I appreciate you and, if you’re not consider, subscribing right now. Okay, now today is the day we are supposed to see the new bill from the senate. As of this video shooting, it has still not happened, uh, but then again it was supposed to come out last week on wednesday and then again on thursday and then again on friday, so i’m, not holding my breath because i feel, like i’d, be holding my breath Too long, but it is supposed to come out this week and, as you know, as soon as it does, i will keep my community updated. Okay. Now, according to sources at the white house, uh chief of staff mark meadows and treasury of secretary steve mnuchin worked on the bill all weekend long in order to have a final bill to be shared this week now, for me, that’s good news, because right before the Cares act: uh, steve mnuchin was basically living at the white house uh just trying to finalize everything. So i feel like it is starting to to come together. Um, hopefully uh. They will have a bill and we can see what the plan is for. Unemployment, federal aid assistance and also this next round of stimulus checks and the timeline over the weekend white house consultant, larry kudlow said there will be another check and he openly discussed a 1200 figure. I was actually really glad to hear him confirm this, because, as a friday, there were some leaked documents about the next relief package and under the stimulus section it was written to be decided, so they they hadn’t, really decided.

So it was nice to see somebody mention the twelve hundred dollars after this information came out uh. If a bill is revealed, it will go up for vote sometime this week. However, it might be a struggle to pass because of the major differences in the dollar amount and the major differences in focus. The democrats want a three trillion dollar package, while republicans want a one trillion dollar package. I don’t know why they don’t just meet in the middle at two and and get this thing done for the american people um. However, more and more republicans are saying uh that this is a starting point. The one trillion is a starting point and and they’re starting to say things like this won’t be the last stimulus package. So uh you know, depending on the coronavirus uh, you know we’re going into a presidential election um. There may be multiple phases uh with the next round of stimulus um, but it looks like as of right now the republicans want to focus on the most pressing matters, which are jobs, stimulus checks and getting kids back to school safely. Shockingly, there are many republicans and many democrat senators who are saying they don’t think there should be another round of stimulus at all. That’S like mind blowing to me, like hello, did you not read any of the data that’s been coming out, like things are not great. Uh, however um i i think that a vote will happen this week, but i think it may take a few rounds of voting and a few rounds of negotiation before we have something solid.

Uh larry kudlow also mentioned a back to work, bonus and a retention bonus, while speaking with cnn news, but did not give details or numbers, and this may have been because they don’t have them. But if you watch the interview, the cnn reporter cuts, larry kudlow off five or six times and talks over him three or four times so it was not a very good interview, but i i felt like that was more from the the interviewer than the interviewee. He also mentioned larry kudlow also mentioned that there could be some tax credits for small businesses and some emphasis on the restaurant industry. But again he did not give too many details. Now steve mnuchin did say the bill will come out sometime monday, which is today um. So again, as soon as that comes out, i will let you know: mnuchin said that they know that they have to get something in place. Specifically, they know they need to get something in place with the federal unemployment assistance program and also the payroll protection money. How do they want to roll that out? Should there be a second round? Those details will definitely be in the next bill and then mnuchin clarified that the current round of relief money will be 1 trillion. He then said there is still over 1 trillion from the original cares act 1 that has not even been deployed into the economy, yet my thoughts are like deploy it just put it out there.

The only thing i can think of is, if he’s talking about how this money may be tied up in businesses uh in the ppp and it hasn’t been released because those businesses haven’t reopened, um or they’re, spreading it out over multiple months, so they don’t burn through All of their their cash too quickly again more information to come on that uh. If you found this video helpful, will you do me a favor and give it a like, so that youtube will share it with others, and please share this on social media. Now some analysts are now saying that we will most likely have a u shaped recovery, where it will drop and then take a little bit of time, but we’ll come back up. I i’ve been saying for many weeks now. The idea of a v shaped recovery seems to be dying right, it’s, just not gon na come back quickly, and some of that has to do with uh the fact that we’ve seen a jump in in uh coronavirus cases and and uh states not reopening, as was Previously predicted, when they you know, were discussing the v shape recovery. Okay, now those of you in the community that received the eidl grant uh, it did run out of money, but now the congress is actually suing the sba to release more money um. The original cares act provided for ten thousand dollars for businesses uh, instead of the one thousand for each employee up to ten thousand.

So, as i have more details on that, i’ll definitely get you more information on that. But it looks like the sba received a lot of money and then did not follow the guidelines that came with that money. Uh ceo of chase bank has said that the bank is doing very well. However, he warned that he sees a potential financial crisis coming for banks and for lenders over the next 12 to 24 months um. This is probably to do with rising foreclosures mortgage forbearance and even landlord issues and car forbearance. Okay, now, a warning that i do want to share with you is uh. The fda has said that there are many companies out there using uh less than safe hand. Sanitizer, so be be very careful if you need to look up the different names i don’t want to go through all of them. I believe there were 77 of them, so it’s just too long for this video, but they had too much methanol and too much wood. Alcohol and, if absorbed it, could lead to blindness or death. So don’t don’t complicate a problem with a bigger problem. Uh it appears that uh, just washing your hands with soap uh is, is a much better defense when it comes to sickness so um. Now i i haven’t decided whether to do youtube live this week, um my uh, my father unexpectedly passed away sunday morning and so um i’m in the process of of uh grieving and helping my family with funeral arrangements.

So i’ll continue to do these updates, but if i seem a little bit off or i don’t do youtube live just please forgive me um if the community wouldn’t mind sending prayers and light and love my direction, i would really appreciate that uh it it’s caught me Off guard it’s been uh, profoundly saddening, so um anyway. I really appreciate you guys. Last week you gave me nearly 400 000 likes on my different videos, so i really appreciate the support from the community i’m. Just a one man band here, uh there’s, just one of me uh to do the research and the filming and everything else while trying to run a business. So i just really appreciate that um.