bring to the table that Twelve hundred dollars with five hundred dollars per dependent, just because they bring that to the table, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be confirmed at that amount because it still needs to be negotiated, and i know you might be saying well in the heroes act. The democrats wanted twelve hundred dollars, but they wanted the 1200 per dependent, so it’s a little bit different, but they wanted the twelve hundred dollars for for the stimulus check. So why wouldn’t they want twelve hundred dollars now. Well, there are a lot of different things that can that can happen, and it could be either twelve hundred dollars more than twelve hundred dollars or less than twelve hundred dollars, depending on the negotiating, because you’re gon na have to pull in all the different different factors, Because you have democrats in the heroes act, they had the 12 1200 stimulus check, but they also had hazard pay. They also had enhanced unemployment at 600 per week. They also had student loan forgiveness, so they had some other things in there that they had to balance things, so it wasn’t just the twelve hundred dollars, but you were getting some other benefits too now, looking at the the republicans in the senate, looking at their proposal Once they bring that out, if they don’t have hazard pay or if they don’t have some of these other things, then guess what the democrats are going to want to negotiate up, they’re going to say: okay, well, you’re, not going to give us enhance unemployment you’re, not Going to give us 600 per week, so we want to negotiate that and instead of the twelve hundred dollars for a stimulus check, we think it should be two thousand or we think it should be more so that’s what’s gon na happen, so there’s.

Nothing. Nothing has been confirmed yet we’re still in the beginning stages, and during that negotiation process things can change and the republicans in the senate. Their proposal might not even be 1200, it might be lower because they know they might have to work it up. So they could start at a thousand and then work up to 1200.. We don’t know we have no idea what what’s what’s going to happen when it comes to that we know the white house, we know the president said he wants it to be more than what the democrats as far as the stimulus check, he wants to be more. What the democrats want – i don’t know if they’re going to go that route, but that could be another thing too. So they might start at 1200, but they know that they’re going to work up even a little bit higher, because the president wants more than the 1200. That could be another strategy. But at this point we do not have anything, that’s been confirmed, and so, when you see videos that are saying in the title that something’s been confirmed, it has not been confirmed. If anything, the only thing that you could say that’s been confirmed that really hasn’t been confirmed. Is the proposal that’s, the only thing that’s been confirmed. We know that there’s going to be a proposal coming down, but we don’t know what’s in that proposal. So you can confirm a proposal coming down sometime next week.

Hopefully i mean we were supposed to get it this week, but hopefully next week, we’ll see something so that’s it that’s, where we are we’re at the very, very beginning stages of this. This process and it’s going to take us some time to get around to figure out exactly what we’re going to get okay so, and that goes for everything that goes for the enhanced unemployment that goes for hazard pay. I know they haven’t been talking about hazard pay, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the bill. That just means that it’s something that needs to be brought forward and they need to see where they can go with that, and hopefully they’ll put some some type of hazard pay in there now the uh one other thing i want to talk about is the fact That they want the republicans are talking right now they want a piece meal, so they want to have different bills. Go through not just one now we know mitch mcconnell in june he said no we’re only doing one more stimulus package, but now it looks like they want to break it up into these different packages, which i think would be a bad thing because what’s going to Happen is things are going to get left out, purposely left out, because i’ll give you an example. Let’S say someone: some politicians are really adamantly for stimulus checks, but they don’t really care too much about hazard pay.

But then you have another group of politicians who really want hazard pay, and so they negotiate and just just in talking nothing on paper. They say: okay, you know what look if you go with this, the people who want hazard pay. If you go with us with the stimulus check, then we’ll we’ll we’ll, consider doing the the hazard pay in the next package, and so these people and politicians do this. This is, this is bad, but this is what they do. The people who want the hazard pay. They say: okay, you know what let’s go ahead and get the stimulus checks done. We we kind of want that, but we do want hazard pay too, but we’ll go ahead, get the stimulus check stuff done. They pass that bill and then guess what a couple months later they bring up hazard, pay and those same people that wanted the stimulus check. Stuff now they don’t want to get on board when it comes to hazard pay and they just let the hazard pay bill, fail and that’s what happens and that’s. Why you see, when you start putting these bills together, you see all this pork and all these different things coming in there. The reason why you see that is because politicians leave each other hanging all the time they do. This all the time or they’ll, say they’ll, say one thing and then they’ll do something else or they’ll say. Oh no, you know what i can’t.

We can’t do it right now. Oh the finances we’re in debt. Right now we can’t afford it. So they do it. All the time that’s why, when they have a bill that has all this pork in it that’s why you have all the pork in it because they can’t get together and say: okay, yeah, you know what i did say that i would help you out and now I’M gon na help you out that’s just it’s, just not how it works, it’s unfortunate it’s, something that needs to be addressed, it’s, something that we need to address as people when we go to the to the ballot but it’s something that does happen. So i think one bill should be have everything in it: that’s that’s what i think, because then you’ll get these different things in there. You’Ll get hazard pay in there because the people who want hazard pay are going to get on board because they’re going to support the people who want stimulus, checks and they’re going to support the people who want to enhance unemployment and they’re going to you know, support The people who want liability, protection and all the different things they will all support each other because they want to get these things through and so get them through together. Don’T try to piecemeal them, because then people are going to get left out. So the last thing i want to mention is: i do have another channel, so everything david, please go over to that channel we’re almost at a thousand subscribers.

I just posted a video earlier today, so you can check that video out it’s how i became debt free.